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F. No : VIII/Cus/Hiring Vehicle/73/2012

Pune, the 2nd March, 2015.


Subject: Hiring of Vehicles for the use in the Customs

Commissionerate, Pune on Monthly rental basis-

Tenders are invited from reputed service providers for the hiring of Four (04) numbers of Non Air-conditioned vehicles.

  1. Four Non Air-conditioned vehicles like “Scorpio”, “Toyota Innova”, “Ford Fiesta”, “Volkswagen Vento” to be used for 20-25 days subject to maximum of 2000 kms. in a month.

  1. Instructions to the tenderers :

Tenders will be in two bid system (i) Technical Bid and (ii) Financial Bid. The 'Technical Bid' should be made and put in the first envelope containing the title 'Technical Bid'. It should contain full information as required in Annexure-‘A’. The 'Financial Bid' will be made and put in a second envelope containing the title 'Financial Bid'. Both bids should be put in a third envelope which should be prominently titled as "QUOTATIONS For Hiring of Vehicles for Office of Commissioner of Customs, Pune Commissionerate, Pune”. The sealed envelope can be deposited up to 1700 hrs. on or before 23.03.2015, by reputed courier or registered post or delivered by hand, in the Office of Commissioner of Customs, Pune Commissionerate, IV Floor, I.C.E. House, 41/A, Sasoon Road, Pune 411 001. The said sealed envelopes therein shall be opened on the 24.03.2015 at 1700 Hrs. The 'Financial Bid' will be evaluated only if the tenderer's 'Technical Bid' is found satisfactory in all respects by the tender committee. The tenderer will have no rights whatsoever to insist that his 'Financial Bid' be evaluated in the event of the tender committee rejecting his 'Technical Bid' as unsatisfactory. The applicants who wish to be present at the time of opening of the Tenders may represent themselves or authorize their representative with an authority letter for the said purpose. The format of Technical Bid and Financial Bid is enclosed as Annexure ‘A’ and Annexure ‘B’.
2. Period of Contract

The contract will be for a period starting from 01-04-2015 to 31-03-2016.

3. Scope of Work

i. Customs Commissionerate, Pune, requires 04 vehicles on Monthly hire basis. Four Numbers Non Air-conditioned vehicles i.e. Mahindra Scorpio or Toyota Innova, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Vento are required on hire basis to be used for 20-25 days/month subject to maximum of 2000 kms. in a month.

ii. The said vehicles are hired and utilised for the Customs Preventive work for contract period.

iii. The rates for hiring of above vehicles should be quoted for each category/model of vehicles separately. The rates quoted should be excluding service tax. The rate per Kilometer in excess of the normal Kms i.e. 2000, overtime and other charges if any, as the case may be should also be quoted separately;

iv. The vehicle with the Driver would be placed at the disposal of this office at any time of the day including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, as and when required by the Department for performing Customs Preventive Work. This office would be free to use the hired vehicle in any manner for carrying out official duties etc. as per its requirements and the firm should not have any objection to it.

v. Considering the nature of work performed by this Office being Preventive Commissionerate, the hired vehicle would be used by this office 24 X 7 i.e. on any day and even beyond normal hrs., if required.

4. Eligibility Criteria

i) The firm(s)/service provider intending to submit the quotation, should have at least 3 years of experience in the tour and travel business in providing vehicles to the Government/Semi-Government/ Public Sector Units;

ii) Service providers owning and/or in possession of the requisite number of eligible vehicles (six) on the date of submission of tender only are eligible to submit their quotations i.e. those service providers who possess less than six eligible vehicles will not be eligible to place tender under this invitation;

iii) The firm should have Service Tax Registration Number/ TIN Number and PAN card issued by the concerned Government Department. Proof of such documents be attached while submitting tender.

5. Earnest Money Deposit (E.M.D.)

An Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 22,000/-(Rs. Twenty Two Thousand only) will have to be submitted while applying for the contract in the form of Demand Draft/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Bank Guarantee drawn in favor of Pay & Accounts Officer, 41/, I.C.E., House, Sassoon Road, Pune 411 001, without which the quotations will not be considered. The E.M.D. amount will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders.

6. Performance Guarantee (Security Deposit)

The successful bidder shall give performance security in the form of Account Payee Demand Draft/Fixed Deposit Receipt/Bank Guarantee from a scheduled commercial bank amounting to 10% of the total estimated cost in favor of Pay & Accounts Officer, 41/, I.C.E., House, Sassoon Road, Pune 411 001. Performance Security should remain valid for a period of Sixty Days beyond the date of completion of all contractual obligations of the contractor. The Security deposit will be refunded only after the expiry of the contract. The deposit is liable to be forfeited, if during the period of contract, the services of the contract are found to be unsatisfactory in any respect, and/or if any of the conditions of the contract is contravened/breached, and/or towards any damage caused due to negligence of the contractor or his employees. This forfeiture will be in addition to any action by the Department, that the contractor firm may invite upon themselves due to any of the reasons specified above.

7. Terms and Conditions:-

While quoting the rates, every service provider tendering/bidding should specifically note that:-

  1. Rate(s) quoted should be for a registered vehicle which is registered on or after 01-01-2012 only and without any accident history, in excellent and neat exterior, interior and running condition and which shall also be so maintained during the period of hire/contract;

  2. The hiring charges shall be on the basis of zero based mileage i.e. mileage starting/ending from/at the Office of the Commissioner of Customs, Pune - 411 001;

  3. The vehicle shall be provided on all days including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, if required by the Hirer. The vehicles are required for 24/7.

  4. Service tax will be paid to Service Provider on actual basis. If the service provider is exempt from service tax, the same should be clearly certified on the quotation with available exemption details. No service tax will be paid if the service provider fails to provide proof of valid service tax registration and payment details;

  5. The log book should be maintained in line with the log book system for the departmental vehicles;

  6. The billing will be done on monthly basis and bills to be submitted in triplicate by the 5th of the succeeding month to the respective Vehicle In-Charge and no advance payment will be made;

  7. Department shall be liable to pay the hiring charges and service tax only. All the vehicles provided to the Department should be duly insured by the service provider and validity of the same should be till the end of the contract period. In case of any mishap/accident, all the claims arising out of it, shall be met by the vehicle provider. In any case, Department is not liable to pay any other charges in addition to hiring charges and Service Tax;

  8. The service provider should ensure that the driver(s) employed possess a valid driving license, are well experienced, well behaved, properly dressed in uniform. The driver has to be provided a Cell Phone for keeping contact by the Service Provider at his own cost and the number of the same to be given to the Department. They are well versed with the routes and locations of the Customs jurisdiction and they should not have any criminal case pending against them.

  9. In order to ensure day to day smooth functioning, the service provider shall not change the vehicle once hired. Similarly, the drivers provided on the said vehicles should not be changed until and unless there is an emergency and that too may be done with the prior intimation/permission. In case, wherein a regular vehicle could not be provided for any reason including repairs, servicing etc., the replacement vehicle should be provided in place of the regular vehicle of the similar make and specifications. The Department will be at liberty to hire other vehicle and the cost incurred on account of such hiring shall be at the expense of the service provider;

  10. The vehicle provided should comply with laws in force in India.

  11. The bidder / service provider will comply with labour laws in force and all liabilities in this connections will be his.

  12. The service provider should keep the above vehicle in the custody of Department along with the driver. The department reserves the right to charge penalty of Rs. 500/- per hour of delay for non-provision of vehicle in time, and Rs. 500/- for every instance of misbehavior of driver.

  13. The service provider should ensure to make available minimum accessories and amenities in the vehicle like, Tissue Box, Duty slip folder, driver code of ethics, Chauffer card, Guest feedback card, music system with MP3 & USB, large size umbrella, fire extinguisher, Car perfume, first aid kit, news paper, fresh drinking water etc.

  14. Once the contract is awarded, service provider should provide to the department the complete details of vehicles, certified copies of the RC books along with the copy of the valid comprehensive insurance policies as well as full details of deployed driver, his address, copy of his driving license. Further, the service provider should ensure that, the comprehensive insurance policy for the vehicles is in-force during the entire period of contract;

  15. The department will not be under any obligation, legal or otherwise, to provide employment to any of the personnel of the service provider during or after the expiry of the hire period. The department recognizes no employer-employee relationship between the department and the personnel deployed by the service provider. The department shall not be responsible financially or otherwise for any damage to the vehicle or injury to the driver or person deployed by the service provider during the course of contract;

  16. The department reserves the right to terminate the contract, if the terms and conditions are violated and/or without assigning any reason;

  17. During the period of the contract, the vehicle or the driver shall not be employed by the service provider for providing any service to any person other than the Department;

  18. Once hired, the vehicle will not be put to use for other purposes, and the vehicles and drivers will work under the overall supervision of the Department for which they will do all as is necessary;

  19. Any person who is in government service or any employee of the department is not a partner directly or indirectly, with the service provider;

  20. Inspection of the vehicles will be done before finalizing the contract and also periodically by Superintendent/Inspector in-charge of Motor Vehicles;

  21. The Commissioner of Customs, 41/A, I.C.E. House, Sassoon Road, Pune - 411001, reserves the right to require fulfillment of other conditions, not expressly mentioned which are consistent with use of vehicles on hire with this office and to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason there for;

  22. In case of dispute the decision of the Commissioner of Customs, 41/A, I.C.E. House, Sassoon Road, Pune - 411 001, shall be final and binding.



Joint Commissioner (Prev)

Customs, Pune.


  1. Name of firm/Company/Agency :

(Copy of Shop Act/Company

Registration Certificate should

be enclosed)

  1. Complete Address :

& Contact Number

  1. Number of years’ experience

in providing vehicles :

in Government/Semi-

Government/Public Sector


  1. Name and Address of the :

Departmentsin respect of

Sl.No. 3 above.

  1. PAN Number (with proof) :

  1. Service Tax Registration No :

(with proof)

  1. Details of the vehicles available :

for providing on hire

(With Make Model and Year

Along with the copy of

Registration Certificate

of each of the vehicle.)
The eligible vehicles details only should be included


  1. Name, Address and Telephone number and

PAN No of Bidder:-

  1. Name and address of the Proprietor/Partner/Directors

And their PAN No, Mobile NO.

Category of Vehicle

Rate per month Rs. (Exclusive of Service Tax)

Extra Km. and Extra hours charge in Rs.

Four Non-Air conditioned vehicles like Scorpio”, “Toyota Innova”, “Ford Fiesta”, “Volkswagen Vento”

To be used for 20-25 days/month subject to maximum of 2000 kms. in a month.

Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Model:

I have read the terms and conditions of the Tender Notice, and I agree to and undertake to abide by the same.


Name of the Authorized Signatory


  • The prices quoted should be fully typed, no handwritten quotation shall be accepted.

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