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Affiliated to the British Mycological Society


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2 Introduction
2 WFS Database Project 2007
3 Foray Records 2007
3 Ufton Fields Nature Reserve SSSI 29.04.07
3 Brueton Park 19.08.07
4 Cold Comfort Wood 26.08.07
5 Wellesbourne Wood 09.09.07
6 Brueton Park 16.09.07
6 Priory Fields Nature Reserve 23.09.07
7 Clowes Wood Nature Reserve SSSI 30.09.07
7 Olton Mere 07.10.07
8 Whichford Wood 14.10.07
9 Brueton Park 21.10.07
10 Whitacre Heath Nature Reserve SSSI 28.10.07
10 Lower Shuckburgh 04.11.07
11 Lion Wood Nature Reserve 11.11.07
12 Brueton Park 18.11.07
13 Non-Foray Records 2007

Chairman Secretary

Mr J. Williams Dr D. J. Antrobus

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Shirley Halesowen

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This newsletter covers the activities of the Warwickshire Fungus Survey during 2007 as recorded by the group members and although its primary purpose is to present the mycological records, other articles and contributions would be welcome. The records generally concern the foray programme but non-foray records from individuals and other groups have also been included where they represent a new site record or an unusual / interesting occurrence. Where available, habitat and substrate information has been noted and observers are urged to record this important data whenever possible.
Species names have generally been taken from the Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota (N. W. Legon, A Henrici et al), including the First Update (Winter 2006) and the British Mycological Society’s computerised dictionary of fungus names (GBCHKLST, 27.03.04). Where this name differs from older names and is not yet in common usage, the older name is indicated in brackets for the first mention. In certain cases where species have been ‘lumped’ the original name is listed for future clarity.

* indicates new to site. Up-to-date lists are not available for all sites.

** indicates new to vice-county 38.
The following recorders have been identified by their initials and are shown in sequence collector/determiner/confirmer (where different):

DJA David Antrobus

ASB Alan Bean

AWB Bert Brand

GMB Gill Brand

DC Dave Champion

DG Dinah Griffin

JRR John and Val Roberts

STR Sibyl Ruth

RJS Jane Sells

JDS John Sells

JW John Williams

The WFS website may be accessed by address

WFS Database Project 2007

The collaboration with Warwickshire Biological Records Centre (WBRC) is nearing completion; all the records on paper which the centre has agreed to enter on Mycorec for us are now at Warwick. At the time of writing they have entered approximately 14,000 records and between 1,000 and 1,500 have still to be entered. When WBRC have completed the entries we shall be supplied with a CD containing all records they have entered together with dictionaries containing all WFS sites (with grid references) and all WFS people. The data will go to Paul Kirk via Bill Moodie for entry onto the FRDBI, with allocation of FRDBI numbers. Following incorporation with our existing WFS database of some 25,000 records, a copy of the whole can go to WRBC.
There is still outstanding work to be done, David Antrobus and Bill Moodie each have small batches to enter, there are some personal records covering the period from publication of The Fungus Flora of Warwickshire (1980) to the present day to be entered and also foray records from 2006 and 2007.
Then there will need to be a check that no records have been missed, in particular Ascomycetes, as there are a set of Ascomycetes species cards listing sites for each up to 1980 compiled by Malcolm Clark in the course of producing the Flora.
It would also be desirable to add as many as possible of the early records from the literature – Bagnall, Flora of Warwickshire; Grove, British Stem and Leaf Fungi 2 vols; Withering, A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants; Purton, Midland Flora; plus Midland Naturalist 1878-93 (the total issued); and various Midland Natural History Society journals.
Then it is just a matter of keeping the database up to date, for WFS, WBRC and FRDBI!!
A. W. Brand

Foray Records 2007

April was fine and warm but the heavy rains of June and July soon dispelled thoughts of a hot summer and promised well for the fungus season. However, after a short lived flush in July, August and September proved very disappointing with fewer fungi to be found than in a normal year. After some more rain October gradually improved.

Ufton Fields Nature Reserve SSSI 29.04.07

After the warmest and one of the driest Aprils ever, very few fungi were found on this pleasant spring morning.

Hypholoma fasciculare woody debris JDS

Psathyrella spadiceogrisea under Crataegus DJA


Daedaleopsis confragosa on Salix DC

Trametes versicolor stumps JW

Brueton Park 19.08.07

A group of seven regulars and three visitors met on a mainly dry morning at this Solihull park and conservation centre. Prospects were not good but we did manage to discover a few items of interest. One of these was a nest of Dog Stinkhorn ‘eggs’ in a small pine copse. From here we entered the conservation area and walked the muddy path by the river before crossing to the visitor centre and exploring the gardens behind it.

* Taphrina alni Alnus glutinosa cone scales GMB


Microsphaera alphitoides (A) Quercus AWB

Sphaerotheca epilobii (T) Epilobium hirsutum GMB

* Agaricus augustus under Pinus ASB/AWB

Agrocybe praecox wood chippings ASB/AWB

* Collybia confluens JW

Hypholoma fasciculare on fallen wood AWB

* Inocybe geophylla woody debris AWB

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina woody debris AWB

Lactarius quietus AWB

** Parasola hercules (Coprinus) mown grass Janet Antrobus/AWB

Pleurotus dryinus Fraxinus knothole JW

* Russula atropurpurea JW


* Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Schizopora paradoxa log GMB

* Stereum hirsutum log JDS

Stereum subtomentosum log JDS

Trametes gibbosa stump JW


Mutinus caninus under Pinus JDS

Auricularia auricula-judae branch Sambucus AWB

* Auricularia mesenterica worked wooden crocodile GMB/AWB

Gymnosporangium confusum (I) Mespilus, orchard GMB/

* Phragmidium violaceum (III) Rubus fruticosus GMB

Puccinia distincta (I) Bellis perennis, mown grass GMB

Puccinia pulverulenta (III) Epilobium hirsutum GMB

** Pucciniastrum agrimoniae (II) Agrimonia eupatoria, wet area GMB

Cold Comfort Wood 26.08.07

It was a warm sunny morning and the farmers were busy processing the harvest as we left our cars at Cold Comfort Farm to walk to the wood. The wood is mainly oak and hazel and supports a Roe Deer population.

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa wet rotten wood AWB

Fuligo septica on stump DG

Cudoniella acicularis JW

Phaeohelotium umbilicatum wet rotten wood DC/AWB

Rhytisma acerinum JRR

Tapesia fusca wet rotten wood AWB


Eudarluca caricis (A) Puccinia behenis (II) GMB


Microsphaera alphitoides (A) Quercus AWB


Daldinia concentrica AWB

Diatrypella quercina Quercus AWB

Hypoxylon howeanum Quercus bark AWB

Collybia fusipes Quercus stumps JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare DC

Mycena galericulata DC

Mycena pelianthina under Corylus, Quercus DC

(2nd county record)

Mycena polygramma JW

Pluteus cervinus rotten dismasted small trunk AWB

Russula ochroleuca JRR


Fistulina hepatica on Quercus DC

Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Polyporus squamosus JDS

Schizopora paradoxa on fallen branch AWB

Stereum hirsutum on Corylus branch JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Phallus impudicus JDS

Scleroderma verrucosum JDS

Auricularia auricula-judae DC


Kuehneola uredinis (O,I) on leaf Rubus fruticosus agg. GMB

Phragmidium violaceum (III) Rubus fruticosus GMB

Puccinia annularis (III) Teucrium scorodonia GMB

Puccinia behenis (II) Silene dioica GMB

Puccinia circaeae (III) Circaea lutetiana GMB

Puccinia cnici (II) Cirsium vulgare GMB

Puccinia glechomatis (III) Glechoma hederacea GMB


** Septoria galeopsidis Galeopsis tetrahit (RJS), pathside GMB


Ramularia sylvestris Dipsacus fullonum GMB

Wellesbourne Wood 09.09.07

The continuing dry weather did not augur well for our first visit to this private woodland for some thirty years. The wood is rather unusual in that although full of broad-leaved trees there are very few oaks and thus the potential for fungi is somewhat reduced.

** Pilobolus crystallinus deer dung (incubated 27.09.07) AWB


Rhytisma acerinum Acer pseudoplatanus AWB


Mycosphaerella superflua (A) Urtica dioica GMB

(Ramularia urticae)


Erysiphe galeopsidis (A immature T) Stachys sylvatica GMB

Erysiphe hyperici (A) Hypericum hirsutum (RJS) GMB

(new host)

** Microsphaera penicillata (T) Alnus incana (DJA) GMB

Sawadaea bicornis (A) Acer campestre GMB


Claviceps purpurea on Brachypodium sylvaticum AWB

Hypoxylon multiforme on Betula JDS

Hypoxylon serpens AWB

Viennotidea fimicola deer dung (incubated 16.09.07) AWB


Coprinellus ephemerus deer dung (incubated 12.10.07) AWB

Coprinopsis lagopus AWB

Coprinus cortinatus STR/AWB

Coprinus ephemeroides deer dung (incubated 13.10.07) AWB

Coprinus radiatus deer dung (incubated 10.10.07) AWB

Hypholoma fasciculare AWB

Rhodotus palmatus fallen timber WTM

Xerula radicata broad-leaved woodland JDS


Daedaleopsis confragosa fallen branch JDS

Mycoacia aurea (M. stenodon) fallen hardwood (Acer campestre GMB

and Betula above)

Polyporus leptocephalus (P. varius) stump JDS

Postia subcaesia JDS//AWB

Scopuloides hydnoides Betula fallen branch GMB

Stereum hirsutum fallen branch JDS

Trametes versicolor fallen branch AWB


Melampsoridium betulinum (II) Alnus incana (D.JA) GMB

(new host)

Puccinia brachypodii var. brachypodii (II) Brachypodium sylvaticum AWB/GMB


Ramularia carneola (R. scrophulariae) Scrophularia nodosa GMB


Septoria stachydis Stachys sylvatica GMB

Brueton Park 16.09.07

Only two turned up for this second monthly visit.

* Erysiphe trifolii var. trifolii (A) Trifolium (clover) AWB/GMB

Sphaerotheca epilobii (A+T) Epilobium hirsutum AWB/GMB

Collybia fusipes base of old Quercus AWB


* Ramularia sphaeroidea Lotus pedunculatus GMB

Priory Fields Nature Reserve and Trap’s Green (SP104700) 23.09.07

Priory Fields is a small Warwickshire Wildlife Trust reserve on the border of Solihull and Birmingham and comprises four fields of acidic grassland with remnants of heathland. Trees consist of oak, silver birch and rowan.

Rhytisma acerinum Acer pseudoplatanus AWB


Mycosphaerella ulmi (A) Ulmus glabra (JRR) GMB

(Phloeospora state)


Erysiphe heraclei Heracleum sphondylium AWB

Erysiphe sordida (A+T) Plantago major GMB Trap’s Green

Microsphaera alphitoides Quercus AWB

Phyllactinia guttata Crataegus AWB

Sphaerotheca epilobii Epilobium epilobii GMB

Uncinula adunca var. adunca Populus AWB


Claviceps purpurea Dactylis glomerata JRR


Bolbitius titubans (B. vitellinus) amongst grass JRR

Hygrocybe pratensis heathy grassland JRR

Leccinum scabrum under Betula JRR/AWB

Resupinatus applicatus rotting plywood JRR/AWB

Clavulinopsis helvola amongst grass under Calluna ASB/AWB

Radulomyces molaris Quercus branch fallen ASB/AWB

Stereum hirsutum Sambucus JRR


Frommea obtusa (II) Potentilla erecta GMB

Gymnosporangium confusum (I) Crataegus AWB

Melampsora populnea (II) Populus tremula AWB/GMB

Phragmidium bulbosum (III) Rubus fruticosus GMB

Phragmidium violaceum (II,III) Rubus fruticosus GMB Trap’s Green

Puccinia acetosae (II) Rumex acetosa GMB

Puccinia pulverulenta (III) Epilobium hirsutum GMB

Pucciniastrum agrimoniae (II) Agrimonia eupatorium GMB Trap’s Green

Pucciniastrum epilobii (II,III) Chamerion angustifolium GMB

Uromyces pisi-sativi (II) Lotus corniculatus GMB

Clowes Wood Nature Reserve SSSI 30.09.07

The fungi were found on soil in Oak/Birch/Beech woodland unless otherwise stated.

Chlorociboria aeruginascens green stain in rotten branch JRR

Hymenoscyphus fructigenus on Fagus mast husk DC/JRR


Claviceps purpurea on Deschampsia cespitosa inflorescence JRR//DJA

Xylaria hypoxylon on rotten deciduous stump JRR


Amanita citrina JRR

Amanita fulva JRR//DJA

Amanita rubescens DC//DJA

Boletus badius DC

Collybia erythropus on Betula stump ASB/DJA

Collybia fusipes on Betula root ASB/JRR

Cortinarius (Myxacium) delibutus Hannah Bean//DJA

Crepidotus cesatii var. cesatii on deciduous twig JRR/DJA

Hebeloma velutipes (H. leucosarx) DC/DJA

Inocybe geophylla ASB/DJA

Laccaria amethystina JRR//DJA

Laccaria laccata DC//DJA

Lactarius tabidus JRR//DJA

Lactarius turpis DC/JRR/DJA

Mycena galopus STR//DJA

Mycena vitilis on deciduous twig JRR//DJA

Paxillus involutus JRR//DJA

Pleurotus ostreatus on rotten deciduous branch JRR

Pluteus cervinus on rotten deciduous wood ASB/DJA/JRR

Russula ochroleuca JRR//DJA

Volvariella bombycina on Salix (caprea?) stump DC//JRR


Chondrostereum purpureum Janet Antrobus/JRR

Clavulina coralloides (C. cristata) soil under Fagus JRR//DJA

Grifola frondosa on base of living Quercus ASB/DJA/JRR

Macrotyphula fistulosa JRR

Piptoporus betulinus on Betula wood ASB/JRR/DJA

Stereum hirsutum on rotten deciduous wood JRR/DJA

Trametes gibbosa on Alnus wood JRR

Trametes versicolor on rotten deciduous stump JRR//DJA


Handkea utriformis JRR

Scleroderma verrucosum JRR/DJA

Olton Mere 07.10.07

Our first visit to this Solihull reservoir was rather disappointing as the continued dry weather meant few agarics. We circumnavigated the water checking on the various stretches of broad-leaved woodland as we went.

Albugo tragopogonis (A) Senecio squalidus (RJS) GMB


Rhytisma acerinum Acer pseudoplatanus JDS


Erysiphe sordida (A) Plantago major GMB

Microsphaera alphitoides (A+T) Quercus AWB

Sawadaea bicornis (A+T) Acer pseudoplatanus AWB/GMB


Daldinia concentrica fallen branch Fraxinus AWB

Hypoxylon multiforme JDS

Clitocybe clavipes litter under Tilia, Aesculus AWB

Laccaria laccata JDS

Pluteus salicinus JDS

Psathyrella piluliformis JDS

Russula ochroleuca JDS


Brevicellicium olivascens Clematis vitalba AWB/GMB

(on thick detached stem)

Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Stereum hirsutum JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon pyriforme JW


Sebacina incrustans fallen branch under Aesculus, Tilia GMB//Peter Roberts


Gymnosporangium confusum (I) Crataegus AWB

Phragmidium bulbosum (III) Rubus fruticosus GMB

Phragmidium violaceum (III) Rubus fruticosus AWB/GMB

Puccinia lagenophorae (I) Senecio squalidus (RJS) GMB

Puccinia hieracii var. hieracii (II) Taraxacum officinale agg GMB

Uromyces pisi-sativi (II) Medicago lupulina GMB

(new host)

Whichford Wood 14.10.07

Eight regulars plus Kay and Peter Reeve attended this foray in the far south of the county. We kept to the lower path through the hazel, ash and oak woodland as this damper area had more potential. The number of species had improved particularly of Mycena and other small agarics.

Coleroa chaetomium Rubus caesius? RJS/GMB


Microsphaera racemosus (A) (ref Ing) Symphoricarpos RJS/GMB

Sawadaea bicornis (A+T) Acer campestre GMB

Uncinula adunca var. regularis (A+T) Salix GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon GMB


Clitocybe nebularis Kay Reeve//JDS

Conocybe mesospora in grass at edge of wood DJA

Coprinellus micaceus indet stump GMB/AWB

Coprinus cortinatus bare soil (pathside) GMB/AWB

Crepidotus autochthonus bare soil (wall of cart rut) GMB/AWB

Crepidotus luteolus Urtica stem AWB

Crepidotus variabilis fallen twig AWB

Hebeloma mesophaeum soil under Populus DJA

Inocybe geophylla under broadleaved trees DJA/AWB

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina under Corylus JDS

Laccaria amethystina

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda Peter Reeve/JDS

Lactarius pyrogalus STR/JDS

Lactarius tabidus ASB/JDS

Marasmius setosus on litter (Quercus, Corylus) DJA

Mycena adonis var. coccinea on dead Rosa stem JDS/DJA

Mycena arcangeliana mossy log DJA

Mycena galericulata (4 spored) stump AWB

Mycena galericulata (2 spored) stump AWB

Mycena galopus twig, leaf litter AWB

Mycena haematopus STR/JDS

Mycena polygramma JDS

Mycena vitilis JDS

Naucoria escharoides Alnus AWB

Psathyrella gracilis leaf litter JDS/AWB

Russula betularum Kay Reeve/JDS

Russula exalbicans (R. pulchella) Peter Reeve/JDS


Clavaria acuta moss on log Kay Reeve/DJA

Hyphodontia sambuci Sambucus nigra, living AWB

Mycoacia uda fallen branch, deciduous GMB

Phlebia radiata fallen branch, deciduous GMB

Polyporus leptocephalus JDS

Stereum hirsutum on Corylus JDS

Subulicystidium longisporum fallen rotten branch, deciduous GMB

Thelephora anthocephala soil under deciduous trees DJA


Auricularia auricula-judae AWB

Calocera viscosa JDS

Phragmidium bulbosum III Rubus caesius? GMB

Puccinia arenariae III Silene dioica GMB

Puccinia glechomatis III Glechoma hederacea GMB


Cercospora mercurialis Mercurialis perennis GMB

Brueton Park 21.10.07

Just three of us turned up for the monthly exploration of the park. This time we concentrated on Lea Wood an old council owned nursery containing many types of amenity trees which was now being managed by a local group of volunteers.

Microsphaera alphitoides JDS

* Uncinula adunca on Salix caprea JDS


* Hypoxylon multiforme JDS

* Nectria cinnabarina JDS

* Xylaria hypoxylon JDS

* Bolbitius titubans JDS

Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Macrolepiota) JDS

Clitocybe nebularis JW

Coprinopsis atramentaria JDS

* Cortinarius (Telamonia) acutus JDS

* Cortinarius (Telamonia) hemitrichus JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lactarius glyciosmus JW


Trametes gibbosa JDS

* Trametes versicolor JDS


Scleroderma citrinum JDS

Scleroderma verrucosum JDS

Whitacre Heath Nature Reserve SSSI 28.10.07

This foray was cancelled.

Lower Shuckburgh 04.11.07

Ten regulars met on a beautiful autumn morning for our first visit to this hillside in the south-east of the county. Having admired the large bonfire, we strolled through the grazed meadows looking for waxcaps and other grassland species, gradually climbing to the edge of Shuckburgh Park where there were a number of mature beech and other trees.

Cheilymenia raripila cow dung AWB

Rhytisma acerinum JDS


Phyllactinia guttata (T) Fagus sylvatica, fallen leaf GMB

(new host)

Phyllactinia mali (T) Crataegus senescent and fallen leaf GMB


Nectria episphaeria pyrenomycete, old stroma AWB SP490628

Xylaria hypoxylon JDS


Agaricus arvensis JDS

Agaricus campestris AWB

Agaricus urinascens (A. macrosporus) JDS//AWB

Agaricus xanthodermus JRR

Armillaria gallica JDS

Armillaria mellea DC

Bolbitius titubans JDS

Boletus subtomentosus under Fagus AWB

Chlorophyllum rhacodes JDS

Clitocybe nebularis JDS

Collybia butyracea JDS

Coprinus comatus grassland AWB SP489627

Entoloma porphyrophaeum JDS/AWB

Hygrocybe ceracea AWB

Hygrocybe insipida AWB

Hygrocybe psittacina JDS

Hygrocybe pratensis AWB

Hygrocybe punicea AWB

Hygrocybe virginea JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Inocybe pusio AWB SP490628

Lactarius subdulcis under Fagus DG/JDS

Lepista flaccida DC

Lepista nuda JDS

Lepista saeva JDS

Melanoleuca melaleuca DC

Mycena arcangeliana JDS

Mycena flavoalba AWB SP490628

Mycena galericulata JDS

Mycena haematopus stump AWB

Panaeolus acuminatus AWB

Panaeolus olivaceus DJA

Pholiota squarrosa JRR

Pleurotus cornucopiae DC

Pleurotus ostreatus JRR//AWB

Psilocybe semilanceata DG

Rickenella fibula JDS

Russula atropurpurea DG/JDS

Russula fellea under Fagus DC//JDS

Stropharia cyanea DC

Volvariella speciosa amongst nettles AWB


Botryobasidium subcoronatum Quercus fallen branch GMB

Clavulinopsis helvola Kay Reeve/AWB

Coniophora puteana Crataegus split face of fallen trunk GMB

Daedaleopsis confragosa JRR

Stereum hirsutum JDS


Lycoperdon perlatum JDS

Lycoperdon pyriforme DC

Vascellum pratense GMB/AWB


Tremella mesenterica AWB SP490628


Phragmidium violaceum (III) Rubus fruticosus leaf GMB

Lion Wood Nature Reserve (VC 37, SP084716) 11.11.2007

This small acidic woodland, jointly owned by Worcestershire and Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts, is just in Worcestershire and is now managed by the former trust. It is predominately oak with frequent holly, birch, rowan and bilberry. The following records have already been entered on to the BMS FRDBI.

Trochila ilicina Ilex aquifolium JRR


Xylaria hypoxylon on rotten wood JRR//DJA


Amanita citrina JRR//DJA

Armillaria ostoyae soil DJA

Boletus pruinatus soil DJA

Clitocybe fragrans ASB/DJA

Collybia butyracea under oak DJA

Collybia cookei leafy debris AWB

Cortinarius (Telamonia) vernus under Quercus, Corylus, Betula DJA

Crepidotus versutus branch fallen AWB

Hypholoma fasciculare stumps DJA

Laccaria amethystina under Quercus, Ilex DJA

Laccaria laccata under Quercus DJA

Lactarius quietus AWB

Lepista nuda soil JRR//DJA

Mycena galericulata on stump DJA

Mycena galopus twiggy debris DJA

Mycena galopus var. nigra (M. leucogala) DJA//JRR

Paxillus involutus soil Alison Crofts//DJA

Pluteus cervinus branch fallen AWB

Psathyrella piluliformis on rotten deciduous stump DJA

Russula ochroleuca soil JRR//DJA

Tricholoma sulphureum under oak Y. Cook/AWB/DJA


Bjerkandera adusta rotting stump JRR

Macrotyphula fistulosa on Betula branch JRR

Piptoporus betulinus on dead Betula JRR//DJA

Postia subcaesia branch fallen, rotten, deciduous JRR/DJA

Scopuloides hydnoides branch fallen GMB

Stereum hirsutum Quercus AWB

Trametes versicolor rotten fallen branch JRR//DJA


Lycoperdon perlatum very rotten woody debris AWB


Calocera cornea branch fallen JRR


Kuehneola uredinis (I,II,III) Rubus fruticosus leaf GMB

Milesina kriegeriana (II) Dryopteris dilatata frond GMB

Naohidemyces vaccinii (II) Vaccinium myrtillus leaf GMB

Puccinia annularis (III) Teucrium scorodonia GMB

Sepedonium chrysospermum bolete indet

Brueton Park 18.11.07

The final visit to the park attracted four participants.

Clitocybe geotropa ASB/JW

Coprinellus micaceus wood JW

Crepidotus mollis wood JW

Mycena arcangeliana wood Hannah Bean/JW


Trametes versicolor wood STR/JW

Auricularia auricula-judae wood Hannah Bean/JW

Non-Foray Records 2007

Ashow (SP308708) JRR 20.02.07

Geastrum rufescens Crataegus hedge

Bishopton GMB

** Ramularia interstitialis leaf of Primula vulgaris 11.03.07

** Septoria stachydis leaf of Stachys sylvatica 18.06.07

** Cercospora resedae leaf of Reseda luteola 29.07.07

** Septoria cornicola leaf of Cornus sanguinea 29.07.07

** Cercospora scandens leaf of Tamus communis 12.08.07

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve SSSI JDS 29.08.07

* Ganoderma australe on Salix stump

Brandon Wood & Hall JDS 25.08.07

Polyporus squamosus on damaged Aesculus hippocastanum

Claybrookes Marsh JDS 08.11.07

* Chalciporus piperatus with Amanita muscaria under Betula

Lactarius torminosus damp ground under Betula

Lactarius vietus damp ground under Betula

Harbury Spoilbank (SP384598) JRR 16.04.07

Verpa conica under Crataegus

Jim Gillespie Home, Dunchurch Road, Rugby (SP4982373448) DC 10.07.07

Boletus luridiformis lawn under Quercus

Boletus radicans lawn under Quercus

Oakley Wood DC

Paxillus panuoides on fallen Pinus 05.07.07

Russula atropurpurea under Quercus 05.07.07

Russula cyanoxantha under Quercus 05.07.07

Russula sororia under Quercus 26.08.07

Xerula radicata under Betula 05.07.07

Palmers Rough JW 09.12.07

Stropharia aurantiaca wood chips

Snitterfield Bushes GMB 26.03.07

** Cercosporella primulae leaf of Primula vulgaris

Stratford upon Avon Cemetery GMB 09.04.07

** Sphaerotheca euphorbiae (A) Euphorbia peplus

Tocil Wood JDS 15.09.07

* Russula aeruginea broad-leaved woodland

* Russula exalbicans broad-leaved woodland

* Meripilus giganteus stump Quercus

* Polyporus squamosus stump Quercus

Toft Farm, Dunchurch (SP483699) DC 14.07.07

Helvella lacunosa Corylus coppice

Agrocybe praecox old straw bales

Scleroderma verrucosum track with Corylus

Ufton Fields Nature Reserve SSSI JDS 14.07.07

Hygrocybe persistens calcareous grassland

* Leucoagaricus nympharum calcareous soil under Picea

Wappenbury Wood JDS

* Collybia confluens broad-leaved woodland 30.09.07

* Hebeloma crustuliniforme grass near hedge 08.10.07

* Hebeloma mesophaeum grass near hedge 08.10.07

* Inonotus hispidus on Fraxinus 30.09.07

* Hypoxylon fuscum on fallen Corylus branch 30.09.07

Winterbourne Gardens DJA 03.07.07

** Psathyrella pseudogracilis lawn after heavy rain

No. 42 March 2008

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