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Official Newsletter of the Baltimore Section, ASQ

April - May 2005 Voice Mail: (410) 347-1453



Sara Parker Chair

410-436-4737 410-436-3665 (Fax)

Geoffrey Withnell Vice Chair

      1. 301-461-3432 (Fax)

Eric Whichard Treasurer


Kathy Free Secretary


Sid Lewis Tutorials


Tom Stewart Database / Home Page

410-472-7781 410-472-7800

Lloyd Dixon Education

410-765-3153 (W)

Joel Glazer Examining


Jim Elliott Chief Proctor


Kevin Gilson Koalaty Kid / Science Fair


Susan Spurgeon Membership



Lauren Fagan Publicity


Past Chair / Nominating

Joel Glazer Software Quality


Eric Whichard Placement / Employment


David Little Regional Director

Support your local Section this year. Attend monthly Section meetings..

Message From The Chair

Sara Parker.

Happy Spring!!

I’m pleased to announce that we have completed our Section Elections for upcoming program year 2005-2006. Your incoming officers include:

Chair: Geoff Whitnell

Vice-Chair: Jina Robbins

Treasurer: Eric Whichard

Secretary: Todd Davis

Looking to the future, we have a solid foundation with these incoming officers to support and carry out the needs for our 800 plus Baltimore Section ASQ members.

As we prepare for the next program year, we are looking for Section Members to join our Executive Board for the following positions: Tutorials, Job Seekers, Arrangements, and Advisors. This is an excellent opportunity to network with fellow quality professionals and develop additional leadership skills. Take some time and consider this wonderful opportunity. If you are interested, please contact any board member. We would be happy to have you as part of our team.

As always I'm very interested in your feedback on how we can better serve your needs. I invite you to send me your comments on the Section's programs, and your ideas and suggestions for further improvement. I hope to hear from you and look forward to seeing you at the Section's events.

With best regards,

Sara Parker

Section Chair

U.S. Senators Announce the 2004 U.S. Senate Productivity Award Recipient for the State of Maryland

Senator Paul S. Sarbanes awarded Montgomery County Public Schools the 2004 U.S. Senate Productivity Award at the 20th annual Senate Productivity and Maryland Quality Awards Event. The U.S. Senate Productivity Award is the highest recognition for performance excellence in the state of Maryland.

Montgomery County Public Schools is the 19th largest school system in the United States and is located in Central Maryland. With the largest, most diverse school enrollment in Maryland, their mission is to “provide high-quality, world class education that ensures success for every student through excellence in teaching and learning.

"I extend my heartiest congratulations to Montgomery County Public Schools for this outstanding and distinguished recognition," said Senator Paul S. Sarbanes. "Those within the (Continued on page 2)

Senate Productivity Award (Continued)

MCPS strive for excellence every day in educating our future generations. Their work is a testament to the very ideals embodied in this award."

The 2004 Maryland Quality Awards, which honor Maryland organizations that have made significant progress in quality and productivity improvement, are also presented at the event. Both the Senate Productivity and Maryland Quality Awards are evaluated by a board of independent examiners against the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence, and presented in the categories of manufacturing, service, public sector/non-profit sector, small business, health care and education.

The Gold Maryland Quality Award was presented to Chimes, Baltimore, service sector; the Silver Award to PerkinElmer Fluid Sciences, Beltsville, manufacturing sector; Silver to Verizon UNE / Resale Services, Hunt Valley, service sector; the Bronze Award to MCI Hosting Professional Services, Beltsville, service sector; the Bronze Award to Asbury Methodist Village, Gaithersburg, service sector; the Bronze Award to Asbury Services, Gaithersburg, service sector; the Bronze Award to Asbury-Solomons, St. Mary’s County, service sector; the Bronze Award to U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Detrick, public sector; and, a Certificate of Recognition to Mechanicsville Elementary School, St. Mary’s County, education sector; Certificate of Recognition to Alexander’s Mobility Services, Baltimore, service sector ; Certificate of Recognition to VISICU, Baltimore, service sector.

“Improving Productivity in Maryland and throughout the Nation is one of the essential elements in solving our economic and employment problems,” said Senator Paul S. Sarbanes. “It is my hope that the U.S. Senate Productivity Award will serve as an example to help spur competition and techniques for accomplishing this goal.”

All applicants are rigorously evaluated in seven criteria categories: Leadership; Strategic Planning; Customer and Market Focus; Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management; Human Resource Focus; Process Management; and, Business Results. The evaluation process includes over 300 hours of review and an on-site visit by an independent examiner team to clarify issues and verify the information provided in the application.

“The recognition received by a Senate Productivity Award winner is significant on several levels.  Because the Baldrige criteria are widely accepted as the standard for excellence, the company enjoys the prestige of being a role model in its industry. Employees get the added pride of being associated with an excellent organization and being part of a winning team,” said Robert Marton, Senior member of the U.S. Senate Productivity and Maryland Quality Awards Executive Guidance Board and Manager for Business Development for Honeywell Technology Solutions.

The U.S. Senate Productivity and Maryland Quality Award program is managed by the University of Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity (UMCQP). The UMCQP provides information, training, technical assistance, and applied research to private sector, public sector, and nonprofit organizations.

Newly Certified Quality Personnel

The Baltimore Section recognizes the following newly certified individuals who have passed either the October and December 2004 ASQ exams.

Certified Quality Manager

John Jeffas Knorr Brake Corp.

Todd Davis Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Albert Homans ARINC

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Eric Whichard W. R. Grace

Anthony Ingelido

Certified Quality Technician

Casper Harding, Jr. Fairchild Controls

We commend each of these individuals that have successfully achieved these Certifications. They have reached a new level in their professional growth.

Section Pass Rates - March 2005




Per Cent





Qual. Mgr.








The Certification Process

Eric Whichard, SSBB - First off, a huge THANKS to Chief Proctor Jim Elliott and Assistant Proctor Geoffrey Withnell. The folks who organize and oversee the certification exam process provide our membership with what I consider to be a service of enormous value. Certification has most definitely been of benefit to my career. If you would like to make that kind of contribution to our local professional community, do consider contacting Jim and volunteer to assist. I've done it. And if I can handle it, it'll be a cakewalk for you.

I took the Six Sigma Black Belt exam. In addition to ASQ-SSBB certification, I wanted to compare the SSBB exam to the CQE exam, and to the in-house certification process at work. I thought the SSBB exam was comprehensive, with areas both unique and overlapping vis-à-vis the CQE. I was a little surprised to find that pretty much the same level of statistical understanding and skill was required. And I think that the SSBB certification process -- body of knowledge (BOK), exam, and project leadership requirements -- compare well with our rigorous and results-oriented in-house certification process.

To prepare, I mainly used The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook (Benbow & Kubiak, ASQ Quality Press). It provides good coverage of all BOK areas, references to other good sources, and a large collection of practice exam questions which I found most useful. I'm a learn-by-doing person.

If you already have at least one ASQ certification, adding another is kind of a bargain going forward. One recertification journal renews them all. What a deal!

Comments on Exam Review Workshops

Contrary to some popularly held opinions, there is a process that has been developed for each of the ASQ certification exams. It is not just a Bunch of People Sitting Around a Table (BOPSAAT) exchanging ideas and coming up with what they think are valid exam questions and answers.

March 4 -5 found 24 certified quality professionals in Milwaukee, at ASQ headquarters, to review the June 2005 CQE and CQA exams. Prior to arriving at ASQ, each participant, took the exam as the candidates would. Comments were noted on the answer sheet whenever there was concern over the choice of options or the wording of the question. After submitting the answers, the key was sent and answers checked. Other comments / concerns that were raised by the answers were brought to Milwaukee for discussion.

Within the group, the concerns that were raised, either through included comments or poor scoring on the question, were discussed. If no resolution on the item occurred within three minutes, it was referred to a small group for later resolution. Once all of the initial concerns were discussed, the large group broke up into small groups to resolve those that had been previously set aside. The item was either changed, replaced or deleted.

The following are comments from participants in the Exam Review workshop and the exam that they worked on.

Hal, CQA (CA) - ASQ has created a quality process for developing exams, not only updating and changing exams, but setting up an evaluation and screening of the exam before it is given. It was a great experience. You meet and network with people from across the country that you would never have a chance to meet otherwise. You learn both teamwork and how to reach consensus as a group. Very worthwhile.

Penny, CQA (CO) - If you have ever taken an ASQ exam, you owe it to yourself to get involved in the exam development process.

Dave, CQA (NJ) - The values of this process are numerous:

  • Add value to the examination process

  • Exposure to varying auditing methodologies

  • Networking opportunities

  • Expanding one's perception of the value of organizations and membership involvement

As a new invitee, this has been an exciting opportunity that has been educational. This was great company and discussion

Glenn, CQA (LA) - When I think back to the time in the early 1990's when I was pursing the CQE, CRE, and CQA, I can remember quite clearly the total lack of clarity which I had about the test development process. And I was certainly not alone in this perspective. Over the past few years I have not only gained a much clearer picture of how the process works, but I have gained an appreciation, and respect for the test development process which I could have gained no other way. It is obviously a learning opportunity, which by itself is valuable, but, it also is a viable means to add value to the long-term success of ASQ.

CQA Exam Review team in March, 2005 - Sheila Connolly (second from right front) facilitated and led the productive workshop

Will, CQE (WI) - I was most impressed with the last workshop. The group we had was focused and completely dedicated to performing the tasks asked of them. As a committee member for CQE, I view the opportunity as the best way for me to assist with ensuring that we continue to provide the best service for our members and community.

Jeff, CQA (MO) - The CQA test design format is a systematic assessment of current and past questions. This is accomplished through statistical support from ASQ and the input from a representative group of certified seasoned auditors and new certified auditors. This process allows for new ideas that relate to current auditing practices in various business sectors. This allows for a robust test that is always improving by the use of new references and the input provided by the participants.

Dave, CQA (FL) - The objective of this workshop was to produce a final exam that met test specifications and accepted assessment standards. Those specifications were that the items test a candidates’ knowledge of the subject matter, each item has only one correct answer, similar questions do not appear on the exam, and test items do not provide the answer to other test items.

If you take the exam you can be confident that there are no trick, outdated, or off topic questions. You will find some questions that are very simple and some that are extremely difficult though. If you find yourself thinking that you have found a trick question, stop and read it again without making any assumptions.

I upheld my end of the bargain to improve the exam but still walked away with more than I brought. I left with a refreshed perspective of my profession, renewed confidence in the professionals at ASQ, and twelve new friends. My last bit of advice is to volunteer in your local ASQ chapter, your chosen divisions, and at the national level. You’ll certainly benefit from it.

BWPLC Becomes the MACN

For the past 10 years you have received via e-mail and hard copy at our Section meetings the Upcoming Meetings List produced monthly by Section member Kathy Free for the BWPLC. But progress has arrived and not only has the BWPLC (that’s the Baltimore Washington Partnership for Learning and Cooperation) changed it’s methods for information dissemination, but it has changed the name as well. It is now known as the Mid-Atlantic Collaboration Network (MACN).

So, what is the MACN? It remains an informal collaborative among 13 of the region’s top quality, organizational development, and related professional organizations. The purpose of the collaborative is to share information among the organizations, and to foster joint organization activities, such as joint meetings. The organizations include all three of the ASQ regional sections. And, as a Baltimore Section member, you can attend any of the MACN member organization’s events for either their member price or a special MACN price rather than the non-member price. Just let the organization know of your ASQ membership at the time of registration for an event.

Starting June 1st, the method of dissemination of meeting information will change. Kathy will no longer produce the Upcoming List and you will no longer receive it via e-mail or at Section meetings. Instead we are going electronic. Go to our website at to access information on MACN organization meetings. When you do, become an individual member of the site and you will have the opportunity to receive meeting notices from participating organizations of your choice provided to you monthly in digest form. And if you have passed your list on to others, let them know that they can do the same. In addition, you can access any of the participating organization’s websites from the MACN website home page.

And, as we welcome this progress, we also thank Baltimore Section member and Secretary Kathy Free for her 10 years of hard work and dedication to keeping us all informed about the region’s professional meetings and events via the Upcoming List.

From the Regional Director

Thanks for asking me to relate to the membership of the region and let them know that it has been a pleasure to serve them over my last terms in office. Over the past 28 years as a member of the Society, I'm still amazed at the people in Sections with the drive to provide service to their members. I have been a RD for two years in 91-93 and then the last four years. Many changes have taken place over the years, but some things stay the same. ASQ members are passionate about their Sections and providing the best programs they can put together. I will not be disappearing from view, but will become a Deputy RD again for the new RD, Rick Litts. You asked me to relate some of my accomplishments, as RD so here is just a few.:

Besides attending all of the Board meetings and so many conference calls, I lost count. I have put the list together of high points while an RD:

  • Represented Region 5 sections on the Board of Directors and Section Affairs Council, while visiting all the sections in the region each year. Speaker at many section meetings across the region.

  • Provided regional section leadership training as part of the Delaware Quality Conference in March each year for the past three years. Arranged for many keynote speakers and training programs for the conference. Disappointed that 9/11 cancelled the Quality Conference in 2001; I know how many members of Section 502 wanted this to run.

  • Reviewed and processed at least one Fellow Application each year through to completion. The success rate is 100%, the latest being John McCool in the Philadelphia Section 505.

  • Developed position description for Section Affairs Council representative to ASQ's Education Training Board and was the representative for 252 Sections on ETB.

  • Provided 'White Paper' on use of Section Survey data to develop training programs for sections. This information provided priority for course development in ASQ-HQ training department.

  • Development of Living Community Model to stop the erosion on membership was a project taken on by the Board of Directors. Current trend shows that we should go from 93,000 members in June '04 to approximately 110,000 members by end of June '05.

  • Assisted in promotion of webinars as a method to provide training materials to Sections and Divisions. Piloted new education initiative "Sections-helping-Sections" in Region 5. Results to be rolled out at the World Conference in May.

  • Member of SAC sub-committee to develop the Section Operating Agreement.

  • Developed Business Planning Model for SMP, along with project management tools for Community Care to use. This information has been rolled into Section Leadership Training at many training sessions across the country.

  • Provided process map and project plan for latest changes in ASQ Bylaws; this activity will be on going through February 2006 when all of the required policies and procedures are updated to reflect changes voted on in May.

These are but a few of the high points, I will continue to be available to assist Section members in there ASQ pursuits. Other activities with ASQ that will take more of my time are representing ASQ on the Board of Directors of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) based in Baltimore and Bylaws Chair of the Quality Management Division.


David M. Little, ASQ Fellow, CQE, CQA

Regional Director, ASQ Region #5 ASQ 01-05

phone: (717) 810-3741

fax: (717) 810- 3400


June 30, 2005 is fast approaching. This is the last date to submit your Recertification Application for those certifications that expired December 31 2004. To all of you that have not yet submitted your recertification packages, please do so before June 15th, to allow for review and submission to headquarters in a timely manner. For those that have their certifications expire June 30 2005, you have until December 31, 2005 to be recertified. However, due to end of year vacations, it would be beneficial and helpful to sent in the packages as early as possible.

Send your packages and payment to:

Joel Glazer,

2021 Jolly Rd,

Baltimore MD 21209.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Section Supports 50th Baltimore Science Fair

As in past years, the Baltimore Section again provided awards to students at the Baltimore Science Fair. The Fair, sponsored by the Kiwanis and Towson University, attracts winners of school and county-based science fairs from Maryland’s Baltimore Region. Two overall winners of the science fair go on to the Intel international competition. Students represent public and private, middle (Division 1) and high (Division 2) schools. The Section awards first and second place in each Division for the use of statistical methods in the science fair project. We also recognize teams of students for effectively working together to solve their chosen problem. This year was also of significance in that it was the 50th year that the Kiwanis have sponsored this Fair.

This year, the Section fielded 4 judges to adjudicate the projects: Kevin Gilson, Jim Elliott, Chuck Mooney and Todd Davis. Monika Jain assisted Kevin in the presentation of the awards at the awards ceremony.

Use of Statistical Methods and Thinking:

The following students received a certificate, savings bond and Goal QPC Memory Jogger II from the Section:

Division 1 (High School)

First Place: Zhuoyan Li, Centennial High School, The Effect of KAT II Enzyme Inhibitor on NMDA Excitotoxicity (hypothesis testing and t-Test used to disprove the null hypothesis)

Second Place: Alex Pearse, Centennial High School, Can Wind Speed in Tropical Cyclones be Determined from Geostationary Orbit? (correlation, t-Test and mathematical modeling)

Honorable Mention (without savings bond): Phillip Sandborn, Wilde Lake High School, Optimizing the Trimming of Embedded Resistors (statistical thinking and variability analysis using standard deviation to improve experimental results)

Division 2 (Middle School)

First Place: Maya Agerwal, Clarksville Middle School, The Effect of Music on Memory (mean, standard deviation and paired comparisons)

Second Place: Peter Kamel, Burleigh Manor Middle School, Power Plant: The Effect of Excessive Ionizing Radiation in Space on Seed Germination (statistical methods and t-Test)

Teamwork Recognition:

The following students received a certificate and a Goal QPC Team Memory Jogger from the Section for excellence in teamwork in conducting their Science Fair experiment:

Division 1 (High School)

Nina Duncan and Kirstin van der Gracht, Wilde Lake High School, Fog Filters Blurring Your Vision

Kesshi Jordan and Torie Kirsche, Glenelg High School, Back Pack…Back Crack

Division 2 (Middle School)

Katelyn Blair and Kristin Marzullo, Southampton Middle School, Does the Size of a Person Effect How Far You Can Kick a Ball?

Allison Rich and Kristen Yeung, Ridgely Middle School, How Safe is Your Soap?

The Section will also present a desk size copy of the GOAL QPC Memory Jogger 2 to each of the awardee’s schools for use by the science fair advisor in coaching future participants in problem solving methods.

In anticipation of next year’s Baltimore Science Fair, if you are interested in judging for the Section, please contact Kevin Gilson (410-884-9165 or If your organization would like to provide recognition pieces, such as copies of the Memory Jogger II or similar materials used in your TQM programs, please contact Kevin.

From the Incoming Regional Director

Dear ASQ Baltimore Section Members,

I have been elected the Region 5 2005-2007 Regional Director (RD) effective July 1, 2005. This position is voted on by the 11 Section Chairs of Region 5. Three members were candidates for the position and I consider myself very fortunate to have won the election considering the talented individuals.

ASQ Region 5 consists of Sections 0500 Lehigh Valley, 0501 North Central PA., 0502 Baltimore, 0503 Harrisburg, 0505 Philadelphia, 0506 Delaware, 0508 Southern Jersey, 0509 Washington, 0510 Reading, 0511 Northern Virginia and 0512 Delmarva.

It is an honor and privilege to represent so many ASQ professionals in the 11 Sections and to serve on the ASQ National Board of Directors. I am looking forward to working with Clay Hodges who is the Section Affairs Council (SAC) Chair and the other members of the council.

I am planning on appointing more Deputy Regional Directors (DRD’s) to help manage this large Region. The task of the DRD’s is to assist the RD, communicate with Sections, participate in Section activities, assist in Region 5 training, participate in the monthly SAC conference calls and be the voice of the membership.

Each DRD will be assigned Sections within the region. David Little the outgoing RD will continue to be active in ASQ and will become one of the DRD’s. I have requested that each of the Sections provide me with the name of a candidate to be considered for a DRD position. Once selected, these DRD’s will have to be approved by the ASQ Board of Directors.

I would like to thank Dave Little for his confidence, support and mentoring. It will be a real challenge to contribute as much as he has for ASQ!

My goal is to visit all 11 Sections. I can attend your executive officer meeting or one of your program meetings as a speaker. I hope to meet many of you during one of these visits.

I look forward to working with the Baltimore Section in the 2005 – 2007 program years.

Thank you for being a member of ASQ. It is appreciated!


Richard A. Litts


Region 5 Deputy Regional Director

2005-2007 Region 5 Regional Director Elect

Fall Schedule Enclosed

The Fall 2005 Course offerings of the Section are included with this newsletter as an insert. Due to budget constraints affecting the community colleges, the Certification Review Program is under scrutiny by the community college. With the changing administration, this may be the last opportunity for sometime to participate in a review course there.

CQA-Biomedical Certification Now a Stand Alone Exam

The Certified Biomedical Auditor (CBA) examination with a new Body of Knowledge (BOK) will be administered on October 22, 2005 at ASQ local sections and international sites. There is a new BOK for this certification. For more information, contact ASQ Customer Care at 800-248-1946 or

ASQ - Baltimore Section 0502

THE VISION: To be the Baltimore Metropolitan Area recognized resource on issues related to Quality.

OUR MISSION: To create value for our members and others by providing opportunities for development and resources for managing quality in the community.

Newest ASQ Certification Exam is Now Available

The Certified Quality Process Analyst is a paraprofessional who, in support of and under the direction of quality engineers or supervisors, analyzes and solves quality problems and is involved in quality improvement projects. A CQPA may be a recent graduate or someone with work experience who wants to demonstrate his or her knowledge of quality tools and processes. If you are interested in sitting for the exam contact ASQ Customer Care for a copy of the CQPA Body of Knowledge, 800-248-1946 or The next administration will be June 4, 2005 at ASQ local sections and international sites.

Certification Exam Schedule


Application Date

Exam Date

CQT/CRE/CMI/SSBB/HACCP/ Biomedical/ Quality Mgr.

August 19, 2005

October 22, 2005



October 07, 2005

December 03, 2005

Next Newsletter Due Date May 15, 2005

American Society for Quality

Baltimore Section - 0502

2716 Baldwin Mill Road

Baldwin, MD 21013-9140



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