Order Anura (Frogs and Toads) Family Ascaphidae

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Biology 432L – Herpetology Laboratory

School of Life Sciences

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Order Anura (Frogs and Toads)

Family Ascaphidae (Tailed Frogs)

  • Ascaphus truei - Coastal Tailed Frog

Family Bufonidae (True Toads)

Family Dendrobatidae (Poison Dart Frogs)

  • Dendrobates auratus - Green Poison Frogs

  • Dendrobates tinctorius - Dyeing Poison Frog

  • Oophaga pumilio - Strawberry Poison Frog

Family Hylidae (Treefrogs)

  • Agalychnis callidryas - Red-Eyed Treefrog

  • Hyla arenicolor - Canyon Treefrog

  • Hyla gratiosa - Barking Treefrog

  • Pseudacris regilla - Pacific Treefrog

  • Smilisca fodiens - Lowland Burrowing Treefrog

Family Pelobatidae (Spadefoot Toads)

Family Pipidae (Clawed Frogs)

  • Xenopus laevis - African Clawed Frog

Family Ranidae (True Frogs)

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