Office: Iranian Fisheries Research Institute, Aquaculture Departement, Nutrition and Live Food Division

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Mahmoud Hafezie

Office: Iranian Fisheries Research Institute , Aquaculture Departement,

Nutrition and Live Food Division

P.O.Box : 14155-6116 , Tehran – Iran

Fax : (+9821) 44580583


Address: IFRO, National Garden, Azad Shahr, Tehran

Professional Vita

  • B.Sc in Biology, 1993 , Tehran university , Iran

  • M.Sc in Biology, 1996 . Shiraz university . Iran

  • A Funal study on Dryopidae and Gyrinidae ( Coleoptera, Insecta) in Iran

  • Ph.D in Aquaculture technology, UPM Malaysia

  • Effects of Artemia urmiana enriched with HUFA and vitamin C on Persian Sturgeon fish larviculture

Scientific Interests

My research interests are broadly on the Nutrition and feeding in cultured aquatic fish and shellfish during larviculture (using live food) and growth phase(using formulated one). The second topic is biology not only in aquatic but also tresstitial animal

Awards and Fellowships


  1. Distribution of Gyrinidae in Iran

  2. Biological study and density of Artemia parthenogenetica of Maharlo lake

  3. Aquatic insects as bioindicators

  4. A faunal study of Dryops and distribution in iran

  5. Study of some biological characters of Artemia of Maharlo lake.

  6. Identification of Dryops spp. In Iran and distribution.

  7. Threatend Fresh water fishes of Iran and cause it

  8. Identification of natural resources of Artemia in IRAN

  9. Limnological Study on Korbal Drainage in Fars Province

  10. Effects of drought on Urmia lake

  11. Effects of drought on reproduction mode of Artemia urmiana

  12. Population dynamic of Artemia urmiana…

  13. Effect of drought on Urmia lake during 1993-2003

  14. Determination of Optimum condition for enrichment of juvenile of Artemia urmiana by Cod liver oil

  15. Camparative study of protein digestibilty of Artemia biomass and fish powder Invivo and Invitro

  16. The effects of Chaetocerous and chlorella on growth and survival rate of Artemia urmiana

  17. Optimization nutrition for Acipenser persicus with live food

  18. Population dynamic of phytoplankton in Urmia salt lake

  19. A survey of Alginate in seaweed Sargassum

  20. Improvement of ornamental fish transport using the Artemia enrichment

  21. Evaluation of Artemia biomass powder with using chemical methods

  22. Evalution of some feeding indices of Pomadasus kaakan in the Northern Persian Gulf

  23. Changing in fatty acids compositions with different sources of HUFA enrichment in Artemia urmiana

  24. Historical approach on use Artemia in aquaculture of Iran

  25. Biodiesel from microalgae

  26. Putative probiotic isolated from hatchery reared juvenile Penaeus monodon


  1. Former Head of Fishery(Shilat) Dept.(In natural resources and husbandry research center of Jehad , fars province )

  2. Director of project Artemia biology in Maharloo salt lake

  3. Director of project establishment of CWAARC( Central and Western Asian Artemia Reference Center) in IRAN. With cooperation of FAO

  4. Former Head of Artemia research and development center in Urmia City

  1. Head of Inland water stock assessment section (Iranian Fisheries Research Institute)

  2. Head of Off-Shore Fisheries Research center-Chabahar


  1. 1995- 1996 Invertebrate zoology, Shiraz university

  2. 1995- 1996 Invertebrate zoology Lab. Shiraz university

  3. 1995-1996 Histology Lab. Shiraz university

  4. 1995- 1996 Embryology. Lab. Shiraz university

  5. 1996- 1997 Biology , Shiraz university

  6. 1997- 1998 Ecology, Jihad Training center , Shiraz

  7. 1997-1999 Zoology , Azad university of Jahrom,

  8. 1997-1999 Zoology Lab. Azad university of Jahrom,

  9. 1997-1999Biology, Azad university of Jahrom,

  10. 1999-2000Zoology , Arak university,

  11. 1999-2000Zoology Lab. Arak university,

  12. 1999-2000Ornithology, Arak university,

  13. 1999-2000Ecology, Arak university,

  14. 1999-2000Invertebrate zoology, Azad university of Damghan,

  15. 1999-2000 Invertebrate zoology, Lab. Azad university of Damghan,

  16. 2001- 2001 Aquaculture Nutrition and live food , Boshehr Training Center,

  17. 2007- 2007 Fish and shellfish nutrition, UPM, Malaysia,

  18. 2007- 2007 Feeding Technology, UPM, Malaysia,

  19. 2009-2010Histology and Lab, Azad University, Tehran, Iran,

  20. 2009-2010 Embryology and Lab. Azad university, Iran,

  21. 2010- 2011Histology and Lab, Azad University, Tehran, Iran,

  22. 2010- 2011Embryology and Lab. Azad university, Iran,

  23. 2011- 2012Histology and Lab, Azad University, Tehran, Iran,

  24. 2011- 2012Embryology and Lab. Azad university, Iran,

Scientific Meetings

  1. The 5 th Iranian biology conference Tabriz university, Iran,1996

  1. The 8 th Iranian biology conference Kermanshah university, Iran,1999

  2. The 9 th Iranian biology conference Tehran university, Iran,2000

  3. The first international workshop of larviculture , Belgium 2000

  1. The First international workshop of Artemia , Iran 2000

  2. The second International workshop on Artemia Biodiversity China, 2001

  1. The second national conference on Sturgeon fishes , Iran 2001

  1. The first international conference of Cetenophora , Iran, 2001

  2. World Aquaculture Society, Salvador Brazil, 2003

  3. Asian Pacific Aquaculture Conference , Bangkok, Thailand 2003

  4. International conference on water security for future generation, China, Changchun 2004

  5. International workshop on Artemia, Iran Urmia 2004

  6. World aquaculture symposium, USA, 2004

  7. World aquaculture symposium, Thailand, 2004

  8. International workshop on technique of enrichment of Artemia and Rotifer with HUFA and Vit.C, Iran, Urmia, 2005

  9. International Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Sturgeon fish larviculture, Iran, Urmia, 2007

  10. National conference on Biology, Marand university, 2007

  11. National Biotechnology conference, 2007

  12. 10th International conference on salt lake research, USA, 2008

  13. Asian pasific Aquaculture, Malaysia, 2009

  14. First national Conference on coldwater fishes, Tonekabon, 2009

  15. International symposium/workshop on biology and distribution of Artemia, Iran, Urmia 2009

  16. International Conference of food science and technology, Chester, UK. 2010

  17. First National Conference on Probiotic, Iran, Tehran,2010

  18. First National Conference on Bioenergy, Iran, Tehran, 2010

  19. First national Conference on sustainable agriculture and health production, Iran, Esfahan, 2010

  20. Third national Conference on shrimp, Iran, Bushehr, 2010

  21. First National Conference on Makoran Sea biology, Iran, Chabahr, 2010

  22. First national Conference on aquaculture, Iran, Anzali Port, 2011

  23. First International Conference Oceanography of Persian Gulf and Seventh National conference Marine Science and Technology. Iran, tehran, 2011

  24. National Conference on Food and Aquatic animals, Iran, Bushehr, 2011

  25. Second national Conference on Probiotic, Iran, Tehran, 2012

  26. The first International conference on Larviculture in Iran, 2012

  27. Second National Conference on Makoran Sea biology, Iran, Chabahr, 2012

Working Groups and ongoing Research Projects

  1. A faunal study on Gyrinidae and Dryopidae in Iran( M.Sc.Thesis, 1996)

  2. Limnological Study of Corbal drainange , Shiraz, Iran

  3. Survey of fish larvae neutrition in Sheshpeer Lagoon, Shiraz,

  4. Biological study and density of Artemia in Maharlo salt lake

  5. Survey of Chemical pollution in Maharlo salt lake

  6. Identification of Artemia resources in Iran

  7. Study of possibility of Sturgeon larvae introduce in Haft Barm Lagoon , Fars province

  8. Survey of effects of some environmental factors on Ovipariety in Artemia urmiana.

  9. Survey of effects feed of Aquatic birds on food chain with emphasiz on Artemia in Urmia lake.

  10. Identification of Artemia resources in Ghom province and stock evaluation.

  11. Biology of Capoeta damascina in Sefidrud river of Gilan province

  12. Comparative study of effects of Artemia enriched with HUFA and Vit.C, Daphnia and formulatted feed as food for Sturgeon fishes larvae (Accipencer persicus, Huso huso) 0n survival, growth rate and resistance to salinity.

  13. Study of effects of some physicochmical and biological parameters on Artemia and Urmia lake ecosystem.

  14. Evaluation of population changes of Artemia urmiana in Urmia lake.

  15. Fatty acid and Vit.C enrichment of Artemia urmiana for Acipenser persicus

  16. The effects of drought on reproduction mode of Artemia urmiana

  17. Aquatic insects as bioindicator of water organic pollution

  18. Obtaining the best physicochemical parameters on Artemia urmiana cyst hatching

  19. Camparative survey on effects of Artemia urmiana enriched with vitamin C and HUFA, Daphnia and Formulated diets on growth, survival and salinity resistance of Persian sturgeon larvae

  20. Biology and ecology of Siyah Mahi for aquaculture

  21. Ecological survay on controling of cetenophora population in Caspian Sea

  22. Identification of legal and ilegal Fish cathching technology in Fars Province

  23. Possibilty of Proleus culture in Cement Tank

  24. Survay of Alginate in brown seaweed of Sistan and Baluchistan coastal beach

  25. Effect of microalgae as feed on growth, survival rates and reproduction in Artemia urmiana

  26. The possibility of enrichement emulsion from Iranian agricultur production and extracting oils from sea animals.

  27. The possibility of producing formulated feed for post larvae of white leg shrimp and comparing with imported food

  28. Nutritional requirement of White fish fingerlings

  29. Nutritional requirement of Kolme fish

  30. Nutritional requirement of Mugil cephalus

  31. The best food for Tillapia in brakish water of Bafgh area , yazd privince

  32. Classification of Iranian and Asuian artemia with genetical characteristics

  33. Possibilty polyculture of vannami shrimp and Mugil cephalus fish

  34. Aquaculture insurance- Cold water fishes

  35. Replacement of fish meal in sturgeon feed with poultry wastage

  36. Effects of some Amino acids on growth and survival rates of Persian sturgeon fingerlings

  37. Optimizing of tillapia formulated feed

  38. Effects of seaweed replacement instead of protein resources in white leg shrimp feed


  1. Technical terms of Coleoptera (1991)

  2. Identification of different species of Gyrinidae and Dryopidae (1997)

  3. Using of Artemia in aquaculture (1999)

  4. Artemia , Brine Shrimp(Book)(2001)

  5. The Comperehensive report on Potential ( specialists, Lab. Facilities ) of I.R.IRAN for establishing of Asian Artemia Reference center , (2001)

  6. Culture of algae

  7. Enrichment of Artemia

  8. Live Food as Strategi of Aquaculture (Book)(2008)

  9. A guidance on Sturgeon fish culture(Book)(2007)

  10. Live food in internet(Book)(2006)

  11. Biology of aquatic Animals(Book)(2008)

  12. Aquatic animal zoology (Book) (2009)

Counselor and supervisour MS ,and Ph.D student

  • Enrichment of Artemia urmiana juvenile stage with Cod liver oil, MS, Biology, Azad University, North branch, tehran, Iran, 2003

  1. Replacement of fish powder with Artemia biomass in chicken feeding, Ph.D , Veterinary, Azad university, Tehran, Iran, 2003

  2. Seasonal variation of Persian gulf phytoplankton, MS. Ecology, Ahvaz university, Iran, 2004

  3. Production of Gelatin from Shark cartilage, MS, Azad University, Ghochan, Iran, 2011

  4. Effects of Beta Glucan on growth and survival rate og Pangusi fish, MS. Azad University, Tehran, Iran, 2011

  5. Study on embryological development of Artemia urmiana ad A. parthenogenetica in Urmia salt lake, MS. Tehran University, Iran 2011

  6. Effects of natural absorbent in decreasing of wastewater organic pollution in shrimp farms, MS. Azad university, Tehran, Iran, 2011

  7. Enrichment of Artemia urmiana with two phytoplankton and effects on growth and survival rate, MS. Lahijan Azad university, Iran, 2011

  8. Enrichment of Artemia urmiana with Garlic extract for shrimp larvea, MS. Bandarabbas university, Iran, 2011

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