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Form DG.1 (EN)





Directorate J. Audit of agricultural expenditure

J.3. Audit of direct aids




Head of Unit:


+32 2 2967095

Number of available posts:



Administrator (AD)

Suggested taking up duty:

Suggested initial duration:

1st quarter 20161

2 year(s)1

Place of secondment:

x Brussels  Luxembourg  Other: ………..


x With allowances  COST-FREE

This vacancy notice is also open to

    the following EFTA countries :

 Iceland  Liechtenstein  Norway  Switzerland
EFTA-EEA In-Kind agreement
(Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway)
    the following third countries:
    the following intergovernmental organisations:


Nature of the tasks:

Unit J.3 is responsible for the audit of direct payments to the farmers (area and animal based), managed and controlled by the Member States under the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS). The objective is to provide the Commission with reasonable assurance that expenditure declared by paying agencies on behalf of the European Agricultural Funds has been incurred in compliance with Community rules. To meet this objective, compliance enquiries are carried out by way of on-the-spot audits and subsequent bilateral exchanges. The amount of expenditure concerned is around 40 billion euro per year. The Unit's other important main tasks include promoting effective and efficient control systems, assessment of regulatory proposals and assistance to Member States to provide correct interpretation and implementation, and inter-service and inter-institutional exchanges on questions where the unit is competent.

We are looking for an experienced colleague to join our audit team.
The job involves assisting in the performance of audits in Member States in order to evaluate the systems established by the MS authorities. The work includes planning and performance of audits, drafting reports and further follow-up of the file in the context of the clearance of accounts procedure. The objectives are to gain assurance that Member States have put in place effective control systems complying with regulatory requirements, to make recommendations for improvement and to provide timely follow-up under the clearance of accounts procedure.
The number of audit missions to Member States averages 6 to 8 per year. Missions are generally of one week and may often require leaving on Sunday.

The job requires sound analytical skills and proven ability to conduct audits and to ensure timely and correct follow-up. Knowledge of the Common Agricultural Policy and other EU shared management policies or comparable policies would be a distinct asset.


Main qualifications:

a) Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria are to be fulfilled by the candidate in order to be seconded to the Commission. Consequently, the candidate who does not fulfil one of them will be automatically eliminated from the selection process.
• Professional experience : at least three years' experience in administrative, legal, scientific, technical, advisory or supervisory functions which can be regarded as equivalent to those of function groups AD;
• Seniority : at least one year by your employer, that is having worked for an eligible employer (as described in Art. 1 of the SNE decision) on a permanent or contract basis for at least 12 months before the secondment;
• Linguistic skills: thorough knowledge of one of the EU languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties. An SNE from a non-member country must produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of one EU language necessary for the performance of his duties.

b) Selection criteria

- diploma:
The nature of the duties requires a wide range of knowledge in fields such as law, accountancy, public administration, finance and economics, audit and assessment techniques.

Candidates should have completed university studies relevant to the duties and attested by a diploma (e.g. economics, law, agronomy, business administration).

- professional experience:

Previous audit, control or equivalent legal experience is required.

- language(s) necessary for the performance of duties:

Thorough knowledge of English (EN) and/or French (FR). In view to the need to evaluate and report, orally and in writing, very good communication skills are necessary (EN and/or FR). Other languages will be a distinct asset.


Submission of applications and selection procedure

Candidates should send their application according to the Europass CV format ( in English, French or German only to the Permanent Representation / Diplomatic Mission to the EU of their country, which will forward the applications to the competent services of the Commission within the deadline fixed by the latter. Not respecting this procedure or deadlines will automatically invalidate the application.

Candidates are required not to add other documents (such as copy of passport, copy of degrees or certificate of professional experience, etc). If necessary, these will be requested at a later stage.

Candidates will be informed of the follow-up of their application by the unit concerned.


Conditions of the secondment

The secondment will be governed by the Commission Decision C(2008)6866 of 12/11/2008 laying down rules on the secondment to the Commission of national experts and national experts in professional training (SNE Decision). This decision is available on

The SNE will remain employed and remunerated by his/her employer during the secondment. He/she will equally remain covered by the national social security.

Unless for cost-free SNEs, allowances may be granted by the Commission to SNEs fulfilling the conditions provided for in Art. 17 of the SNE decision.

During the secondment, SNEs are subject to confidentiality, loyalty and absence of conflict of interest obligations, as provided for in Art. 6 and 7 of the SNE Decision.

If any document is inexact, incomplete or missing, the secondment may be cancelled.


Processing of personal data

The selection, secondment and termination of the secondment of a national expert requires the Commission (the competent services of DG HR, DG BUDG, PMO and the DG concerned) to process personal data concerning the person to be seconded, under the responsibility of the Head of Unit of DG HR.B4. The data processing is subject to the SNE Decision as well as the Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data.

Data is kept by the competent services for 10 years after the secondment (2 years for not selected or not seconded experts).

Data subjects may exercise their right of access to data concerning them and the right to rectify such data by applying to the controller, in accordance with Article 13 of the Regulation on the processing of personal data. The candidate may send complaints to the European Data Protection Supervisor

To the attention of candidates from third countries: your personal data can be used for necessary checks. More information is available on

Information on data protection for candidates to a JRC post is available on:

1 These mentions are given on an indicative basis only (Art.4 of the SNE Decision).

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