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Sr.DEN/C/MLG’s TENDER NOTICE NO.10 of 2015 Date: 04.06.2015

1. Sealed Open Tenders are invited for the following works.


Name of work & Location

Tender value



Completion Period

Cost of



Date of opening of Tender


(a) At Guwahati: - Repairs to Service Roads from entrance gate of coaching depot at Guwahati to Pit Line, Jewel Filter House to Rly. Institute including front surface of Guwahati Station circulating area. (b) At New Guwahati - Repairs to road leading from Running room to RPF/P/NGC Office including Colony Road under the jurisdiction of SSE/W/NGC.

` 1,95,96,987/-

` 2,47,990/-

180 Days

` 5,000/-


` 5,500/- by post


Note: Please check for any last minute changes of tender on website / Newspaper / Corrigendum at respective offices mentioned in the original tender notice before dropping.


Name of the offices from where tender forms will be available

1) Office of the Sr.DEN/C/MLG/N.F.Railway, Guwahati-11

  1. Office of the Sr.DEN/C/, N.F.Railway, Lumding

3) Office of the Pr. CE/MLG, N.F. Railway, Guwahati-11.

4) Office of the Sr. DEN/C/APDJ, N.F. Railway, Alipurduar Jn.


Date and Time of sale of Tender document

Tender form will be available w.e.f. 23.06.2015 on and all working days between 11.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs and up to 11:00 hrs of 08.07.2015.


Place where tender box will be available for dropping

1) Office of Sr.DEN/C/MLG,

2) Office of Pr.CE/MLG,

3) Office of Sr.DEN/C/LMG,

4) Office of Sr. DEN/C/APDJ


Date and time of submission of tender documents

Upto 13:00 hrs. of 08.07.2015


Date, time & place of opening of tender

10.07.2015 at 15:00 hrs, in the office of Sr.DEN/C/MLG/ N.F.Railway, Guwahati-781011.


Website particulars and notice board location where complete details of tender notice can be seen

(i) Please visit our web site for Tender notice and tender document for further details.

(ii) Notice Board details at: –

Office of the Sr.DEN/C/MLG/N.F Railway, Maligaon.

8. The Tender document (not transferable) can be obtained from the office of (1) Sr.Divisional Engineer/C/N.F.Railway/Maligaon,Guwahati-11, (2) Sr. Divisional Engineer, N.F.Railway, Lumding, (3) Pr. CE/N.F. Railway, Maligaon, Guwahati-11 and (4) Sr.Divisional Engineer/C/N.F.Railway, Alipurduar Junction on any working day during the working hours at the above mentioned dates and timings on cash payment /submission of crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of FA&CAO/N.F.Railway, Maligaon. Out station firms requiring tender document by post shall remit the sum as specified above plus postal charges ` 500/- extra per tender which should reach the office of Sr.Divisional Engineer/C/N.F.Railway, Maligoan latest by 13:00 Hrs. on 08.07.2015. Railway will not be responsible for any delay, damage or loss of tender document during postal transit.

9. The Tender document can also be down loaded from web site of Northeast Frontier Railway on or after 23.06.2015 and the cost of down loaded tender documents to be submitted along with tender document in the form of demand draft/ Pay order in favour of FA & CAO N.F.Railway/Maligaon Guwahati-781011, otherwise the offer will be summarily rejected.
10. Railway administration will not be responsible for any delay/difficulties/ inaccessibility of the down loading facility for any reason whatsoever. In case of any discrepancy between the tender documents down loaded from internet and the master copy available in the offices, the later shall prevail and will be binding on the tenderer(s). No claim on this account will be entertained.
11. Tenders will be received by above mentioned offices upto 13.00 hrs on 08.07.2015 and will be opened at 15:00 hrs of 10.07.2015 at the office of Sr.Divisional Engineer, N.F.Railway, Maligaon Guwahati-11. If the date of closing and opening happens to be Bandh/ Holiday, the tenders will be received and opened on next working day as per the same timings.
12. The tenderer shall be required to deposit earnest money with the tender. Earnest money should be drawn in favour of FA & CAO / N.F Railway/ Maligaon. The earnest money should be in cash deposited with Dy.CAO/Cash & Pay /MLG, Divisional Casher/Lumding & Alipurduar Junction, N.F.Railway or Banker’s cheques, Demand Drafts in favour of FA & CAO/N.F.Railway/Maligaon executed by State Bank of India or any of the Nationalized Banks or by a Scheduled Bank. Tender not accompanied by the requisite earnest money in the proper form will be summarily rejected. In terms of Railway Board’s L/No. 2013/CE-I/CT/0/45/JV dt. 22.09.2014, Earnest Money in shape of FDR, TDR, Call Deposit, B.G.Bond etc. except Banker’s Cheque or Demand Draft issued by any Nationalized Bank is not acceptable

13. Tenderers are required to mention their proper communication address in Capital letters at Page No.2 of Tender documents.

14. Eligibility criteria:
14.1 Turn over: - Total contract amount received during last three financial year (i.e.2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15) and current financial year (2015-16) up to date of opening of tender should be minimum 150% of advertised tender value of work, supported by documents authenticated payment record of N.F.Railway or any other Government, Semi Govt. Departments /PSUs..

14.2. Experience in similar nature of work:- The tenderer(s) should have completed in last three financial year (i.e.2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15) and current financial year up to date of opening of tender at least one similar nature of single work as given below for a minimum value of 35% of the advertised tender value, in Govt./Semi-Govt. Organizations and PSUs.

Similar Nature of work means:

Construction or repair of road works

(i) The total value of similar nature of works completed during the qualifying period and not the payments received within qualifying period alone shall be considered.

(ii) In case of composite works involving combination of different works, even separate completed works of required value shall be considered while evaluating the eligibility criteria.

(iii) It should be noted that credentials for the work executed for private organizations shall not be considered.
15. Joint venture will not be permitted.
16. Price escalation is allowed as per extent rule.

17. Tenderers are required to sign all the documents submitted by them. Rates are to be quoted by them against different annexures. Tenderers should quote their rates in figures as well as in words. Offer containing subsequent discount over & above the offered rate against the item of works or overall discount in tender schedule will not be entertained. The offer shall be evaluated without any discount offered by the Tenderer.

18. PARTNERSHIP FIRM: In case the tenderer is a partnership firm, the work experience, solvency and turn over shall be in the name of the partnership firm only.

(i) In case the tenderer is a partnership firm(s), the experience, solvency and turn over shall be in the name and style of the firm only.

(ii) If the tenderer is a partnership firm, all the partners shall be jointly and severally liable for successful completion of the work and no request for change on the certification of the firm shall be entertained.
(iii) During the currency of the contract, no partner of the firm shall be permitted to withdraw from partnership business and in such an event it shall be treated as breach of trust and abandonment of the contract.
19. Tenderers should have submitted the following documents/credentials along with tender.
(i) Certificate of previous experience of similar nature of job only.

(ii) Certificate regarding financial capacity from bank concerned.

  1. List of personnel, Organization available on hand and proposed to be engaged for the subject work.

  1. List of Plant and Machinery available on hand (own) and proposed to be inducted (own and hired to be given separately) for the subject work.

(v) List of works completed in the last three financial years i.e. (i.e.2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15) and current financial year 2015-16 giving description of work, organization for whom executed, approximate value of contract at the time of award, date of award and date of scheduled completion of work. Date of actual start, actual completion and final value of contract should also be given.

(vi) List of work on hand indicating description of work, contract value, approximate value of balance work yet to be done and date of award.

(vii) Certificates from private individuals for whom such works are executed/being executed will not be accepted.

(viii) In case of items (v) and (vi) above, supportive documents/certificate from the organization with whom they worked/are working may be enclosed.

for Sr.Divisional Engineer/C

N.F.Railway, Maligaon
No.W/362/1/A Dated: 04.06.2015
Copy along with 2 spare copies of the Notice is forwarded for information and displaying on the Notice Board for wide Publicity and opening on date and time as specified.

GM (W)/MLG, FA&CAO/MLG, Director of Audit.

Dy.CE/Br./Line/MLG, CAO (Con)/MLG, Dy.CE/Con/MLG.
CSC/MLG: - He is requested to deploy security guards at the office of Sr.DEN/C/MLG from 9.00 Hrs to 17.00 hrs to avoid unusual incidents on 08.07.2015 to 10.07.2015.
DFM/GHY – He is requested to direct section officer to be present during the opening of tender.
SSE/DRG: - At office for information please.
IPF/RPF/PNO (P) at old KYQ station: for information please.

DSP/Jalukbari: - He is requested to depute sufficient Police force to maintain Law and order around

Sr.DEN/C/MLG’s office premises on 08.07.2015 to 10.07.2015.
Sr.DSC/LMG: - for information and arranging security during dropping of tender.
Divisional Casher LMG & APDJ- for kind information.

for Sr.Divisional Engineer/C

N.F.Railway, Maligaon

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