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A list and requirements for the highly prestigious NGC Flower Show Achievement Awards are given in Handbook for Flower Shows and in the fall issue of The National Gardener in odd-numbered years.

  1. Local Flower Show Chairman contacts State Awards Chairman/State Flower Show Awards Chairman well in advance of show. Each state might have a specific State Chairman, procedure and/or application form.

Letter/application sent ____________

  1. Letter of intent must include the name of the sponsoring organization, address for mailings, show date/s, location, theme, and names, addresses and status of judges judging show, as well as the name, number and size category of NGC Achievement Award sought.

  2. Each show is eligible for only one (1) NGC Standard Flower Show Achievement Award. Exception: An Adult NGC member club whose flower show includes a Youth section eligible for a Youth Achievement Award may apply for both an Adult Achievement Award and a Youth Achievement Award. If a club sponsors more than one Standard Flower Show in a calendar year, each show may be considered for an Achievement Award.

    1. State Chairman secures a Panel of three Evaluating Judges from the list provided by club. State Chairman will provide this Panel with “Standard Flower Show Evaluation Scale”. (Also, it is suggested that the Judges Chairman prepare self addressed, stamped envelopes that are addressed to the proper person for sending completed form to.) (form on

  1. State Chairman will notify Local Show Chairman the names of the Evaluating Panel.

Club advised on ________________

4. Clubs may assign fewer classes to the Evaluating Panel to judge.


  1. The Panel evaluates the show on the schedule, actual and theme staging, quality and exhibition of horticulture, interpretation of schedule and artistic concept of the designs, and the special exhibits.

  2. The Panel’s scores must average 95 or more for the show to be considered for an Achievement Award.

  3. A Panel member will immediately notify the General Chairman if the show scores 95 or more.

Yes_____ No______

  1. Collect information for preparing Book of Evidence: for writing Show Description, statistics for Show Data (form on

  2. Take photographs: show entrance, theme staging in all divisions, overall views of each division’s staging, unique staging,Top Exhibitor Award winning exhibits, Special Exhibits, , special features.

  3. Photo suggestion: move horticulture in front of blank wall or place cardboard behind horticulture and/or design exhibits for clear, uncluttered picture of winners.

  4. Collect information necessary to label and give word description of all photos.



Requirements in bold type, the balance are suggestions.

  • Use theme binder or amphile folder (not a ring binder).

  • Attach envelope to inside back cover. Include one copy of the schedule. The State Chairman will put Evaluation Forms in this envelope. Do not include programs, educational hand-outs, newspaper articles, etc.

  • State Awards Chairman will affix application form to inside front cover. Use the specific NGC Flower Show Achievement Award Application (form Each state may have its own procedure.

  • Use clear protective page covers.

Cover Label: Award Number & Name, (or vise versa) Name of State or Country, Name/s of Show Sponsors (Club/s, Plant Society, Council, District, State or Region) with Show Site (City & State). Do not include state award numbers/names. Neatly printed, typed, or computer generated, but no decorative art work.
Pages: Uncrowded & legible printing & drawings. No more than 20 pages (using 10 sheets, front and back) with no loose items. Judges will not remove nor consider loose hand-outs, flyers or publicity. Use space wisely.


  • Title Page: Award Number & Name (or vise versa), Sponsoring Organization with City & State, Applicant Contact with address (President, Director or Show Chairman, etc.) Do not include any state information. Since pages are limited, Title page and Table of Contents may both be on the first page.

  • Table of Contents: List items by page number. Number the pages.

  • Description of Show – 300 words or less. Text should include: title, size, scope, type of show, theme and division staging, and special features. The Description should immediately follow the Table of Contents. Include required information; describe theme staging, unique actual staging, and special features that made the show outstanding or unusual. Do not write about prior committee work or hospitality. Save the statistics for the Show Data Form.

  • Show Data: This information must appear in the body of the application as well as on the application form. Should immediately follow the Show Description. Also use this information for the Show Data Form. The form may be used as printed or may be re-typed using the same one-page format. (form on

  • List of sponsoring clubs and/or organization – if more than one.

  • Number of members in sponsoring organization/s. If Council, District or State, give number of clubs in sponsoring organization.

  • Number of participating members. If Council, District or State, give number of participating clubs.

  • Percentage of participating members. If Council, District or State, give percentage of participating clubs. Participation may include work on committees, serving as hostesses, etc.

  • Total number of exhibits in Horticulture, Design and Special Exhibits Division

  • List Top Exhibitor Awards offered and awarded. State if award was not presented. Do not list Special Club Awards or non NGC Top Exhibitor Awards such as Award of Appreciation.

  • Source of flower show funding, ex. general club funds, annual plant sale, admission. Full financial report is not required.


  • Remember those judging the Book of Evidence were not at the show. The Book of Evidence must convey an overall descriptive picture of the show in photos and the text labeling.

  • Omit people if possible.

  • Need not be professional pictures. Photos should be large, in focus with good lighting; neatly trimmed; trimming with fancy scissors is usually detracting.

  • Top Exhibitor Award winning exhibits. Pictures of all Top Exhibitor Award Winners in all divisions are needed. Horticulture award winners may be grouped together for one picture.

  • Do not include local award winners or non-Top Exhibitor Award winners such as Sweepstakes and Award of Appreciation winners unless you have extra space to fill. Additional photos of club/local award winners and other outstanding non top award winning exhibits are optional and may add interest to the book –only include if there is room.

  • Each picture labeled with Division, Section, Class, award (if applicable) and brief description of staging. Label Top Horticulture Award winners with sections & classes, botanical names, awards received. Label Top Design winners with sections & classes, design description, awards received and staging and type of plant material used. Label Special Exhibits with word descriptions and staging.


  • Theme staging and actual staging, with overall views within each division; also staging of individual sections in all divisions. Photos and word descriptions tell how the theme was interpreted in all divisions, ex. entrance, posters, sections/classes signs, objects, color/s, etc. Label the photos.

  • Overall views of each division’s. Photos and word descriptions of how horticulture, designs and special exhibits were actually staged, ex. shelves stacked on clay pots, pedestals. Label the photos.


  • Newspaper and other publications, with name and date of publication. City/county newspaper publicity preferred, but not mandatory. Scripts or schedules from radio/TV broadcasts, flyers, and pictures of posters displayed in public buildings are also acceptable. Publicity is the last item in the book of evidence. Large newspaper articles may be reduced on copier.


  • Only one copy is placed in envelope attached to inside back cover.

The Schedule will be evaluated for correctness of text, all necessary inclusions; theme, terminology, rules, conformance to NGC requirements.


  • Adherence to the sequential order and requirements requested.


  • Evidence of quality exhibits, creative staging (appropriate to site), overall unity, plus special features.


  • Books of Evidence must first be evaluated on the state level by a panel of three (3) Accredited Judges. Follow the procedure recommended by the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2007 edition.

  • The State Chairman will include the Evaluating Panel’s Evaluation Forms before submitting the Book of Evidence to NGC Awards Chairman for judging.

  • The Book of Evidence is 25% of score, the averaged scores of the Evaluating Panel is 75%. The combined score must be 95 or more to receive NGC Flower Show Achievement Award. See HB p 64

Jo Krallman, NGC Flower Show Achievement Awards Chairman 7/07

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