Noughts & Crosses Lesson ideas by Michel and Irene

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Noughts & Crosses

Lesson ideas by Michel and Irene

  1. Have a class discussion: when is violence acceptable?

  1. Write a letter as Callum to Sephy explaining why you joined the Liberation Militia.

  1. Hot-seating: have one of your pupils become Sephy after she finds out about her pregnancy and accounts for her choices, feelings.

  1. Prediction: choose a cliffhanger in the book and have your pupils predict what will happen next (for instance the moment Sephy sees the angry mob in front of her school).

  1. Make a script from a scene you find important in the book. Act it out and film it. You could also turn it into a comic.

  1. Find a song that you think relates to the story and explain the link.

  1. Link it to protest songs (like The Story of the Hurricane – Bob Dylan).

  1. Draw what you think is a typical nought/Cross. Can also be done at the start and at the end, account for the changes. Can also be done with Sephy and Callum (and other characters).

  1. Rewrite the ‘White Comedy Poem’ by Zepheniah back to ‘normal’. Make a list of the expressions used.

  1. Use 6/7 (or 67 )adjectives to describe noughts/Crosses or Sephy/Callum. Can also be done at the start and at the end. Account for the changes.

  1. Have your pupils find out how the author makes the noughts come across as lesser beings and the Crosses as superior.

  1. Play a game: have your pupils come up with a bunch of questions and answers about the book. Cut out a few noughts and crosses and give each group of 3 pupils a few of these and a board on which they can play noughts&crosses/4-in-a-row (a bit bigger than just noughts and crosses, which makes it a bit more exciting). One asks the questions, the others can answer. When they get a question right, give them a cross or a nought. When someone gets 4-in-a-row, swap roles.

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