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Systematics and distribution

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Systematics and distribution

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Book Review

Cribb, P., Crocker, G., Ejiri, E., Miranda, F. E. L. de, and van den Berg. 2014. Renziana. Vol. 4. Cattleya. Softcover, 100 pp., 177 colour photographs, 2 maps. Schweizerische Orchideenstiftung am Herbarium Jany Renz, Basel, Switzerland. ISSN: 2235-0799. Reinhardt Media Service (www.orchid.unibas.ch; email: media@reinhardt.ch; tel. +41 (0)61 264 64 50). Price: SFr 15/ € 15. Also available as an eBook on Amazon and Google Books.
Joining previous issues of Renziana covering Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, and Vanda, the current issue focuses on everything Cattleya – morphology, classification as the result of DNA sequence data, distribution, biogeography, ecology, conservation, pollination, breeding, and cultivation. The primary author for this issue is the widely acknowledged expert on Laeliinae and especially Cattleya, Cássio van den Berg. He recounts the taxonomic history of the genus and explains the rationale for lumping Sophronitis and Brazilian Laelia species into Cattleya as series of C. subgenus Cattleya section Crispae. He reminds us that Robert L. Dressler argued for the same reclassification 25 years ago strictly on the basis of interfertility.
For me the most interesting information in this issue is van den Berg’s thorough treatment of the distribution, biogeography and ecology of the species as a key to successful cultivation of the species. For instance, although C. aclandiae, C. nobilior, and C. walkeriana occupy dry habitats in the savannas and ‘Caatinga’ of inland Brazil, C. amethystoglossa grows in even more arid habitats in full sun on the palm species Syagrus coronata. How many plants of C. amethystoglossa and others have we killed by purposeful (but well-meaning) overwatering and/or excessive shading? Photos of several species in situ illustrate this section.
Phillip Cribb joined van den Berg in writing up a short history of the genus and also a section on morphology with an excellent watercolour of C. labiata. For the most part the description is accurate, but I think we should be using the term ‘capsule’ by now instead of ‘seed pod’. Legumes have pods, but orchids have capsules. ‘Pod’ has always been in common parlance in orchid media, but the term is morphologically, developmentally, and taxonomically incorrect with respect to orchids. Adding insult to injury, the caption for the capsule of C. dowiana × Hardyana on page 9 is referred to as the “Seed pot [my emphasis],” an obvious but unfortunate typographical error by the editors.
The issue is richly illustrated by excellent photos that would have reproduced better on a coated paper stock (a la Orchid Digest), but then the publication costs would have been higher. Everyone can afford this reasonably priced but highly informative exposition on one of the world’s favourite orchid genera. Everyone will keep it as a authoritative reference.

Alec Pridgeon

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