Panduit® mini-com® rca coupler Inserts Deliver Audio and Video Compatibility

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PANDUIT® MINI-COM® RCA Coupler Inserts Deliver Audio and Video Compatibility

May 1, 2006, Tinley Park, IL – New PANDUIT® MINI-COM® RCA Coupler Inserts include three RCA couplers. The 1/3rd size inserts will mount in MINI-COM® faceplate frames, providing a cost effective installation designed to support mixed media applications.
MINI-COM® RCA Coupler Inserts provide flexibility and ease of installation, allowing video cables to be routed in PAN-WAY® Surface Raceway, inside walls, or in conduit. This product provides modularity and increases A/V density in a faceplate by allowing three RCA couplers to take up the same space formerly occupied by only two.
The offering includes a Red/Yellow/White version for Audio and Composite Video applications and Red/Green/Blue for Component Video applications. Typical usage includes A/V requirements in classrooms, auditoriums, computer labs, conference rooms, and home theaters.

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