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Rhetorical Analysis of Victoria’s Secret
Victoria's Secret is an American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products. Victoria's Secret is known for its fashion shows and catalogues, which feature top fashion models. Victoria's Secret was started in San Francisco, California, in 1977 by Roy Raymond who felt embarrassed while trying to purchase lingerie for his wife in a public.

Audience is +18 (except pink collection women who feel young and sexy. Their marketing strategy is interesting. For example although the target users are women in New Year fashion show mostly man watched it because of the beautiful top models. And Victoria’s Secrets strategy is they encourage man to buy presents to their wife or to their girlfriend. They want to see those underwear’s or the clothes in their wife or girlfriend.
Ethos of this site is wise and global because the author used the best models from all around the world to attract the attentions of a broader audience. It reflects a high quality because using sexy girls is risky since the dose of erotism can lower the quality of the site, so the site reflects elitism and high quality.

Pathos of this site is giving pleasure to the audience with beautiful visual images

Logos of this site is using what people want to see the most. Beautiful models in this case.
Generally they prefer to use pink because of their new collection. PINK is a lineup of loungewear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel geared mainly towards university and high school students. Why pink? Because in that ages most of the girls like pink color.
The images of this website are effective because of the beautiful, magnificent models. When you open the site you desire to buy something. I think this is the only good part of this site.
The editors can make this web site better by using different colors to make the site more attractive by implying that the brand is sexy. Because Victoria’s Secret firstly represents being sexy. However, only the models are sexy not the context or the outlay of the website. I think the site requires more professional graphic design in order to create a consistent brand image. Also in every link we see the advertisements of “sale” it decreases the quality of the brand.
The texts in the site emphasize sale all the time, but the visual images imply that it is a high quality brand and its products are supposed to be expensive. Emphasizing sales doesn’t match with the expected prices of the products that visual images point to.

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