Nirvana was: Kurt Donald Cobain -guitar and vocals

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Nirvana was:
Kurt Donald Cobain –guitar and vocals
Chris Novoselic –bass and Vocals
Dave Grohl- Drums and vocals (joined in 1990)
Chad channing- Drums (1987-1990)
Chris and Kurt met in 1985 in Aberdeen, Washington (their home town). They formed “stiff woodies”. In the beginning Kurt played the drums and Chris played the bass, the guitar player changed all the time.

By 1987 they changed the name to nirvana, Kurt moved to vocals and guitar, Chris played the bass and drummer Chad channing was added.

They singed with Sub Pop (a Seattle label) and released their debut album “bleach” in June 1989.

Dave Grohl replaced Chad (the drummer) in September 1990.

During the summer of 1991 nirvana opened for Sonic Youth in their European festival tour. This tour opened a lot doors for nirvana and gained them a big fun base.

They signed with Geffen Records and released “nevermind” in the fall of 1991.

“nevermind” went triple platinum.

The single “smells like teen spirit” was a big success. The song was hailed the anthem of the grunge generation.

Rumors of Kurt’s heroine use were ever-present and as the band grew into a multi-million dollar commercial entity, he began to withdraw into his own drug-induced world.

The band's stability was questioned in the wake of a variety of bizarre stunts including Cobain's penchant for showing up at concerts in women's clothing and mocking his way through songs, and Chris and Dave’s nationally televised kiss following a "Saturday Night Live" performance.

In 1992 Kurt married Courtney love (the lead singer of “hole”) only fueled the negative publicity. Courtney and Kurt married when Courtney was already pregnant with Frances Bean Cobain.

The recording of their third album was delayed because of Kurt health problems. Kurt was hospitalized several times that year.

“Incesticide” was released in 1992 “Incesticide” is a compilation of B-sides and rarities late in 1992.

“In utero” the long awaited follow-up to “nevermind” was released in September of 1993.

After a three-month tour in North-America, “MTV unplugged” was recorded in NYC. Some say that the show was the best “MTV unplugged” ever recorded.

(The MTV unplugged was a small acoustic concert the featured nirvana songs from all of their albums).

In early 1994 Nirvana went on a European tour that was cut short in February by Kurt's drug overdose in Rome.

At the end of March Kurt entered a drug rehab facility in Los Angeles and on April 1 he escaped from the center and returned to Seattle.

Kurt's body was found April 8 in his Seattle home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Some nirvana fans say that Kurt did not commit suicide and that in fact he was murdered. Some say by Courtney Love (his wife).

After Kurt’s death Dave recorded his own music and formed the “Foo Fighters”.

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