Order: neuroptera (spongillaflies)

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ORDER: NEUROPTERA (spongillaflies)

with special reference to those found in Utah

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revised by: Price and Nelson 14 Nov 2006; D. Jensen 28 Oct 2008

Diagnosing Features, adults:

multi-veined, especially in costal area


4 membranous, reticulated wings

wings held tent-like over the body

mandibulate mouthparts

long, filiform antennae

5-segmented tarsi

no cerci
Diagnosing Features, larvae:

small and stout


Larvae are aquatic and pupate above the waterline. Adults are near the water.

Trophic Habits:

Aquatic Neuroptera are spongivores.




Adults can be pinned through mesothorax; larvae in ethanol.


The orders Megaloptera, Neuroptera, and Rhaphidioptera sometimes called one order: Neuroptera.

FAMILY: SISYRIDAE (spongillaflies)
Morphology (eggs):

masses of 2-5 eggs (sometimes 20)

oval in shape and covered in silk

laid over water on trees or rocks

egg-bursters are elongate
Morphology (larvae):

4-5 mm in length

mouthparts are elongate, unsegmented stylets that form a tube

antennae long

legs slender

2 or 3 segmented, transparent ventral gills on abodominal segments 1-8

Morphology (pupae):

exarate (exposed)

housed in hemispherical, double-walled, silken cocoons

Morphology (adults):

6-8 mm in length

brown bodies

brown wings

lack ocelli


.Larvae feed on fresh water sponges. Adults mainly nocturnal and can be found on flowers near water.

Utah Genera:

Climacia, only one known from Quail Creek, Washington Co.
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