Norm Baker Chicago 46-47

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Canadians who have played in the NBA

Norm Baker

Chicago 46-47

Hank Biasatti

Toronto 46-47

Ron Crevier

Golden State, Detroit 85-86 Selected by Chicago, 1983 NBA Draft, 75th pick

Rick Fox

Boston 91-92 to 96-97 LA Lakers 97-98 to present
Selected by Boston, 1991 NBA Draft, 24th pick

Stewart Granger

Cleveland 83-84, Atlanta 84-85, New York 86-87
Selected by Cleveland, 1983 NBA Draft, 24th pick

Lars Hansen

Seattle 78-79. Selected by Chicago 1976 NBA Draft, 37th pick

Brian Heaney

Baltimore 69-70, Selected by Baltimore, 1969 NBA Draft, 215th pick

Bob Houbregs

Milwaukee and Baltimore 53-54, Baltimore-Boston-Fort Wayne 54-55
Fort Wayne/Detroit 55-56 to 57-58, Selected by Milwaukee, 1953 NBA Draft

Todd MacCulloch

Philadelphia 99-00 and 00-01, New Jersey 01-02, Philadelphia 02-03
Selected by Philadelphia, 1999 NBA Draft, 47th pick

Jamaal Magloire

Charlotte/New Orleans 00-01 to present, Selected by Charlotte, 2000 NBA Draft, 19th pick

Steve Nash

Phoenix 96-97 and 97-98, Dallas 98-99 to present
Selected by Phoenix, 1996 NBA Draft, 15th pick

Leo Rautins

Philadelphia 83-84, Atlanta 84-85
Selected by Philadelphia, 1983 NBA Draft, 17th pick

Mike Smrek

Chicago 85-86, LA Lakers 86-87 to 87-88, San Antonio 88-89
Golden State 89-90, Golden State, Clippers 90-91
Golden State 91-92
Selected by Portland, 1985 NBA Draft, 25th pick

Gino Sovran

Toronto 46-47

Ernie Vandeweghe

New York 49-50 to 53-54 and 55-56
Selected by New York, 1949 NBA Draft

Bill Wennington

Dallas 85-86 to 89-90, Sacramento 90-91 and 99-00
Chicago 93-94 to 98-99, Selected by Dallas, 1985 NBA Draft, 16th pick

Jim Zoet

Detroit 82-83

Additional Canadians drafted by NBA teams

Mike Brkovich

Milwaukee, 1981 NBA Draft, 181st pick

David Coulthard

Detroit, 1982 NBA Draft, 214th pick

Bob Croft

Boston, 1970 NBA Draft, 123rd pick

Mickey Fox

Detroit, 1975 NBA Draft, 169th pick
Portland, 1979 NBA Draft, 56th pick

Joe Kazanowski

Dan Meagher

Utah, 1983 NBA Draft, 146th pick

Chicago, 1985 NBA Draft 125th pick

Barry Mungar

Perry Mirkovich

Washington 1986 NBA Draft 82nd pick

Portland, 1980 NBA Draft, 125th pick

William Njoku

Indiana, 1994 NBA Draft, 41st pick

Eli Pasquale

Seattle, 1984 NBA Draft, 106th pick

George Rautins

Tony Simms,

Buffalo, 1975 NBA Draft, 158th pick

New York 1983 NBA Draft 128th pick

Karl Tilleman

Phil Tollestrop

Denver, 1984 NBA Draft, 79th pick

Buffalo 1973 NBA Draft 211th pick

Jay Triano

LA Lakers, 1981 NBA Draft, 179th pick

Greg Wiltjer

Chicago, 1984 NBA Draft, 43rd pick

* Our very own Legion Athletic Camp administrator and noted basketball historian Curtis J. Phillips compiled the above list for the NBA.

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