Orders & Observations Conference Call 28-October-2010 Attendees

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Orders & Observations Conference Call




Ron van Duyne


Margaret Dittloff

The CBORD Group

Lynn Laakso


Rob Savage


Hans Buitendijk

Siemens Healthcare

Austin Kreisler


Marc Koehn

Brian Pech

Kaiser Permanente

Elaine Ayres


Patrick Loyd

GP Informatics

Rob Hausam


Rich Reed

Simplified Software Devlopment

Ed Heierman


Note Takers: Hans Buitendijk

  • Meeting Minutes Approval

    • WGM Meeting Minutes Review – 5-8-Oct-2010

      • Motion to accept. Patrick, Austin.

        • Against: 0; Abstain: 1; In Favor: 11

    • Conf Call Meeting Minutes – 21-Oct-2010

      • Motion to accept. Ed Heierman, Elaine Ayers

        • Against: 0; Abstain: 1; In Favor: 11

  • Co-Chair Election Update

    • Based on the motion of 21-Oct-2010 that the co-chairs would agree to a separation of elections, Patrick Loyd and Hans Buitendijk’s positions will open January 2011, while Austin Kreisler’s and Rob Hausam’s positions will open in May 2011

  • Project Statements

    • Dietary –

      • We reviewed the project statement provided by Margaret Dittloff and Elaine Ayers.

      • Attached is the project statement with various notes made during the discussion.

    • CIC - http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/trackeritem/1597/7689/HL7ProjectScopeStatementEMSDMIMandISOct2010b_clean.doc

      • We did not review this project statement.

  • Composite Order / Behavioral Model Update

    • Alpha Closure Review

      • Lynn Laakso is scheduling an interview with project leadership to understand learnings/findings to date.

      • Patrick will represent OO and will then give an update to OO (next week).

    • After “closure” the project will be reframed into new project framework.

  • V2.7 Recirculation Ballot

    • Based on feedback from Don Lloyd, there is no expectation that the V2.7 ballot results will be appealed, therefore expecting a final publishing date soon.

  • Order and Observation Queries for Educational Materials

    • We pointed to the e-mail request for any examples of queries for orders or observations and thanked those who provided some (Rob Savage, Rene Spronk).

  • V2.8 Proposal

    • http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=OO_CR004-606_Message_Pairs - Publishing is seeking input.

      • InM needs to introduce definition/scope of the interaction model being portrayed.

      • V2 dynamic model would find interactions that V3 does not have.

      • May involve further conformance.

      • How far do we go this, in particular with order control codes and a full flow / state changes.

      • Today there are implied interactions and this proposal would make them more explicit and drives disambiguation.

      • Requires more work. Not trivial.

      • We may be able to tap into V2 focused volunteers, but do not want to divert V3 resources.

      • Needs to be prioritized against, e.g., Composite Order.

      • Move to feedback following summary: In principle valuable and good idea, but without clear scope and anticipated resource requirements, not sure whether we can take this on. Austin, Rob Savage. Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 13.

  • Blood Bank Project Update

    • Vetted vocabulary with Vocab who did not like it.

    • Updated proposal is in review and will then go back to Vocab.

    • After that we’ll come to OO to finalize.

    • IG not for another 3 weeks.


  • 4-Nov-2010 - Test Compendium Ballot Reconciliation

  • 4-Nov-2010 - V2.8 Proposals

    • http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=OO_CR036-657_Additional_Result_Status

  • 11-Nov-2010 – Observation Date/Time – Tom de Jong

  • 11-Nov-2010 – V2.8 Proposals

    • http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=OO_CR037-658_Timing_Quantity_Fix

  • TBD - Continue with Composite Order Ballot Reconciliation

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