No Red Brush Meeting In July! Celebrate the 4th!

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Red Brush Rifle Range Inc.

A Safe Place to Shoot


No Red Brush Meeting In July!

Celebrate the 4th!

GUN OF THE MONTH: None this month as there is NO Meeting1


Firearms provided by Gary Evans: Guns Unlimited, 2916 E. Covert Ave. Evansville 812-473-3199



Start Time



Rifle Range Closed


July 5

Setup 7:00 AM

New Shooters 9:30 AM

Match 10:00 AM

Brad Eadens



.22 Benchrest

July 6

Reg. 8:00 AM

Jim Pherson



Thursday Night Bowling Pin Shoot

July 10, 17, 24, 31

6:00 PM

Charlie Hallam




Steel Challenge

July 13

Setup 8:00 AM

Reg. 9:00 AM

Match 10:00

Completed by 2:00 PM

Match Fees $5

Kids free

Gene Flick



500 Yard Range Open for members to sight in/practice at 500 yds. (Not competition)

July 19

12 Noon to 4:00 PM

Mike Maurer



F Class Rifle

July 20

7:30 A.M. Registration

8:00 A.M. Set Up

1:30 P.M. Complete

Jason Goldsberry


YES From 7:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.


July 20

12 Noon

Mike Maurer



Tactical Rifle

July 27

7:30 A.M. Registration

8:00 A.M. Set Up

1:30 P.M. Complete

Tom Ancona


YES From 7:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.

Range Maintenance Work Day

July 12

8:00 AM

Jeff Webber



From the Grounds Chairman:

Hello everyone,

It's hot Don!!! I would like some help with general cleanup and weed eating. We sprayed liquid weed eater last month so it shouldn't be too bad. Come join me in the heat.

Thanks again,

Jeff Webber

A very important "immediate danger warning" barricade is lowered and locked when there is a shooting event in progress OR there is someone downrange. There may be no sound or visible activity, but if the arm is down and locked, it is for their protection and yours! NEVER circumvent this road gate to gain access to the 375-yard range unless YOU are the person in charge of the shooting event or YOU put the arm in the down protection mode. The arm/gate might be down and locked without a shooting event due to the necessity of accessing the area downrange and the gate is protection to personnel possibly out of your sight.

However, should the gate be locked closed and no one is at the range, call any officer to come to investigate the situation. NEVER shoot on the 375-yard range without positive proof there is no one downrange when the arm/gate is locked and closed.

Mike Maurer, President

Work Day Credit:

Thanks go to Larry Steinkuhl, Webster Perkins, Jon Walters, John D Martin, Dan Lewis, Greg Blank, Doug Sprague, and Steve Weinzapful

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Jim Woodard for mechanic skills on our tractor.
NRA Youth Fest Work day credit for 6/13/14:

 Richard Chapman, Chris Brakie, Tom + Doris Brakie, Bob Simonsen, Bob Adams


NRA Youth Fest Work day credit for 6/14/14:

Bob Adams, John Althoff, Rob Baxter, Brian Bredhold, Chuck Bridges, Matt Claridge, Jim Conrad, Gloria Cummings (Kramer), Bill Cusic, John Davis, Kevin Day, Kip Diekmann, John Doty, Mike Ferguson, Scott Ferguson, Frank Findley, Steve Frohbieter, Charlie M. Hallam, Charlie R. Hallam, Mark Haymond, David Harris, John Hatcher, Tim Hermes, Chris Hornbeck, Heath Knipp, Phil Lewis, Jim Lind, Kim Norton, Jim Overby, Sandy Overby, John Petkovsek, Kenny Phillips, Vickie Phillips, Bill Price, Drew Price, Noel Raes, Mike Sanders, Dave Schulte, Kevin Simmons, Stacey Simon, Bob Simonsen, Keith Skelton,  Doug Sprick, Allen Spurlock, Jim Stark, Kevin Stiles, Vannah Stiles, Neal Sullivan,  Gene Thweat, Bob Trible, Jim Trockman, Peewee Vasquez, Eddy Walter, Patti Wazny, Bill Wazny , Dewayne Wilhite, Tony Smith, Dani Bryan and Ben Swartz.

If you don't see your name listed for the NRA Youth Fest workday credit call Charlie Hallam 424-2358

No Red Brush Meeting in July

Club Contacts 2014


Mike Maurer


Vice President

Joe Lutz



John Fickas



Bob Lawrence


Range Officer

Gary Moranz


Grounds Chairman

Jeff Webber



Chris Hornbeck

Darrell Schauss


Tom Barnett


If you have trouble with any of the two combo locks on the main gate, please go to the "member's room" in the building on the pistol bay. Immediately inside of the door, on the right hand sidewall next to the first aid kit, you will find three workable locks already programmed for the current time period. Exchange the good lock for the troublesome one on the main gate. This way we can keep the range secured.

Lost and Found:

Have you lost/left anything at the range lately? Have you found anything at the range that belongs to another member? If the answer is YES to either question, please call Mike Maurer at 490-0949 to report a lost item or a found item.

For Sale:
Glock 34 Gen 4, 9 mm for sale:

  • Vogel trigger

  • Dawson FO front and adjustable rear sight

  • Six 18 round magazines

  • Blade tech holster (RH)

  • JP magwell

  • Two redi tactical mag pouches

  • Extended mag release

  • Glock soft carry case with handles

  • Less than 1000 jacketed rounds through gun

$800- Contact: John Wedig   473-2596


Southwestern Indiana Friends of NRA Dinner/Banquet

FRIDAY, AUGUST 01, 2014 5:00 PM


Vanderburgh Co. 4H Center
200 E Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Evansville, IN 47725


Brent Weil
Phone:(812) 453-0969


No Red Brush Meeting in July

Gun Shows:
July 19-20 RK Shows KY State Fairgrounds Louisville, KY

Aug. 2-3 Southern IN Gun Collectors Boonville, IN Warrick 4H Center

[Please confirm all dates of gun shows for yourself, they do change or get cancelled.]

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