Nmap Demo Walkthrough

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Nmap Demo Walkthrough

  1. Run “nmap” with no parameters

  2. Run “nmap -v sS lazyi.net”

    1. Explain what it is doing

    2. –v = verbose (Among other useful messages, you will see ports come up as they are found, rather than having to wait for the sorted summary list.)

    3. –sS = TCP SYN stealth port scan

  3. Run “nmap –O lazyi.net”

    1. –O = Check for the Operating System

  4. Run “nmap –p 1-100 lazyi.net”

    1. –p = check ports only within a specified range

  5. Run “nmap –sU lazyi.net”

    1. –sU = UDP port scan

  6. Scan of subnet to see what computers are alive

    1. Anthony to do this…

Hmm, I want to suggest, Idlescan ( -sI ). It allows you to port scan without sending out a single a single IP packet. Completely stealth. You do it by proxy from another server.

For example:

nmap -P0 -p- -sI kiosk.adobe.com www.riaa.com

In the above command line, an adobe server is scanning the RIAA. I do not know what the (-p-) is.

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