Orders & Observations Conference Call 31 May 2012 +1 770 657 9270, Passcode: 653212# Attendees

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Orders & Observations Conference Call

31 May 2012

+1 770 657 9270, Passcode: 653212#



Rita Altamore

Washington State Department of Health

Margaret Dittloff

The CBORD Group

Erin Fitzsimmons

Freida Hall

Quest Diagnostics

Austin Kreisler


Patrick Loyd

Icode Solutions

Ken McCaslin

Quest Diagnostics

Riki Merrick

IConnect Consulting / APHL

Brian Pech


Harry Solomon


Cindy Vinion


Ron Van Duyne


Co-Chair: Ken McCaslin

Scribe: Ken McCaslin

  • Agenda Review:

    • Meeting Minutes

      • 24 May 2012 – Margaret Dittloff motion to approve, seconded by Austin Kreisler. Against: 0; Abstain: 0; Favor: 7

    • eDOS

      • Proposal 722a – changes to be made to the IG – Technical corrections – need to provide the correct repeat delimiter. This does not need to be approved, it has already been approved, just showing the request made to separate the two requests into two proposals.

      • Proposal 722b – Motion to accept the proposal Freida Hall, seconded by Patrick Loyd. Against: 0; Abstain: 2; Favor: 7 Additional comment after vote was to make the segments corrected as optional.

      • Proposal 722c - Is this a technical correction? Austin indicated this was a difficult question. Austin indicated this has to be technical correction. Freida Hall will continue to research

      • Proposal 722d – Technical correction on example and updating the table reference number. Motion to accept the proposal by Freida Hall, seconded by Riki Merrick. Against: 0; Abstain: 0; Favor: 9

      • Freida to work with Hans to resolve how these documents should be posted to the wiki and if each document need a v2 proposal identifier.

    • Vocabulary – Rob Hausam

    • V2.9

      • 726 – Austin asked for additional text identifying accession identifier and how it is represented. It is trailing after the prior result group. Should ICP be prior to "Prior result"? Harry will update the proposal to fix the location of ICP and also change {} to []. To be reviewed on the next OO call after Harry has completed the updates.

      • 724 – to depreciate OBR-9 in favor of SPM-12 (clean-up) Motion to accept by Austin Kreisler, Seconded by Harry Solomon. Against: 0; Abstain: 0; Favor: 9

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