Ntsc code of Conduct

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NTSC Code of Conduct

The following rules constitute the New Trier Swim Club code of conduct applicable to all club members and their parents. Any reference to “you” shall include each NTSC member and his or her parents.

1. All members of the NTSC are members of USA Swimming. Therefore, the USA Swimming Code of Conduct set forth in Section 304.3 of Article 304 in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations constitutes Rule 1 of the NTSC code of conduct. Any violation of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct shall be a violation of the NTSC code of conduct. To the extent any rule below conflicts with any provision of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, the provision of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct shall prevail.

2. You should conduct yourself appropriately at all times, including: displaying good sportsmanship, being safety conscious on deck and in the pool, respecting the facilities we use and the property of others.

3. Parents who are not performing an official USS or Club function are not allowed on deck at any meet or practice.

4. You should treat coaches, club officials, administrators and other swimmers with courtesy and respect: foul or offensive language should never be used; negative or derogatory comments should be avoided.

5. When registering a complaint, you should wait 24 hours from the incident before bringing it to the attention of the coach, club official, or administrator. The purpose of this “24 hour rule” is to provide a cooling off period for all concerned.

Violations of the rules will result in disciplinary action. Such discipline may include, but not be limited to:

First Violation: Written warning from coaches requiring signatures from swimmers and parents.

Second Violation: One week suspension from the team.

Third Violation: Swimmer’s case will be presented to the NTSC Board with recommendation of immediate dismissal from the team with no refund of fees.

Policy: Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, while attending any practice, function or competition as a Competitor Member of NTSC, you will also comply with the NTSC Behavior Guidelines regarding unlawful possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances or other contraband, curfews imposed by NTSC, and illegal or inappropriate behavior or language among other matters.

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