Oceanography: Technology and Global Changes Syllabus

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Oceanography: Technology and Global Changes Syllabus

Fall/ Winter 2012 – 2013 MATE/Stockton College Dr. John Wnek
This is a tentative list of assignments and topics that will be covered throughout the semester. Please complete the assignments prior to the major unit evaluations. I will check them in your journal books!

Date Topic Assignment

Wed. Sept. 5 Welcome and Indoctrination Forms and Texts

Safety Introduction, Journaling, Navigation Turn in Summer Assignment
Thur. Sept. 6 Ocean and Atmosphere: Convection Chapt. 7 SQ#1, 3 -5

Start Meteorology

Wind Bands and Convection

El Nino El Nino Article

Estuarine Monitoring - Dataloggers
Fri. Sept. 7 Field Orientation and Meteorological Data Chapter 7 SQ #7-10
Solar Ephemerals, Barometric Pressure,

and basic meteorological field observations

(Aboard the R/V Sirenia)
Sun. Sept. 9 Beach Plum Festival at Island Beach State Park from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Mon. Sept. 10 El Nino (cont’d) and Related Articles Chapt.7 SQ#11-13

Global Climate Change

Project Development
Tue. Sept. 11 Use of computers, lesson on statistical Chapter 2 - SQ #1-4

Analysis and start Navigation Lessons

Datalogger Project Development
Wed. Sept. 12 Navigation and Basic Dead Reckoning Chapter 2 SQ #5, 6

Terminology (45 minutes)

Lessons from Hurricane Irene
Thur. Sept. 13 Excel Work and Graphing Exercise Chapter 2 SQ #7-1
Fri. Sept. 14 Navigation – Advanced and Bathymetry Chapter 2 SQ #11-14
Field Navigation Activity UTMs

Collection of sediment aboard the R/V Sirenia

Mon. Sept. 17 School Closed for Rosh Hashanah
Tue. Sept. 18 Global Climate Change Topics Chapter 12 SQ#1-5

Results of a Changing Climate

Coastal Feature Project

Wed. Sept. 19 The Coastal Zones – Types Chapter 12 SQ#6-8

Categorization, Notes, Coastal Features Journal Work

MATES/Stockton Oceanography Syllabus Page 2
Date Topic Assignment
Thur. Sept. 20 Team Project Work

on Coastal Features Chapter 12 SQ#9

Fri. Sept. 21 In-class evaluation #1 on navigation

and meteorology (possibly electronic)
Mon. Sept. 24 Bathymetry Activity Chapter 4 Introduction

Mapping the Sea Floor SQ #1-3

Start team coastal presentations (set 1)

Tue. Sept. 25 Calcareous & Siliceous Composition Chapt. 4 SQ#4-6

Measuring the Bottom of the Bay Block 3 in Field
Team coastal presentation (set 2)
Wed. Sept. 26 School Closed for Yom Kippur Work on Questions
Thur. Sept. 27 Sediment Analysis Laboratory Chapt.4 SQ#7-10

  • Use of Sieves

  • Analysis of Particles

  • Determining Conductivity

Team coastal presentation (set 3)
Fri. Sept. 28 Sediment & Seabed Sources :

Where they are in the Bay? Chapt. 4 SQ#11-12

Field collection aboard the Sirenia

Mon. Oct. 1 Completion of Coastal Activity

Seabed resources continued Chapt. 3 SQ #1

Tue. Oct. 2 Overview of deep sea structures Chapt. 3 SQ#6-10

Wed. Oct. 3 Plate Tectonics and evidence Chapter 3 SQ#12-14

Training for Student Summit

Thur. Oct. 4 Plate Tectonics and Evidence Work on team projects

Global Climate Change

Fri. Oct. 5 Data gathering in Bay on composition

for team project – set monitoring stations Review and start Chapter 9
Possibly1st half-morning 2nd block

Possibly 2nd half-morning 3rd block

Sunday October 7 is Cattus Island Park’s Nature Festival (Volunteers Needed)

Mon. Oct. 8 School Closed for Columbus Day (landing on San Salvador)

MATES Oceanography Syllabus Page 3
Date Topic Assignment
Tue. Oct. 9 Sediments, Tectonics, Beach Composition

Evaluation #2 Today (60 minute class) Start Currents

Wed. Oct. 10 Start: Surface Currents

-Ekman Transport

- Upwelling Chapt. 9 SQ#1-4

Thur. Oct. 11 Island Beach State Park Student Summit Chapt. 9 SQ#5 - 9

All Seniors will assist with this event

Fri. Oct. 12 The Gulf Stream and Major Chapt. 9 SQ#10

Ocean Currents

Mon. Oct. 15 Global Currents and Circulation

-The Gulf Stream and Global Climate Change Chapt. 9 SQ#11-13

Possible Sirenia activity
Tue. Oct. 16 Project Development Day Chapt. 10 Read
Wed. Oct. 17 Start Waves aboard the Sirenia (Measurements)

  • Wave Period

  • Wave Length Chapt. 10 SQ#1-5

  • Wave Speed

Thur. Oct. 18 Deep versus Shallow Water Waves Chapt. 10 SQ#6-9

Bring Calculators
Fri. Oct. 19 Wave measurements aboard the R/V Sirenia Chapt. 10 SQ#10 - 12

Mon. Oct. 22 Wave Table (Lab on Wave Properties) Chapt. 10 SQ#11

  • Diffraction

  • Reflection

  • Refraction

Tue. Oct. 23 Wave Measurements Chapt. 10 SQ#13, 15

Write-up on Physical and Geological due tomorrow
Wed. Oct. 24 First Field Write-up on Sediments/Physical Due

Tsunami Day!

Thur. Oct. 25 Evaluation #3 on Currents and Tides Read Chapter 11

Fri. Oct. 26 Tides: Causes and Predictions Chapt. 11 SQ#1- 5

Introduction and Measuring in the field

MATES/Stockton Oceanography Syllabus Page 4
Mon. Oct. 29 Tides: Causes, Predictions and Links Chapt. 11 SQ#6 - 9
The real tide story
Tue. Oct. 30 Tides: Consequences for Global Climate

Change Chapt. 11 SQ#11-14

Wed. Oct. 31 Open Day for Make-up, Tide Activity
and working with Excel Chapt. 11 SQ#15

Thurs. Nov. 1 Journal Book Check

Work on Project Work on Term Paper
Fri. Nov. 2 Field Day – Tide Gages

Major Paper Due Today
Mon. Nov. 5 Start: Properties of Water Chapt. 5 Read

“Lab-a-thon 2012”

Tue. Nov. 6 Happy Election Day! Chapt. 5 SQ#1-4

No School (Romney vs. Obama)

Wed. Nov. 7 Lab on Gases in Salt Water Chapt. 5 SQ#5-9
Thurs. Nov. 8 School Closed for Teacher’s Convention Work on College Apps
Fri. Nov. 9
Mon. Nov. 12 Properties of Water Chapt. 5 SQ#10-13

Light in Water Lab Chapt. 5 SQ #14

Tue. Nov. 13 Use of Turbidity Units

Testing for Optical Brighteners

Wed. Nov. 14 Properties of Water: Sound Study/Review

Types of Fog

Thur. Nov. 15 Properties of Water Lab on

Specific Heat Start Chapter 6

Fri. Nov. 16 Continue with lab testing for water Chapter 5 Review
Possible Field Experience
Mon. Nov. 19 Evaluation #4 on Tides and Salt Water Chapter 6 SQ#1
Tue. Nov. 20 Icebergs and Glacial Ice

The future based on Global Climate Change Chapt. 6 SQ#2,3

MATES/Stockton Oceanography Syllabus Page 5
Wed. Nov. 21 Technology and Dataloggers Chapt. 6 SQ#4, 5

Thurs. Nov. 22 Happy Thanksgiving

Fri. Nov. 23 Happy Leftover Day
Mon. Nov. 26 Field Day (Measuring pH, Salinity) Chapt. 6 SQ#6
Tue. Nov. 27 Chemical Oceanography: Seawater Chapt. 6 SQ#7, 8

pH of Seawater: How, Why and the Future

Wed. Nov. 28 Five Ways to Measure Salinity Lab Chapt. 6 SQ#9

  • Hydrometry

  • Refractometry

  • Conductivity

  • Evaporation

  • Knudsen Titration

Thur. Nov. 29 Journal Book Check Chapt. 6 SQ#10-12

Lab on 5 methods continued

Fri. Nov. 30 Field Collection: Sulfates and Marshes Chapt. 6 SQ #13

Field Paper #2 on Chemical and Physical Due

Mon. Dec. 3 Field Day: Nutrients at the start of winter Chapt. 6 SQ#14

Cycle collection
Tue. Dec. 4 Nutrients and Seawater: How different are

they than freshwater?

Eleven Major Constituents in Seawater Chapt. 6 SQ#15
Wed. Dec. 5 Datalogger Day Review

Thur. Dec. 6 Evaluation #5 on Chemical Oceanography

Analysis of Data and Overview of Chapt. 8 SQ#1

Seawater and Gases: Implications for Climate


Fri. Dec. 7 Field Collection of Gases in Water Chapt. 8 SQ#2

Mon. Dec. 10 Density of Seawater: Water Types and

Water Masses: Lab Set up Chapt. 8 SQ#3

Tue. Dec. 11 Lab on Densities (Temp/Density Differences) Chapt. 8 SQ #4

Wed. Dec.12 Field: T-S Diagrams Analysis Chapt. 8 SQ#5

Thurs. Dec.13 Measuring the Ocean Layers (Tentative) Chapt. 8 SQ#6-8
Fri. Dec. 14 Field Visit to Rutgers IMCS (Tuckerton) Chapt. 8 SQ#9

MATES Oceanography Syllabus Page 6

Mon. Dec. 17 Field Write-up on Rutgers Visit

A Comparison of Oceans Chapt. 8 SQ#10
Tue. Dec. 18 Activity of Water Types and Masses Work on Activity
Wed. Dec. 19 Energy from the Ocean: Ocean Thermal

Energy and Feasibility Chapt.8 SQ#11,12

Thur. Dec. 20 Journal Book Check Chapt. 8 SQ#15
Project Development
Fri. Dec. 21 Field Activity TBD Review Chapt. 8
Happy Holidays December 24, 2012 through January 1, 2013
Wed. Jan. 2 Review Chapter 8 on Ocean Circulation Review Chapt. 8
Thur. Jan. 3 Project Development Overview of Field
Fri. Jan. 4 Field: Ocean and the Atmosphere Chapt. 7 Read Section 1
Mon. Jan. 7 Project Development Find Paper for Journal

Review #2

Tue. Jan. 8 Marsh Ecology and Topics Field Analyses
Wed. Jan. 9 The role of the marsh and cycling PDF on Marsh Ecology

Thur. Jan. 10 Global Climate Change: Weather Extremes! Readings as Assigned

Take Home Evaluation Assigned #6 Work on Take-Home
Fri. Jan. 11 Project Day (Possible Field Day) Work on Take Home
Mon. Jan. 14 Estuary Topics Project on Estuaries
Tue. Jan. 15 Estuary Topics Project on Estuaries
Wed. Jan. 16 Take Home Evaluation DUE Work on Final Review
Thur. Jan. 17 Estuary Topics Final Review
Fri. Jan. 18 Estuary Topics Work on Project

Mon. Jan. 21 School Closed for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tue. Jan. 22 Final Field Paper #3 Due
Wed. Jan. 23 – Jan. 30 Estuarine Ecology and Field Applications Review for Finals

Team Poster Presentations on Project!

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