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is delighted to invite you and your colleagues to join the New Headway Tour 2011


Wednesday 23rd February 2pm – 4pm

Gemeenschapscentrum Kontakt, Avenue Orbanlaan 54, 1150 Brussels


Thursday 24 February 7pm – 9pm

Holiday Inn, Esplanade de l’Europe 2, 4020 Liège


Monday 28 February 7pm – 9pm

Mercure Mons, Rue des Fusillés 12, 7020 Mons (Nimy)


Wednesday 2 March 2pm – 4pm

Palais des Congrès, Place d’Armes 1, 5000 Namur





Part 1: New Headway Elementary Fourth Edition - Vince Cornwell

The fourth edition of New Headway Elementary offers brand new content, layout and classroom possibilities. In this talk Vince Cornwell will present the new features and components of New Headway Elementary Fourth Edition and give participants the opportunity to try out some of the activities.




Part 2: Practical Techniques for Teaching Culture in the EFL Classroom - Shaun Wilden

Many teachers consider the teaching of culture as an important and integral part of learning a language. But despite this, it is often dealt with in a rather sporadic fashion in the classroom with teachers citing time factors and ‘not knowing where to start’ as key issues. These days given the rise and use of social media and Internet use in general, it has never been easier for both students and teachers to access a target culture. With this in mind, this session looks at a variety of practical tasks dealing with culture in the coursebook and other sources. The tasks we do can be used both in and out of the classroom showing that teaching culture can be done smoothly and without too much extra effort.


Participants will receive a free copy of a New Headway Culture and Literature Companion of their choice.



To reserve a seat, contact the OUP Benelux office at info.benelux@oup.com

or 016 239096.


We look forward to seeing you there!


With best wishes,


The OUP team


Oxford University Press

Tiensesteenweg 93

3010 Leuven

Tel: 016 239096

Email: info.benelux@oup.com

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