Orthoptera fauna of the Himalayas: knowledge and prospects

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Orthoptera fauna of the Himalayas: knowledge and prospects

Dr. Sigfried Ingrisch, Eichendorffweg 4, D-34385 Bad Karlshafen


An account of the Orthoptera so far recorded from Nepal is given. The data are analysed with regard the overall distribution of the taxa, their distribution within Nepal, and altitudinal distribution. Species lists from different expeditions are compared with regard to sampling methods and season when the expeditions took place. Some general conclusions may be drawn from those comparisons: Acridoidea of tropical origin living from lower elevations up to about 2500 m and often in cultivated area show the greatest species resemblance between expeditions and are probably the most comprehensive recorded. Tetrigidae are well collected with regard to the long-winged species that are attracted to light, whereas short-winged or wingless, local species come mainly from the expeditions of Prof. Martens. Ensifera are less numerous in collections, especially with regard to the Tettigoniidae living in vegetation rich habitats. Most surprising is however the very meagre representation of high altitude species in Orthoptera collections from Nepal. To get a more complete picture of the Orthoptera fauna of Nepal, increased research at high altitude and collecting during the best season for Orthoptera with palaearctic affinity (end of July to early September) is proposed.

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