Penmount windows 98/Me driver installation

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PenMount Windows 98/Me Drivers Installation Guide

For DMC9000 Controller


PenMount Windows 98/Me driver supports Windows 98/Me system. PenMount Windows 98/Me driver file detailed contents is list below:












There are several functions in PenMount Windows 98/Me drivers:

After PenMount Windows 98/Me driver installed, the PenMount monitor icon will appear on the menu bar of the system. It is easy for user to call PenMount utilities or functions on line.

  • Beep sound

This emulates mouse right button function on touching.

  • Uninstall utilities

Use this to remove PenMount Windows 98/Me driver from system

    PenMount Windows 98/Me Driver Installation

To install the software to your computer, you must have Windows 98 or Windows Me system running and a PenMount Windows 98/Me driver. If you have an older version PenMount Windows 98 driver installed in your system, remove it first.

Follow up below steps to install the PenMount Windows 98/Me driver:

  1. You will find out ”Unknown Device” when start the system, please choose “Cancel”

2. Select CD-ROM “PenMount DMC9000\Driver\PenMount DMC9000\Windows98-Me\Disk1” to install PenMount windows 98/Me driver to system

3.The screen displays PenMount logo, copying "installation wizard" and ‘PenMount Utilities” screen plus "welcome" message appears. Select “Next”.

4.The next screens are "Software License Agreement", select "Yes" .

5. The next screens are "Information” , select “Next”.

6. The next screen is "Choose Destination Location". It is for Setup installing PenMount Utilities in the folder: C:\Program Files\PenMount\Win9x, select "Next’ or modify the folder name you like to use.

7. The next screen is "Select Program Folder”, the default is set at "PenMount Utilities”, select "Next” or change it.

8. The screen is showing "Start Copying Files", select "Next" for starting copy files to system.

9. The screen is show, “Setup Complete", select ”Finish".

10. The screen now is| “Restarting Windows”, select “Yes I want to restart my computer now”, and “OK”

PenMount Windows 98/ME Driver Functions

    A. PenMount control Panel

There are several functions on this configure:

  • Calibrate

"Initial" and "Calibration" function is available here.


To adjust the display with touch panel, click “Calibration” and follow the calibrate point to do calibration, there are five points on screen for calibration.

  • Draw

Test or demonstrate PenMount touch screen operation, also the touch location is shown on the display, touch “DRAW” to start.

  • About

It shows information about PenMount controller and this driver version.

B. PenMount monitor

The “PenMount monitor” icon, see below the icon picture, will be shown in the menu bar of Windows 95/98/Me system when turn on “PenMount Monitor” from “PenMount Utilities”.

There are several functions on PenMount monitor:

  • Right Click Button:
    When select this function, there is a mouse icon shown in the right-bottom place of screen. It shows ‘left button’ being as default for normal use, touch this mouse icon to change the next touch to be ‘Right Button’ function. After one touch, the mouse icon will change to ‘Left Button’ automatically. If user needs to use right button again, user has to touch the mouse icon again for changing the button function.

  • Beep Sound:
    On or off beep sound.

  • Exit:

Close the PenMount Monitor function.
For double click speed, user could adjust from ‘Start’, select ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Mouse’ to modify the double click speed.

    C. How to uninstall PenMount Windows 98/ME driver

Before you uninstall PenMount Windows 98/Me driver, please ‘EXIT’ the ‘PenMount monitor’ in menu bar first.

From ‘PenMount Utilities’ of ‘Programs’, select ‘Uninstall’ utility, computer will ask you “are you sure you want to completely remove ‘PenMount Utilities’ and all its components”? Select ‘Yes’ to remove PenMount Windows 98/Me driver.

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