Nigella Kitchen Teacher’s Notes

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Nigella Kitchen

Teacher’s Notes

  1. In pairs students tell each other what their favourite room at home is and why. Tell them that they’re going to see a woman talking about her favourite room and they should listen for the reasons why she likes this room.

  1. Show the first 34 seconds of Nigella Kitchen. Students say why the kitchen is Nigella’s favourite. If nobody has heard of her, give some background information about her.

  1. Show the clip until 01:35. Students note down the names of the dishes Nigella mentions: roast seafood, small pasta with salami, chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, her mother’s praised chicken (according to Nigella, praised means “something between poached and braised, and appropriate because both cooking and eating it feel like an act of devotion”.) and Thai chicken noodle soup. Which dish would students like to try?

  1. Now play the clip until 07:19. Students note down the ingredients that Nigella mentions.

  1. Give out the worksheet and divide the class into two groups, A and B. Give them dictionaries or they can use the dictionaries on their phones. Group A is responsible for looking up the vocabulary in bold in questions 1-7, and group B is responsible for 8-14.

  1. When they’ve finished, put a student from group A with one from group B and they explain the vocabulary to each other.

  1. In the same pairs, students see if they can remember what Nigella was talking about.


1. roast seafood 2. chicken 3. roast seafood 4. clams 5. potatoes

  1. roast potatoes 7. potatoes 8. garlic cloves 9. clams 10. baby squid

  1. shellfish 12. roast seafood 14. rosé wine 15. roast seafood

  1. Show the clip again if necessary.

  1. Finally they discuss the questions in Part 2 in groups.

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