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NGC Awards Application 2015-2017

Award #:       Award Name:       Date submitted:      
Submitted by:       Number of members in club:      

[Enter name exactly as it should appear on any award received. If club/district/state/region submitting entry, do not include an individual’s name]

Name of State Garden Club: The Garden Club of Kentucky Number in state garden club: 1400

State Awards Chairman: Donna Smith Phone: 606-269.2940 E-mail:

• Application form is limited to three printed pages - front of pages only. (No report cover or binders allowed.

No plastic sheets allowed).

• Application form will not be returned. (Exceptions: publication (books), CD/DVD). Copy entry for your files.

State Awards Chairman must send entries (mail or electronically) to NGC Awards Chairman to arrive no later than January 15.
Mary Ann Ferguson-Rich ~ 1166 Broadview Road ~ Tallmadge, OH 44278-3310 ~ ~ 330-630-9625

Please complete each topic, if applicable. Use numbering as below when completing form.

1. New project: Yes  No  Beginning date:       Completion date:     

2. Brief summary and objectives of project:

3. Involvement of club members, other organizations, etc:

4. Project expenses and means of funding:

5. Continuing involvement, follow-up, maintenance:

6. Attach or insert photos, digital photos, and/or landscape plan (does not need to be professionally drawn).


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