Observation of faw supervision form

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Observation of FAW Supervision






Supervision Environment: Who was present? Describe any challenging situations that impacted the supervision and/or the observation.

Competency# 1: Supervisor uses effective strength- based, non- judgmental communication skills to

foster a supportive relationship with the FAW. Consistent Inconsistent Not Observed NA

a. Supervisor spoke clearly and used appropriate language and seemed interested in and respectful of the FAW’s values, beliefs and culture.

b. Supervisor’s body language indicated engagement and reflected an accurate understanding of FAW’s cues.

c. Supervisor engaged FAW in reflection about work with families and followed FAW’s lead in the conversation.

d. Supervisor represented the goals and expectations of HFNY and observed appropriate role boundaries.

e. Supervisor found ways to discuss disagreeable situations.

f. Supervisor responded appropriately to any unacceptable situations.

Competency# 2: Supervisor reviews completed assessments to develop an understanding of the strengths

and challenges of families to ensure appropriate referral to intensive home visiting services. Consistent Inconsistent Not Observed NA

a. There was evidence that the Supervisor planned for the review of assessments with FAW. (includes checking assessment(s) for completeness and inter-rater reliability)

b. Supervisor engaged FAW in discussions about the strengths that parents mentioned and those that the FAW observed during the assessment.

c. Supervisor engaged FAW in discussions about FAW’s efforts to engage FOB, as well as FOB’s involvement in the assessment.

d. Supervisor engaged FAW in discussion/planning for families’ transition to intensive home visiting and/or other community resources.

e. Supervisor explored issues and concerns around safety, for both FAW and families.

f. Supervisor reviewed with FAW additional program-administered screens (i.e. T-ACE, depression scale) and follow-up plans were discussed.


Competency# 3: Planning structure and administrative tasks. Consistent Inconsistent Not Observed NA

a. Supervisor and FAW reviewed current information about caseload additions and discharges.

b. Supervisor engaged FAW in discussion regarding attempts to schedule assessments, and FAW’s status with regard to meeting targets. (i.e. age-out at TC 92 days, early prenatal engagement within 1st trimester, 80% assessments conducted prenatally or within 1st two weeks of birth, etc.)

c. Supervisor engaged FAW in discussion about the status of obtaining screens and referrals from community services with an emphasis on early prenatal enrollment.

d. Supervisor engaged FAW in discussion to identify any obstacles to obtaining screens and referrals and to troubleshoot ways to improve relationships with community referral sources.

Competency# 4: Supervisor identifies and acknowledges FAW’s strengths and successes, and encourages

continued professional development. Consistent Inconsistent Not Observed NA

a. Supervisor explored FAW’s strengths, and used behaviorally-specific praise when appropriate. Supervisor expressed confidence in partnership with the FAW.

b.Supervisor helped FAW recognize and explore role boundaries.

c. Supervisor employed reflective supervision methods to address FAW’s challenges from a strength-based and solution-focused perspective. Supervisor encouraged FAW to explore challenges and questions without fixing or solving, and refrained from offering unsolicited advice.

d. Supervisor offered FAW opportunities to discuss and practice developing skills (Includes planning for and follow-up to training, TOL activities, role play), and FAW’s goals regarding growth in his/her practice.

e. Supervisor shared information about learning opportunities to support FAW’s professional development, and encouraged the FAW to use varied resources. (i.e. training, TOL activities, in-service, peer support, etc.)


Did FAW Supervisor report that the observed supervision was a typical FAW Supervision? Yes _______ No ________

Was verbal feedback offered to Supervisor by Observer? Yes_______ No ________

Summary of strengths:

Area(s) for professional development:

PCANY—HFNY Training & Staff Development 12.08 rev

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