Overlapping Text in pdf files

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Overlapping Text in PDF Files

Note: The “overlapping when merged” problem was solved before 2Q04 manual updates production (July 2, 2004) by installing Adobe Acrobat Standard 6.0.2 updates and using Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1, but am keeping text in this file for future reference. – Joan

This is what overlapped text looks like. The overlap example is at the top of each graphic. The correct look of the text is at the bottom of each graphic.

The only answer received re the Adobe.com knowledgebase posting is probably the correct one. The problem seems to be caused when PDF files are merged, causing conflicting Adobe font subset metrics.
When all the Word and Distiller settings are correct, I can create PDF files – each without overlapping text – but when they are merged, the Arial Bold font overlaps (even though its properties in the PDF file indicate it is Embedded and Subset). (Note: The “overlapping when merged” problem may have been solved by installing 6.0.2, but am keeping text in this file for future reference. – Joan)
Word 2000 Settings:

Tools > Options > Save tab > Select Embed True Type fonts

Tools > Options > Compatibility tab > Click Font Substitution

If all fonts are available for the document, this message appears:

If one or more fonts in the document are not available in your computer, you will see something similar to this:

It is up to you to decide whether to click Convert Permanently or not. You may want to do some font substitution/missing font research in Word’s help file before deciding. It’s usually a safe bet to select Default Font from the Substituted font list and then click Convert Permanently.

All PDF Print Driver Settings need to match all Distiller Settings:
Print Driver: Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes

Right-click on the Adobe PDF Printer > Printing Preferences select these settings:

While on the Advanced tab, click Cancel, then click the Layout tab in the Printing Preferences dialog box.

Ignore the Paper/Quality tab.
Open Adobe Acrobat and choose: Advanced > Acrobat Distiller
In the Acrobat Distiller dialog box: Settings > Edit Adobe PDF Settings > Fonts tab select these settings:


When viewing the font list in the operation system Fonts folder, A=No Special Attributes, RA=Read Only; HA=Hidden

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