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Room No 404, 4th Floor,

Tamilnadu Telecom Complex,

60, Ethiraj Salai, Chennai-600 008.

Tel.: 044 – 28261515

Fax: 044 – 28220555


Minutes of the meeting with M/s Hungama Entertainment Portal Ltd. on the promotion of Hungama GOD and MOD services in Tamilnadu Circle under the chairmanship of Sri P. Jagadeesan, Sr.GM (NWP-CFA), TN Circle, Chennai on 26.07.2011 at 11.15 hours in the chamber of Sr.GM (NWP-CFA).
Following Officers were present;
BSNL M/s Hungama

  1. Smt. S.K.Radha, GM (S&M) CFA. Ms. Jumna Patel,Sr.Manager CRM

  2. Sri Velappan, DGM (S&M) CFA

  3. Sri S. Sudhakar, DGM (Udaan)

  4. Sri R. Babu Srinivasa Kumar, DGM (TX)

  5. Smt G. Rama, DE BB (VAS)

  6. Sri P.Kumar,AGM-BBO

  7. Smt. M.Thamilarasi, SDE (BB VAS)

At the outset, Sr. GM (NWP) CFA informed that the customer base of Hungama services is in the declining trend and surrenders of broadband connections are occurring due to dissatisfaction of BBVAS service such as Indiagames, Hungama GOD and Hungama MOD service. Also he told that without consent from the customer concerned, the services should not be brought to paid mode else will lead to complaints and further lead to disconnection of broadband connection itself.

  1. The segmentation of the target customer for Hungama services and the methods adopted for the roll out of the Hungama Services were explained by the vendor.

The details are given below.

  • Existing customer base of TN Circle : 1344 paid and 500 free customers.

  • Home Customers with unlimited plans are the targeted population as the download of the music or games are chargeable and included in the broadband usage count.

  • Marketing activities:

  1. Printing of advertisement of Hungama services in the front and back of the bfone bills.

  1. Tele-calling by means of Hungama call centre situated at Pune.

Tamil speaking people are available in the call centre to speak with the Tamil nadu customers in the local language. Based on the increase of the customer base, the no. of Tamil speaking operators will be increased in the call centre by the vendor.

At present the new customer numbers are being received from NOC, Bangalore based on the Free VAS plans introduced recently.

  1. Consumer rewards weekly (pen drivers, 19 movie tickets, cash vouchers), monthly (Laptop, mobile phones), and quarterly (gold coins) in order to sustain the existing customers.

  1. Creative in circle website.

  2. Posters, Leaflets, standees at important and strategic CSC & Bill collection centre.

  • Availability of Tamil content:

Nearly 2000 tamil songs are available and a handful of tamil movies.

  • Procedure of registration.

Customers are approached through Call centre on tele calling and the willing customers are sent with email for getting registered to Hungama services. Conversation of calls made for tele-marketing are kept stored.
Free trial is offered only for the period based on the Corporate instructions. After the free trial, the default is discontinuance of the service. Email confirmation is obtained for converting to paid service.

  • No auto renewal for conversion of free to paid service.

  • Surrenders due to billing issues; Systematic monthly billing of Hungama charges is requested by the vendor It was reported by the vendor that surrenders occurred due to bulk billing of Hungama monthly charges in a single bill in Gujarat Circle.;

  • Movie on Demand is yet to be launched.

  1. After the detailed deliberations, the following decisions are made for the promotion of Hungama Services in Tamilnadu Circle.

  1. List of Tamil songs and movies is to be sent to BSNL. [Action by M/s Hungama]

  1. List of Customer numbers which are in Home UL 499, 750 and 625 is to be given to M/s Hungama for tele calling through their call centre. [Action by BSNL]

  1. Soft copies of the Creatives for printing in the front and back pages of the customer bfone bills are to be sent by email to BSNL by the vendor.

[ Action by M/s Hungama]
BSNL will intimate the suitable modifications in the creative such as write up in Tamil Language and popular Cine Artist of local area in the creative etc

[Action by BSNL]

The modified creative are to be prepared and sent to BSNL by the vendor.

[Action by M/s Hungama]

  1. Billing: SSAs are to be instructed to strictly adhere to the monthly billing of Hungama customers in the bfone bills which will avoid the bulk billing at a later date leading to customer dissatisfaction and disconnection of broadband.

[ Action by BSNL]

  1. Issue of customer rewards: After popularizing the Hungama Service and increase of customer base to a significant extent, the strategy of customer prizes shall be adopted.

  1. As per the request of the vendor, the alternate email id / mobile numbers for the new BB customers are to be given to them by BSNL. [Action by BSNL]

  1. CAF for new broadband connections is to be modified incorporating the options for Broad band Value Added Services such as India Games, Hungama GOD and Hungama MOD etc.

Till the modified CAFs are printed, the written option for the BBVAS services are to be obtained by the SSAs in a separate sheet [Action by BSNL – all SSAs]

  1. Toll free number of Hungama Call centre (1800-209-7010) is to be informed to BSNL call centre. [Action by BSNL]

  1. M/s Hungama has to intimate the pending SSAs which are yet to register in the Hungama Portal. [Action by M/s Hungama]

  1. A flash advertisement will be incorporated in Circle website tamilnadu.bsnl.co.in for which AV file will be sent by M/s Hungama to BSNL.

[Action by Hungama]

  1. Disconnection list is to be given to M/s Hungama so that they will not include monthly charges in the billing feed file to be sent to ITPC, Pune.

[ Action by BSNL]

  1. M/s Hungama will hold campaigns on Hungama Services in CBT, ERD, MA, TR and NGC SSAs to educate the field units for 2 days – first day for awareness program and second day for demonstration of Hungama Service in the CSCs. Based on the response, the campaigns will be extended to other SSAs also. [Action by BSNL and M/s Hungama]

  1. M/s Hungama shall call the customers on Sundays also through their call centre for three consecutive Sundays. Based on the response from the customers, this strategy could be continued.

[Action by M/s Hungama]

The meeting was ended with vote of thanks.


Asst.General Manager (BBVAS)


TN Circle, Chennai – 8.

No: BB/Hungama/Corr/2010-11/16 Dt at Chennai-8 the 02.08.2011.

All the Participants.

Regd. Office & Corporate Office: Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,

Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath, , New Delhi-110 001 Website: www.bsnl.co.in

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