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Anatomy and morphology

Cardoso-Gustavson, P., Campbell, L. M., Mazzoni-Viveiros, S. C., and de Barros, F. 2014. Floral colleters in Pleurothallidinae (Epidendroideae: Orchidaceae). American Journal of Botany 101: 587-597.
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Conservation biology

Ghorbani, A., Gravendeel, B., Naghibi, F., and de Boer, H. 2014. Wild orchid tuber collection in Iran: a wake-up call for conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation 23: 2749-2760.

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Ackerman, J. D., Falcon, W., Molinari, J., Vega, C., Espino, I., and Cuevas, A. A. 2014. Biotic resistance and invasional meltdown: consequences of acquired interspecific interactions for an invasive orchid, Spathoglottis plicata, in Puerto Rico. Biological Invasions 16: 2435-2447.

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