Nin Desai- m. B. A

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Nin Desai- M.B.A
777 N. Michigan Ave. #3402 Email:

Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: (847) 612 5551

A driven Finance major with a proven track record of increasing revenues, new account acquisition, and expertise in sales and customer relations with a successful background in regional as well as national customer accounts management.

Graduate School of Business, Loyola University Chicago; GPA 3.5/ 4.0

Master of Business Administration- Finance & International Business, May 2004

School of Business Administration, Loyola University Chicago; GPA 3.3/ 4.0

Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing, December 2002

Functional Areas of Understanding:

• Investment Management • International Finance

• Corporate Finance • Financial Accounting

• Analysis of Financial Statements


Analyst- Investment Management, Merrill Lynch, Chicago May 2002-July 2004

  • Worked directly with Wealth Management Team managing $350+ million in assets

  • Assisted with research of individual and corporate investors in design, implementation and review of investment portfolios

  • Performed financial and valuation analysis of stocks, bonds and mutual funds for recommending optimal portfolio to clients

  • Generated leads and interests outside of pavilion and immediate vicinity

  • Coordinated quarterly and annual Wealth Management reports and Performance reports for individuals and companies

  • Other reports produced- Assessing of Goals, Asset Allocation, Risk tolerance & objectives, Annuity, Pension Plan

  • Designed marketing materials for presentations for Client meetings

Advisor- Information Services, Loyola University Chicago May 2001- April 2002

  • Maintained the integrity of the Computer labs by performing maintenance and development tasks

• Supervised students with computer Hardware and Software applications

• Managed helpdesk and software development tasks

Analyst- Finance, Piyush Steels Ltd., India April 1999- December 2000

  • Reported and worked directly with the Senior management in making strategic financial decisions in order to reduce costs and increase market share

  • Cost Accounting- Developing and managing operating budget

  • Analyzed activity based costing systems results

Technology Skills:

Performance Rating, Awards & Recognitions:

  • Honorary Member, Beta Gamma Sigma (Highest honor endowed in Business School) 2004

  • VP- Finance, Graduate Business School Association, Loyola University 2003

Nin Desai- M.B.A
777 N. Michigan Ave. #3402 Email:

Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: (847) 612 5551


Christopher M. Rossi, CIMA

Merrill Lynch

First Vice President- Investments

Wealth Management Advisor

(312) 696 7585

Dr. A.G. (Tassos) Malliaris

Loyola University Chicago

Dean- Graduate School of Business

(312) 915 6063

(Nin) has developed an understanding of the investment process and various asset allocation strategies. This understanding was particularly applicable in the world of defined contribution plans, 401(k) plans, which are a primary focus of the group.”

  • Christopher M. Rossi, Wealth Management Advisor

In her time with us we found Nin hardworking, organized, diligent, and responsible.”

- The HR Group, Merrill Lynch

* Reference Letters available on request

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