Order: Ustilaginales

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Order: Ustilaginales

Like the rust fungi, the smut fungi are all parasites of vascular plants, and produce basidiospores on transversely septate basidia arising from overwintering teliospores. But the two groups differ in many respects, as the Table shows.

Family Ustilaginaceae

They are called smut because at most life cycle, they form dry, dusty, smutty masses of spores, teliospores, sometimes referred to as chlamydospores. In this group the teliospore is equivalent to that of a rust fungus, so the hypha arising from a germinating teliospore of a Ustilago becomes 3-septate, and buds off a yeast-like basidiospore from each compartment (produce their basidia from germinating teliospores). Compatible elements soon fuse to restore the dikaryon . Many smut fungi are heterothallic, so fusions must be between cells of different and compatible parents.

Many other smuts are also organ-specific: in corn smut, caused by Ustilago maydis, some kernels are replaced by grossly swollen masses of black teliospores.

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