Orders & Observations Conference Call 24-June-2010 Attendees

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Orders & Observations Conference Call




Austin Kreisler


Ken McCaslin

Quest Diagnostics

Jonathan Harber

Blood Systems

Gary Meyer


Riki Merrick

IConnect Consulting / APHL

Rob Savage


Brian Pech

Kaiser Permanente

Patti Larson


Rob Hausam

Hausam Consulting

Hans Buitendijk

Siemens Healthcare

Cindy Vinion


Note Takers: Riki Merrick, Hans Buitendijk

  • Approve June 10 and 17 Conference Call minutes:

    • Motion to approve 10 Brian Pech, Rob Hausam

      • Against: 0; Abstain: 3; In Favor: 7

    • Motion to approve 17, Ken, Riki

      • Against: 0; Abstain: 3; In Favor: 7

  • Rio WG minutes are still in progress.

  • V2.8 Proposal 653

    • http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=OO_CR033-653_Taxonomy_for_Species_in_OM4

    • The following questions were raised:

      • Why do we need this if we already have OM1. Need justification as it appears to be a duplicate.

        • Michael is defining taxonomy at the order level, so by default the specimen collected for needs to be for that species.

        • Austin: If they have tests that are not species specific, then you have to be specific at the specimen level, so needed for OM4 as well

      • Might there be non-species specific testing?

      • We already allocated up to OM4-17 for eDOS so it looks like it should be OM4-18, not OM4-15. Do we need to lock in, or not? If so, need to review sequence with other proposals.

    • We will follow-up with Michael Martin.

  • eDOS Update – Ken McCaslin

    • Objective is for Ken to run through the doc before we can submit for ballot cycle

    • We want to allow for the reader to see the document with change marks relative to the ACLA version, as well as clean. The problem is that when published in PDF, the change marks are permanent (or not available), so should we provide 2 documents (one pdf with changes visible and one without).

    • We should turn on line numbering to help people to make comments.

    • The coversheet has a hyperlink to HL7OO leadership (links to current changes) front page.

    • Page 6: Need to clarify that the people listed are ACLA project Co-Chairs of

      • We will add ACLA to Participants in the title

    • There are some miscellaneous editorial and typos to be fixed. Ken will do that.

    • Motion to accept with editorial changes as described: Ken McCaslin, Rob Hausam

      • Discussion: Do we need to come back after the edits are applied? No need for that.

      • Change motion to with editorial changes as described and move this document to ballot

      • abstain:0, oppose:0 , in favor: 12

    • We reviewed the NIB. The deadline is July 8th

      • Since this is a universal project, it is marked as universal.

      • No backwards compatibility as it was developed by outside organization

      • Informative document

      • Not a consumer product

      • Adopted

      • Need to make sure Karen has the letter of agreement. Ken is sure – was addressed to Chuck Jaffe and copied to John Quinn. Karen was copied, but want to make sure she filed that email as such.

    • Motion to accept the NIB with described adjustment: Ken McCaslin, Austin Kreisler

      • No further discussion

      • abstain:0, oppose:0 , in favor: 12

    • Jonathan: Who is the Publishing Facilitator? For v3 = Austin, for v2 = Hans; But it is also contingent who was identified in the project. Check blood bank project scope statement for that info

  • Blood Bank V3 Reconciliation

    • See spreadsheet attached for progress on reconciliation.

    • We left off with 2 open topics where we thought vocabulary was established, but not visible in the ballot – Patrick had to go check for Content of blood donation type

    • With blood bank v2 efforts and this one, what should we do – move forward to DSTU or put on the shelf?

      • Once reconciliation is done, we will reach out to bloodbank listserve to see if anyone is working on implementation

      • If anyone is currently active implementing v3 for blood bank – if yes, need to move forward, if not can shelve.

        • Once v2 is completed we can review the v3 documents to compare and then update before moving to DSTU, when demand for v3 implementation is clear.

    • Proposal for v3 is embryonic and too open to interpretation and so hard to implement.

    • Austin: Thought early version was in use in Mexico. DSTU is often not a complete scope.

    • Hans: No one can say you cannot use any standard – a government organization can endorse a statement to say : Do not use this standard, but use v2.8 document instead.

    • Austin: What happens to project if it is on shelf?

    • Hans: Need to inform ANSI that we are no longer pursuing the v3 standard at this point and close the project, suspect we will not go normative with the v3 document unless we have completed the v2 work.

  • Blood Bank V2 Update – Jonathan Harber

    • Will blood bank still meet the Sept ballot timeline – we could always submit and pull out later, but we would need to have everything ready.

    • Have to answer v3 question – Hans: Can take this completely out of this.

    • Hans will send the dates to Jonathan and link as well – need to know the gaps in the v2 work

      • http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/schedules/pubs_schedule_2010.pdf

    • IG would need to be ready to publish by August

    • Next opportunity is January – meaning the documents need to be ready by October, right after WGM

  • CMET Update – Ken McCaslin

    • There were no negatives – email had all detail. Project can be closed once included in Normative Edition.

  • Behavioral Model Update – Patrick Loyd

    • Not discussed.

  • Composite Order Model Update – Patrick Loyd

    • Not discussed

  • OO Change Requests

    • Change request wiki has been updated.

    • Have submitted section per version

    • Accepted section per version

    • And closed – as withdrawn or not accepted

    • http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=Category:OO_Change_Requests

Future Topics

  • Continue with Composite Order Ballot Reconciliation

  • Clinical Event

  • Lab Result Topic Update

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