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PC Request Form Version 3.0 09/06/10

Requesting Section:

Person Requesting PC:


Phone Extension:


C is:

- a replacement under DCO direction (name of PC to be replaced)


being purchased outside the routine replacement cycle from Section/ Project funds*

*Please state Work Order and Account


ate required *Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery*

Name of person and/or post the PC will be used by:




Phone Extension:

PC network point number


number on network socket):

lease order a PC only (no monitor required) in line with the current standard specification (details below)


lease order a PC and monitor in line with the current standard specification (details below)


lease order a PC with the following essential alterations to the current standard specification

Enter essential specification changes here e.g. larger monitor, extra memory

Current Specification

Intel DQ57TM Motherboard, Medium Tower Case – Black, Intel Core I3 I3-540 CPU

2GB 1066MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 Memory, 160Gb Serial ATA HDD, No Floppy Drive, Integrated Intel GMA 300 Graphics, Serial ATA Multi Format DVD-W/CD-RW – Black, CyberLink PowerDVD V7, Integrated High Definition Audio, Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical – Black,

Viglen 105 Soft Touch Keyboard – Black, Liyama Prolite B1906 19" MMM TFT Hgt/Adj DVI, 300W ATX 2.2 PSU

Current cost = £530+VAT plus £35 Supported Software charge.

Each PC also carries a centrally paid annual network charge of £48 plus an annual supported connection charge of £104
Date order received GDCN number

Date Ordered ETS Number

Date Goods delivered Planon Job Number

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