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Anatomy and morphology

Chomicki, G., Bidel, L. P. R., Ming, F., Coiro, M., Zhang, X., Wang, Y., Baissac, Y., Jay-Allemand, C., and Renner, S. S. 2015. The velamen protects photosynthetic orchid roots against UV-B damage, and a large dated phylogeny implies multiple gains and losses of this function during the Cenozoic. New Phytologist 205: 1330-1341.
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Silva, A. B., Lima, P. P., Oliveira, L. E. S. de, and Moreira, A. L. 2014. In vitro growth and leaf anatomy of Cattleya walkeriana (Gardner, 1839) grown in natural ventilation system. [Crescimento in vitro e anatomia foliar de Cattleya walkeriana (Gardner, 1839) cultivada em sistema de ventilação natural.] Revista Ceres 61: 883-890.
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Conservation biology

Batea, N. D., Nicolin, A. L., Arsene, G. G., Imbrea, I. M., and Neacsu, A. G. 2014. Present state and conservation measures for Orchidaceae species in the National Park Nera Gorges-Beusnita (S-W Romania). Research Journal of Agricultural Science 46: 25-36.

Bhattarai, P., Pandey, B., Gautam, R. K., and Chhetri, R. 2014. Ecology and conservation status of threatened orchid Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D. Don) Soo in Manaslu conservation area, central Nepal. American Journal of Plant Sciences 5: 3483-3491.
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Czerepko, J., Gawrys, R., Ciesla, A., and Sokolowski, K. 2014. Warunki srodowiska wplywajace na stan zachowania obuwika pospolitego Cypripedium calceolus L. w lasach gospodarczych. [Environment conditions influence on protection status of lady's slipper orchid Cypripedium calceolus L. in managed forests]. Sylwan 158: 867-874.
de Macedo, M. C., Chaim Jardim Rosa, D. B., Soares, J. S., Tatara, M. B., Kobayashi Hofmann, N. T., and Chaim Jardim Rosa, Y. B. 2015. Seed storage and acclimatization of Brassavola tuberculata Hook. Semina-Ciencias Agrarias 35: 2883-2894.
Gigant, R. L., De Bruyn, A., Church, B., Humeau, L., Gauvin-Bialecki, A., Pailler, T., Grisoni, M., and Besse, P. 2014. Active sexual reproduction but no sign of genetic diversity in range-edge populations of Vanilla roscheri Rchb.f. (Orchidaceae) in South Africa. Conservation Genetics 15: 1403-1415.
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