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609 Greene Road . Kelowna BC . V1W 1B7

phone (250) 764-0492 . work (250) 764-8181 . email:


To share my background experience and qualifications


  • 2013-2014 Department Head (Humanities) & Curricular Leader

  • Experienced leader comfortable in a variety of settings with diversity of programs

  • Team player dedicated to needs and values of students, parents, staff and community

  • Effective communicator who relates especially well with people of diverse backgrounds

  • Experienced educator with 31 years working successfully at elementary, junior, middle and secondary school levels – music specialist, classroom instruction and Humanities

  • Reputable sponsor teacher/ mentor at elementary and middle levels

  • Intelligent, achieving scholastic excellence (Master of Education in Administrative Leadership/Bachelor of Music); Summer Institute instructor, UBC Okanagan

  • Comfortable integrating technology (SmartMusic, SmartBoard Trained, Weebly Website Design, BYOD initiatives, Computers)


University of Victoria


Educational Administration






Delta Senior Secondary



Teaching Experience

Central Okanagan

School District (#23)

KLO Middle School

Humanities, Band 7, Mentorship, Choir
Dorothea Walker Elementary

Grade 7 or 6/7 Classroom


2004 - 2012

Raymer Elementary

Grade 5-7 Classroom, Music, Grade 7 Band


Dorothea Walker Elementary

Grade 7 & Band


Lakeview Elementary

Grade 4/5 Classroom & Grade 7 Band



School District (#37)

Pinewood Elementary

Grade 6 Classroom and Grade 7 Band


Gibson Elementary

Grade 4 Classroom and Grade 7 Band


North Vancouver

School District (#44)

Itinerant Music Specialist

Seycove Secondary Music Director

Grade 6 Classroom, Burrard View





  • Mentor for M Block - Phillipine Disaster Relief Fundraiser, Character Ed instruction, 2013 - Present

  • Free the Children, Grade 7 Leadership Program Coordinator, 2010 – Present

  • Explored district vision/goals with AFL then initiated and continue to foster Quality Assessment at Dorothea Walker Elementary, 2009-Present

  • Lead teacher, School-Wide Character Education initiatives, 2007-present

  • Original Harmony Day Team Leader facilitating meeting of partnerships to create vision, mission and goals to jump start this annual event, 2007 - 2008

  • Original designer of the Harmony Day Web Page on FirstClass

  • Member SD23 Academy for Educational Leadership , 2007-2008

  • Completed Okanagan College Leadership/Team Building Series, 2007

  • Participant 2 ½ day Summer Leadership Institute “Lead by Examplewith Leadership Academy Group, Penticton , 2007

  • Member District Racism Free Committee, 2006-2008

  • Introduced School-Wide Write /Whole Class Reading Assessment, Dorothea Walker, 2006

  • Long-term Member Education Week Committee promoting Public Education, 1997–2008

  • Leader supporting initial implementation SD23 iLearn Laptop Program, 2005-2007

  • Completed SD23 Train the Trainer Diversity Program with Ed Wong, July 2004

  • Served as member of an internal accreditation teams, Lakeview & Raymer Elementary

  • Member Professional Development, Character Team and Climate Committees collaborating on “Celebrating Diversity” Project, Raymer, 1996-2004

  • Adapted Dr. Borba’s work in Building Moral Intelligence for school-wide/classroom applications (Strengthening Character in Our Students)

  • Completed SD23 Leadership Mentorship Program , 2004

  • Completed Institute of Global Ethic’s Ethical Fitness Seminar, Nov. 2003

  • Effective Communication Skills training with Justice Institute of BC, 1994


  • KLO Curricular Leadership Team and Department Head, Humanities, 2013 - Present

  • Kiwanis Festival, Excellent + Standing for Grade 7 Band, First Place, April, 2014

  • Mentor Teacher with KLO Middle School Team & UBCO, 2013 – Present

  • Assisted UBCO with Practicum Exit Interviews, Spring, 2014

  • Actively research/implement 6+1 Writing Trait Program to support School-Wide Writing Goals & Professional Growth Plan, 2010-Present

  • Sponsor/Mentor Teacher, (UVIC, UBC-O, U of Lethbridge), 1997-present

  • Participant, Jaye McTighe’s Understanding by Design Institute, Kelowna, August, 2011

  • Implementation Day Co-Planner & Presenter, Dorothea Walker, September 2011

  • Participant, Solution Tree’s Building Common Assessments: Teacher as Assessment Leader , Seattle, Washington, 2010

  • Delivered Seven Strategies of Assessment Workshop, Dorothea Walker, 2011

  • Completed Seven Strategies of Assessment training with Jan Chappuis, Calgary, 2009

  • Instructor, UBC Okanagan Summer Institute, Character Education Makes a Difference (EDST 497G), August, 2008

  • Completed Anne Davies’ Making Classroom Assessment Work”, Summer Institute, 2009

  • Participant, iLearn TC2 Critical Thinking Workshops with UBC-O, 2005-2008

  • Proficient with technology (Smartboard, SmartMusic, Weebly Website Design, Microsoft Word, Inspiration, PowerPoint, BCESIS)

  • Fulfilled 5-day Writing with Excellence, Style and Structure Course, August 2004

  • Participated in Literacy in Middle Schools Provincial Webcast Seminar, Fall 2004

  • Served one year as lead teacher completing Bellanca/Fogerty “Blueprints for Thinking seminars, SD#37’s goal to improve cooperative learning district-wide, 1990-1991


  • Organized KLO Lip Dub Harmony Day Project 2014

  • KLO Curricular Leadership Team and Department Head, Humanities, 2013 - Present

  • Organized and assisted with KLO School-Wide Assemblies, 2012-Present

  • Student Success Team Co-Leader, Dorothea Walker, 2011 – Present

  • Assessment for Learning Leader, Dorothea Walker, 2007-Present

  • Intermediate Literacy & Numeracy Lead Teacher, Dorothea Walker Elementary, 2004-2008

  • SD23 Board of School Trustees Certificate of Recognition recipient for leading Tsunami Appeal Project, 2005

  • Social Justice Student Leadership Conference Organizing Committee Member, 2003–2006

  • Designer/coordinator annual interdisciplinary outdoor education trips, 1988-Present

  • Completed Effective Behavior System (EBS) training; contributed with team, 1997

  • Peer coach/mentor collaborating with SD#37 District Fine Arts’ Coordinator to successfully support implementation of new Art curriculum, 1990-1991

  • Chairperson, North Vancouver District Band Festival, 1986

  • Member, North Van Music Educators’ Executive; co-coordinating Music In Our School Month activities (1985) and North Vancouver Music Educators’ Retreat, 1986

  • Site/Facilities chairperson, Provincial Music Educators’ Conference, 1987

  • Organized school band trip to World of Music Festival, Los Angeles, California, 1988

  • Planned school-wide memorial service for student, fulfilling parent request, 1985


  • Completing COTA Inquiry Project, Engaging Students in Technology, 2-13 – Present

  • Participated with KLO Grade 7 Social Studies Team with ILT, 2014

  • Co-Chair Department Head, Humanities, KLO,

  • Mentor Teacher, UBCO student (Humanities) 2013 – Present

  • Phi Delta Kappan Guest Panelist, Jump Start Your Teaching Career, January, 2011

  • Annual Guest speaker, UBCO Student Teacher Learning Communities; “So You Want to Set Up a Classroom”, 2001- Present

  • Principal Designate, Dorothea Walker Elementary, 2009-2010

  • Leadership Program Coordinator supporting SD23 Vision, 2004-present

  • CanStruction, Co-Coordinating with Rotary Club & Kelowna Food Bank, 2011, 2012

  • Advocate of articulation/transition process with middle / secondary schools, 2004-present

  • Trumpeter Remembrance Day Ceremonies, 2004-Present

  • Musical Director, Annual Musical Productions, 1992-2010

  • Presenter, COTA Social Justice Rep Training Day, November, 2005

  • Co-Creator District Social Justice Needs Assessment Survey supporting District Racism-Free, COTA Social Justice and District Social Justice committees’ projects, 2006-2008

  • Coordinator, District and Rotary Public Speaking Zone Finals, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010

  • Social Justice Representative, Dorothea Walker Elementary, 2005-2006

  • Professional Development Volunteer, COTA Conference, 2005

  • Principal Designate, Raymer Elementary, 2002-2004

  • Contributor Daily Courier Newspaper in Education Program, 2004-Present

  • Facilitated student participation in City of Kelowna/SD 23 Centennial Helping Hands Tree-Planting Ceremony Participant, (May, 2005)

  • Workshop presenter Strengthening Character in Our Schools” Social Justice Student Leadership Conferences, Fall, 2003

  • Choir Director, Teacher-Recognition Service & Provincial Intermediate Conference, 2003

  • Experience managing diverse needs working with community organizations/district staff (Social Services, Forensic Psychologist, Mental Health, First Nations Advocates, Learning Assistance, Counselors, Resource Teachers, CEA’s), 1988 - Present

  • Participant District Career Program’s Real Game telelink with Ottawa/Phoenix, 1996

  • Coordinated high school graduation ceremonies, student council, dances,1984-1988

  • Marching Band Director - opening ceremonies District Track Meet (Swanguard Stadium); Deep Cove Days & Delta May Day community parades, 1984-1988


  • Team event planner - Kelowna Minor Hockey, COYSA Premier League

  • Initiated/Organized First Annual Kelowna United Soccer Banquet (2007)

  • Member Ladies Auxiliary, Army, Navy, Air Force Veteran’s Club, Rutland

  • Organize annual Community Service Projects with students adopting families in December and singing with seniors

  • Participated City of Kelowna, Helping Hands Ceremony, Centennial (May, 2005)

  • Trumpeter for Remembrance Day Ceremonies, Rutland Cenotaph (2004)

  • Musical Director – Theatre Kelowna’s 2003 Production “The Sound of Music

  • Vocal coach/pianist, Theatre Kelowna/Viva Musical productions

interests and activities

Time with Family and Friends

  • Dining Out, Theater Performances

  • Relaxing at Family Log Cabin at Canim Lake

  • Barbecues and Backyard Swimming, Relaxing at Home

  • Supporting children with their extra curricular activities

Team Sports

  • Travel out of town with rep teams

  • Special event planner; Team Fundraiser Coordinator


  • Golf, Swimming, Boating, Canoeing, Fishing, Walking


  • Professional books, Newspapers, Internet, Magazines


  • Ethnic Cuisine (Indian, Thai, Chinese), Baking


  • Hand/Machine Sewing, Quilting, Knitting


  • Piano, Trumpet, Choral Music, Community Theatre,

Home Improvement


  • Renovating, Gardening, Decorating, Painting


Raquel Steen

Principal, KLO Middle School

Phone: 250.860.5106


Chris Perry,

Music Director, KLO Middle School

Phone: 250.863.3104


Anne McLean,

Elementary School Experience Coordinator, UBC Okanagan

Phone: 250.807.9508


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