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Department of Human Services, Insurance & Aging

Bureau of Information Systems

.NET Deployment Process

For Test Environments
Version 2.1
September 30, 2015

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.NET Deployment Process


With the advent of .NET development within the Department of Human Services (DHS), standards and guidelines must be maintained. The deployment process for an application written in .NET is one of these areas.


The purpose of this document is to provide a short build process checklist and deployment strategy for .NET applications

Build process checklist

Ensure that a proper and complete build is available for deployment

  • Ensure that the Solution build specifies ‘Release’ mode.

  • Ensure that the build is current: Execute Rebuild on the VS.NET Solution.

  • Ensure that the project uses project references rather than external references. This will ensure uniform dependency of internal references and also ensures your references are found when deployed to your environment specific Web Servers.

  • Ensure that the assembly information for each project is set to control the versioning per project requirements


With ASP.NET applications, the File System Publish method provides the easiest distribution mechanisms. The option to delete all existing files before publishing or simply replacing matching files is available. Because .NET is self-describing and requires no registry entries, the application simply can be copied to an appropriate directory. The application can then be run from that directory.

Metadata and Self-Describing Components

How to Publish Web Application Projects

Quick Reference:

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Deployment to Test Servers. Deployment to Production servers requires a build and the services of the Web Publishing group

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