Orders & Observations Conference Call 26 April 2012 +1 770 657 9270, Passcode: 653212# Attendees

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Orders & Observations Conference Call

26 April 2012

+1 770 657 9270, Passcode: 653212#



Austin Kreisler


Cindy Vinion


Freida Hall

Quest Diagnostics

Ken McCaslin

Quest Diagnostics

Lorraine Constable

Constable Consulting

Margaret Dittloff

The CBORD Group

Patrick Loyd

ICode Consulting

Riki Merrick

IConnect Consulting / APHL

Brian Pech

Kaiser Permanente

Rita Altamore

Washington State Department of Health

Rob Hausam

Hausam Consulting

Rob Savage


Joan Knapp


Ron van Duyne


Hans Buitendijk

Siemens Healthcare

Elaine Ayres


Jim Harrison

University of Virginia, American College of American Pathologists




  • Agenda Review:

    • Meeting Minutes

      • April 5, 12,

    • LOI/LRI Status – Hans Buitendijk

    • Nutrition Ballot Status – Margaret Dittloff

    • MU Stage 2 Comments – Hans Buitendijk

    • SAIF Update – Patrick Loyd / Lorraine Constable

    • Lab Order – Patrick Loyd / Lorraine Constable

    • Vancouver WGM Agenda

  • Meeting Minutes Approval

    • April 5 – Hans to follow-up

    • April 12 – Motion to accept as corrected and distributed. Lorraine, Patrick

      • Against: 0; Abstain: 1; In Favor: 15

  • LOI/LRI – Hans Buitendijk

    • LRI is in ballot.

      • So far mostly affirmative, but know that negatives will be submitted (missing ballot reconciliation inclusions).

      • Austin will submit some that failed to get incorporated from reconciliation

    • LOI Use case WG has started up

      • Today LOI meets at 2-3:30 focus on Use Case.

      • will go on hiatus to deal with LRI ballot responses

  • Nutrition – Margaret Dittloff

    • Only a couple of returns. Nothing substantive yet.

  • MU Comments – Hans Buitendijk

    • Policy committee has met and our comments were included into the streamlined comments

    • There were some discussions about the way to change a rule that has been passed can be changed, so some of those may just be notes, not clear on the impact those will have

  • SAIF Architecture Update – Patrick Loyd

    • There is a SAIF IG proposal to speed up FIRE (Fast Healthcare Implementation ??)

    • We are designing the content with help from OO experts but we also need to include the processes

    • Propose to hire resources to build out the SAIF IG (CD version of SAIF is out for ballot) – looking for HL7 group that has funds (InM this is not currently in the running)

    • Will get process started in SAIF architecture group next Tuesday – will figure out the timeframe

      • Please review http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=SAIF_IG_proposal.

    • Based on their feedback may come back to OO for formal support.

  • Lab Orders – Patrick Loyd / Lorraine Constable

  • Vancouver WGM Agenda

    • http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=OO_WGM_Agenda_May_2012

    • We are on PT, so hard to get call in from east cost

    • Hans will bring a conference phone – but it may not be hooked up

    • LRI ballot review – looking for time – Thursday Q4 for Austin’s comments

    • Freida: Can we get Rob Snelick’s document of validation tool errata’s as a reference doc?

    • Problem in ballot spreadsheet with section identification column numeration, but PLEASE include the section number as close as possible for easier sorting.

    • Specimen will be Wed Q2 - 11:00-12:30 PM PT

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