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OMV Aktiengesellschaft

Press release

May 23, 2005

OMV Move & Help: educational projects for 35,000 children

Central Europe’s leading oil and gas Group, OMV, has decided to extend last year’s Move & Help campaign in 2005. In its first year the project gave some 1,7000 children and teenagers access to an education. In 2005 international educational projects with Caritas, SOS Children’s Village and UNICEF will reach out to over 35,000 children in Austria, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Romania and Slovakia. Once again the whole year will be shaped by the smiley :-) at OMV. In May over 380 OMV employees will enter the Vienna City Marathon in a show of support for the campaign. In the summer, OMV filling stations in 12 countries will be giving away postcards and pencils to raise awareness of illiteracy.
In many countries schooling is sub-standard or entirely absent. The consequences include unemployment, alienation and poverty. OMV is confronted with this situation in many of the countries in which it operates. “We want to give children an education and a future with OMV Move & Help“, said OMV CEO Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer. “This year we will help over 35,000 children with our partners Caritas, SOS Children’s Village and UNICEF.“
Move & Help projects

Caritas is helping Roma children in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia where they are among the poorest of the poor. OMV Move & Help supports the children with school equipment, hygiene articles and warm meals.

SOS Children’s Village helps minors seeking asylum in Austria to spend their time in Austria more constructively while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed — for example through opening up access to education and thus the labor market.

UNICEF is running a major project in Pakistan to send girls to school and ensure that they have access to potable water and school and learning materials. The aim is to increase attendance to 15% among girls.

Reading and writing is not a given

OMV wants Move & Help to raise awareness of the fact that basic literacy skills should not be taken for granted. The whole of 2005 will be played out under the twin themes of education and the smiley :-). In May, over 380 employees will enter the Vienna City Marathon to support the campaign. For each kilometer covered OMV will donate EUR 1. There will be a treadmill in the OMV tent on Heldenplatz for friends and family to use. For every 10 meters covered OMV will also contribute EUR 1.

In June and August 1,800 OMV filling stations in 12 countries will be giving away postcards and pencils. E-cards can also be sent via the OMV portal from June. One euro will be transferred to the OMV Move&Help fund for every e-card sent.
OMV Aktiengesellschaft:

OMV Aktiengesellschaft is the largest listed industrial company in Austria with consolidated sales of EUR 9.88 billion, market capitalization of around EUR 8 billion and 6,475 employees in 2004. The OMV Group is Central Europe’s leading oil and gas company and its Refining & Marketing (R&M) business unit operates in 13 countries. In all, OMV commands an 18% market share in 2005, which is rapidly closing in on its target level for 2008 of 20%. OMV’s Exploration & Production (E&P) business unit is active in 18 countries on five continents. OMV’s Gas business unit covers storage, a 2,000 km pipeline network and annual transport volume of 41 bcm to countries such as Germany and Italy. OMV owns integrated chemical and petrochemical plants and holds a 25% interest in Borealis A/S, one of the world’s largest poly olefin producers. Other major interests include: 51% in Petrom SA, 50% in Econgas GmbH, 45% in BAYERNOIL-Raffinerieverbund, and 10% in Hungary’s MOL.

Completion of the deal to acquire a majority interest in Petrom in December 2004 has resulted in Central Europe’s largest oil and gas company with oil and gas reserves of about 1.4 billion boe, daily production of 340,000 boe and annual refining capacity of 26.4 million tones. OMV now operates 2,394 filling stations in 13 countries. Market share of the Group’s R&M business unit in the Danube basin is approximately 18%. Petrom was consolidated in 2004 and is expected to make a positive contribution to earnings in 2005.

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