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3 Databasing – Good News

3 Mycena species with a nitrous / alkaline smell

4 Foray Records 2006
4 Stockton Cutting Nature Reserve SSSI 23.04.06
4 Tile Hill Wood Nature Reserve 03.09.06
6 Pooley Fields SSSI 10.09.06
7 Knavenhill Wood 24.09.06
8 Bubbenhall Wood 01.10.06
8 Weethley Wood 08.10.06
10 Hampton Wood Nature Reserve 22.10.06
11 Oakley Wood 29.10.06
13 Lapworth Cricket Club 05.11.06
13 Lower Shuckburgh 12.11.06
14 Newbold Revel Foray Records 2006
16 Brueton Park Records 2006
17 Non-Foray Records 2006

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Mr J. Williams Dr D. J. Antrobus

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This newsletter covers the activities of the Warwickshire Fungus Survey during 2006 as recorded by the group members and although its primary purpose is to present the mycological records, other articles and contributions would be welcome. The records generally concern the foray programme but non-foray records from individuals and other groups have also been included where they represent a new site record or an unusual / interesting occurrence. Where available, habitat and substrate information has been noted and observers are urged to record this important data whenever possible.
Species names have generally been taken from the Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota (N. W. Legon, A Henrici et al) and the British Mycological Society’s computerised dictionary of fungus names (GBCHKLST, 27.03.04) but do not include the most recent changes such as the reclassification of Coprinus species. Where this name differs from that quoted in A Fungus Flora of Warwickshire (M. C. Clark) and is not yet in common usage, the original name is indicated for the first mention. In certain cases where species have been ‘lumped’ the original name is listed for future clarity.

* indicates new to site. Up-to-date lists are not available for all sites.

** indicates new to vice-county 38.
The following recorders have been identified by their initials:

DJA David Antrobus

AWB Bert Brand

GMB Gill Brand

DC Dave Champion

DG Dinah Griffin

JRR John and Val Roberts

RJS Jane Sells

JDS John Sells

JW John Williams

The WFS web site on the Internet is being continually updated and may be accessed by address

Databasing – Good News

At the WFS AGM in January 2007 it was decided that we must seek paid assistance to complete the transfer to the database of all our outstanding paper records within a reasonable time-scale. Consultation with Warwickshire Biological Records Centre has resulted in a collaboration for completion of entering all WFS records into the MycoRec database and their integration into WBRC’s Recorder database. Funding has been obtained from Birmingham Natural History Society and the British Mycological Society, matched by a contribution from WBRC which will enable us to employ a member of staff for this task through Warwickshire County Council. Preliminary work has begun.
A. W. Brand

Mycena species with a nitrous / alkaline smell

In the course of preparing paper records for the database my attention has been drawn to the problem of interpretation of earlier records of Mycena alcalina. Unless there are notes and habitat details this is a matter of guesswork and probabilities.
When one looks at all the Mycena species with a nitrous or alkaline smell it is obvious that care in identification is essential. As is so often the case, the final decision rests with microscopic characters. Volume 3 of Breitenbach & Kränzlin Fungi of Switzerland (1991) is likely to be the most readily available source of information. See also E. E. Emmett British Mycena species in The Mycologist volumes 6 & 7 (1992-1993) and R. A. Maas Geesteranus Mycenas of the Northern Hemisphere volume 2 (1992). And of course always for any Basidiomycetes with unfamiliar names (and sometimes also the familiar ones) consult Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota (Legon & Henrici 2005) together with its supplements at (the first was available at the end of 2006).

M. leptocephala is associated with both broadleaved and coniferous stumps, fallen branches and woody debris. There are 1900 records on FRDBI.
M. renati is found on decaying broadleaved wood. There are 9 post 1970 records on FRDBI, but after analysis I conclude there are probably only two sites involved: North Lincolnshire 1 record in 2002 and West Sussex 4 records in 1974, 1979, 2001, 2004.
M. stipata is associated with coniferous wood. There are 281 records on FRDBI.
M. silvae-nigrae is associated with coniferous wood. There are 54 records on FRDBI with some duplication, mostly from Scotland and northern England, but 3 from Gloucestershire, 2 from Bedfordshire and one each from Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.
Also included in B&K is M. strobilicola on Picea cones which does not rate a mention in the Basidiomycota.

M. niveipes is an American species on broadleaved stumps recorded from ‘Europe’, with one unsubstantiated British record.
Early records of M. alcalina will have to be entered on MycoRec under that name with current name simply Mycena. Now there is opportunity to look for the different species in Warwickshire.
A. W. Brand

Foray Records 2006

As in other recent years the 2006 season was unpredictable. Rain in August produced an initial flurry of fungi in early September but these soon went and the heavy downpours during October had little effect until the end of the month. Frosts in November soon curtailed activities. It was a good year for Helvella and Otidea and various species of Agaricus notably the yellow stainer. Nevertheless several new county species were recorded.

Stockton Cutting Nature Reserve SSSI 23.04.06

Four visitors joined four regulars for this first foray of the year but few fungi were found.

Disciotis venosa under Crataegus JW

Verpa conica under Crataegus JW


Xylaria hypoxylon wood JW

Bjerkandera adusta wood JW

Trametes versicolor wood JW

Auricularia auricula-judae wood JW

Tile Hill Wood Nature Reserve 03.09.06

It was a bright and breezy morning for our visit to the Coventry Nature Reserve, which consists mainly of oak woodland, and we had a surprisingly successful foray. There were many species in the wood with Scleroderma verrucosum and Boletus chrysenteron plentiful along the main track. However, we saved the best to last when we were attracted to the school playing field that adjoined the wood, by a mass of Hygrocybe conica growing among various hawkbits. Here we found several fruitbodies of Amanita franchetii growing under oak and Leccinum aurantiacum under aspen.

Cudoniella acicularis cut face of stump GMB/AWB

Helvella lacunosa DG

Trochila ilicina JRR


Erysiphe polygoni on Polygonum aviculare JDS

Microsphaera alphitoides GMB

* Phyllactinia guttata (A+T) Corylus avellana GMB

* Sphaerotheca epilobii Epilobium hirsutum GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon JDS

Agaricus arvensis JDS

* Agaricus campestris sports field AWB

Amanita citrina JDS

* Amanita franchetii (A. aspera) grass at edge of sports field,

under Quercus, Populus tremula RJS/DC/AWB

Amanita rubescens JDS

Armillaria mellea ss stumps AWB

Boletus badius JDS

Boletus chrysenteron JDS

Boletus edulis under Fagus JDS

Boletus subtomentosus JDS

Clitocybe clavipes JDS

Clitocybe odora JDS

Clitopilus prunulus JDS

Collybia dryophila JDS

Collybia fusipes JDS

* Coprinus leiocephalus amongst sparse grass, path edge AWB

* Crepidotus lundellii hardwood branch, small fallen AWB

* Entoloma juncinum mixed woodland, pathside AWB

Hebeloma crustuliniforme AWB

* Hygrocybe conica playing field JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda JDS

Lactarius quietus JDS

Lactarius subdulcis JDS

Lactarius subumbonatus under Populus tremula, Quercus JDS

Lactarius tabidus under Populus tremula AWB

* Leccinum aurantiacum grass under Populus tremula JDS

Lyophyllum decastes JDS

Marasmius oreades JDS

Mycena arcangeliana JDS

Mycena galericulata JDS

Mycena vitilis JDS

Paxillus involutus JDS

Pholiota gummosa JDS

Pleurotus cornucopiae branch, fallen AWB

Pluteus cervinus trunk, fallen AWB

Russula acetolens (R. lutea) DC

Russula atropurpurea JDS

Russula delica JDS

Russula emeticella JDS

Russula nigricans JDS

* Russula parazurea JDS

Russula sororia JDS


Bjerkandera adusta on Corylus JDS

Clavulina coralloides pathside AWB

Daedaleopsis confragosa JDS

* Hyphodontia arguta branch, thick fallen rotten GMB

* Phaeolus schweinitzii on conifer stump AWB

Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Stereum gausapatum on Quercus stump JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon nigrescens JDS

Phallus impudicus JDS

Scleroderma verrucosum pathside JDS

Vascellum pratense grassland JDS

Calocera cornea on fallen branch JDS


Kuehneola uredinis (O,I) Rubus fruticosus GMB

* Puccinia circaeae (III) Circaea lutetiana GMB

Pucciniastrum circaeae (II) Circaea lutetiana GMB


* Pseudocercospora rubi Rubus fruticosus agg, leaf living GMB

** Ramularia caduca (R. circaeae) Circaea lutetiana, leaf living GMB

* Sepedonium chrysospermum on Boletus chrysenteron JDS

Pooley Fields SSSI 10.09.06

This year we tackled Alvecote Pools from the Pooley Fields end by parking at the Heritage Centre near Polesworth. We left the car park and headed along the Coventry Canal under the motorway to the SSSI proper. This consists of a high mound of coal mining waste that is gradually being reclaimed by birch and other trees It is surrounded by the canal and many pools; some twenty-six hectares in all. Unfortunately there were only four of us present and this together with the dry, warm weather meant that fewer fungi were recorded. Identification was not improved by the far from fresh state of many of the fruitbodies.

Microsphaera alphitoides GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon AWB


Amanita fulva under Betula JDS

Amanita muscaria under Betula JDS

Amanita rubescens under Betula JDS

Boletus chrysenteron under Quercus AWB

Boletus edulis under Betula JDS

Collybia dryophila JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Inocybe lacera Betula, stony scrub AWB

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Laccaria proxima Sphagnum AWB

Lactarius quietus under Quercus JDS

Lactarius turpis JDS

Leccinum scabrum under Betula JDS

Marasmiellus vaillantii Quercus, midribs of rotting

fallen leaves AWB

Paxillus involutus JDS

Rickenella fibula moss AWB

Russula aeruginea under Betula JDS

Russula claroflava under Betula JDS

Russula exalbicans under Betula JDS

Russula fragilis under Betula JDS

Russula ionochlora under Quercus JDS

Russula nitida under Betula JDS

Russula ochroleuca under Betula JDS


** Gloiothele lactescens (?Quercus), trunk piece, fallen

very rotten GMB/conf. A Henrici

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon perlatum under Betula AWB

Scleroderma citrinum under Betula, heathy spoil heap AWB

Scleroderma verrucosum under Betula, Quercus, mining spoil AWB

Vascellum pratense grassy spoil heap AWB

Melampsoridium betulinum (II) Betula, leaf GMB

Phragmidium violaceum (II,III) Rubus fruticosus agg., leaf GMB

Puccinia poarum (O,I) Tussilago farfara, leaf GMB

Pucciniastrum epilobii (II) Chamerion angustifolium leaf GMB

Pucciniastrum epilobii (II) Epilobium sp, leaf GMB

Uromyces pisi-sativi (II) Lotus corniculatus, leaf GMB

Sepedonium chrysospermum on Boletus chrysenteron JDS

Knavenhill Wood 24.09.06

This was our first visit to this private woodland for several years and the weather was pleasant after early rain. It is a mainly broad-leaved woodland on basic soil with a few conifers. Unfortunately the dry conditions meant that few fungi were recorded.

Chlorociboria aeruginascens JDS


Sphaerotheca fusca (A) Senecio erucifolius, trackside GMB/RJS


Boletus chrysenteron grassy ride, ?conifers AWB

Collybia confluens leaf litter, mixed deciduous AWB

Collybia dryophila JDS

Collybia peronata JDS

Coprinus micaceus JDS

Hebeloma sacchariolens AWB

Hypholoma fasciculare stump JDS

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina DJA

Laccaria laccata JDS

Macrolepiota rhacodes under Crataegus AWB

Marasmiellus ramealis JDS

Marasmius rotula fallen branch AWB

Mycena adscendens Quercus ‘knopper’ gall, fallen AWB

Mycena aetites grass, open woodland AWB

Mycena galericulata JW

Mycena speirea woody debris AWB

Mycena vitilis twiggy debris AWB

Psathyrella candolleana grassy ride JDS

Russula betularum JDS

Tricholomopsis rutilans JDS


** Ceriporia herinkii GMB/det. A. Henrici

Hyphodontia sambuci stump, woodland GMB

Piptoporus betulinus JDS


Lycoperdon pyriforme deciduous stump AWB

Scleroderma verrucosum pathside JDS


Auricularia auricula-judae JDS


Coleosporium tussilaginis (II,III) Tussilago farfara, trackside GMB

Kuehneola uredinis (O,I) Rubus fruticosus agg, woodland GMB

Puccinia circaeae (II) Circaea lutetiana, woodland GMB

Puccinia pulverulenta (III) Epilobium hirsutum, trackside ditch GMB

Puccinia tanaceti (II,III) Artemisia vulgaris, farmyard GMB

Uromyces pisi-sativi (II) Lathyrus pratensis, trackside GMB

Xanthoriicola physciae on fallen Fraxinus twig GMB

(apothecia of Xanthoria parietina)

Bubbenhall Wood 01.10.06

A party of eight including two visitors met in the lay-by where Dave Champion showed us a large specimen of Boletus luridus that he had found up the road. We noted several species growing under birch in the car park, before heading up the lane, round the sand and gravel pit and finally into the wood. The light rain then turned to a torrential downpour and we were forced to retreat through a thunderstorm to our cars.

Otidea onotica DC


Agaricus campestris grass verge JDS

Agrocybe semiorbicularis grassland DJA

Collybia dryophila JDS

Crepidotus mollis fallen branch JDS

Hebeloma crustuliniforme under Betula JDS

Marasmiellus ramealis dead stem DJA

Marasmius rotula JDS

Mycena galopus JDS

Paxillus involutus under Betula JDS

Russula aeruginea under Betula JW

Tricholoma scalpturatum under Betula JDS

Tubaria dispersa under Crataegus JDS

Volvariella gloiocephala field JDS


Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Stereum hirsutum JDS

Stereum rameale JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon perlatum JDS

Weethley Wood 08.10.06

Nine regulars were joined by four visitors for this foray on the Worcestershire border. We walked up the main grassy ride where the small trees on the edges had been brashed. One side of this ride was mainly coniferous plantation and the other oak, hazel, birch and aspen with some undergrowth.

Arcyria denudata DG/B. Ing

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa DG/B. Ing

Lycogala terrestre DG/B. Ing

Physarum robustum DG/B. Ing

Chlorociboria aeruginascens JDS


Agaricus langei AWB

Agaricus silvaticus AWB

Agaricus urinascens var. excellens AWB

Amanita rubescens JDS

Boletus porosporus DC

Collybia butyracea DG

Collybia dryophila JDS

Coprinus atramentarius track AWB

Coprinus comatus AWB

Coprinus micaceus JW

Coprinus truncorum DJA

Cortinarius (Myxacium) delibutus DC

Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) purpurascens broad-leaved woodland, edge of ride DJA

Entoloma hebes AWB

Gymnopilus junonius DC

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina JDS

Inocybe rimosa JDS/AWB

Inocybe sindonia JW

Laccaria laccata AWB

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda JDS

Lactarius pyrogalus DC

Lactarius subumbonatus AWB

Lactarius tabidus AWB

Leccinum aurantiacum under Populus tremula JDS

Leccinum scabrum DC

** Lepiota magnispora Peter Reeve/DC/AWB

Lepista flaccida under Thuja JDS

Macrolepiota excoriata Kay Reeve/AWB

(1st since Bagnall)

Macrolepiota rhacodes DC

Mycena arcangeliana JDS

Mycena epipterygia AWB

Mycena galericulata JDS

Mycena inclinata AWB

Mycena polygramma JDS

Mycena pura AWB

Paxillus involutus AWB

Pholiota gummosa woody debris AWB

Russula atropurpurea AWB

Russula silvestris JDS

Tricholomopsis rutilans DC


Abortiporus biennis DC

Daedaleopsis confragosa DG

** Flagelloscypha minutissima on wet fallen branch in conifer area GMB/P. Roberts

Heterobasidion annosum conifer debris GMB/AWB

Hyphodontia pallidula fallen wood conifer area GMB

Ischnoderma benzoinum on stump JDS

Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Polyporus squamosus on Fraxinus DC

Stereum hirsutum Corylus branch AWB


Lycoperdon pyriforme JDS

Dacrymyces stillatus conifer, fallen trunk AWB


Kuehneola uredinis (O,I) Rubus fruticosus agg GMB

Melampsora larici-populina (II) Populus x canadensis, GMB

on leafy shoots of roadside felled trunks

Puccinia caricina var ribesii-pendulae (II,III) Carex pendula GMB

Puccinia lagenophorae (I) Senecio vulgaris GMB


Eudarluca caricis (A) pustule of Kuehneola uredinis GMB

Hampton Wood Nature Reserve 22.10.06

Three visitors joined six regulars for this foray at the WWT reserve near Warwick. This broad-leaved woodland by the River Avon is noted for its display of spring flowers. We made our way up the ‘gully’ where a variety of mainly common species were found. Fortunately the forecast rain did not arrive until we had finished.

Bisporella citrina JDS

Cudoniella acicularis Quercus stump JDS


Phyllactinia guttata (T) Corylus avellana leaf GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon JDS

Agaricus arvensis JDS

Agaricus xanthodermus JDS

Amanita muscaria JDS

Amanita rubescens JDS

Armillaria gallica JDS

Boletus chrysenteron JDS

Clitocybe geotropa JDS

Clitocybe nebularis JDS

Collybia butyracea JDS

Coprinus micaceus JDS

Crepidotus cesatii on Lonicera GMB/AWB

Galerina marginata JW

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda JDS

Lactarius fulvissimus JDS

Lactarius pyrogalus JDS

Lactarius quietus JDS

Lactarius subdulcis JDS

Lactarius subumbonatus JDS

Lactarius tabidus JDS

Lepista flaccida JDS

Macrolepiota rhacodes JDS

Marasmiellus ramealis JDS

Megacollybia platyphylla JDS

Mycena arcangeliana JDS

Mycena galericulata JDS

Mycena haematopus JDS

Mycena pura JDS

Panellus stipticus JDS

Paxillus involutus JDS

Pholiota gummosa JDS

Russula atropurpurea JDS

Russula ionochlora under Quercus JDS

Tricholoma fulvum JDS


Chondrostereum purpureum GMB

Clavulina cinerea JDS

Clavulinopsis fusiformis GMB/AWB

Daedalea quercina cut end of Quercus log JDS

Hymenochaete rubiginosa on Quercus DC

Hypochnicium polonense bark of fallen branch ?Betula GMB

Phellinus ferreus deciduous, fallen GMB

Stereum hirsutum JDS

Stereum rugosum on Corylus branch JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Calvatia gigantea JDS

Lycoperdon pyriforme JDS

Scleroderma verrucosum JDS


Auricularia auricula-judae JDS


Kuehneola uredinis (O,I) Rubus fruticosus agg. GMB

Phragmidium bulbosum (III) Rubus fruticosus agg. GMB

Puccinia behenis (II,III) Silene dioica GMB

Puccinia glechomatis (III) Glechoma hederacea GMB

Xanthoriicola physciae on fallen Sambucus GMB

Oakley Wood 29.10.06

On a beautiful, productive autumn morning we confined our explorations to the lawns and woodland verges of the crematorium. Highlights included many very large specimens of the White Saddle, a mysterious stocky, green agaric growing on Douglas Fir cones which turned out to be just Clitocybe odora, troops of Macrolepiota olivieri under fir and the second county record of Otidea bufonia (quickly followed by the third at Brandon Wood the following day).

Helvella crispa JDS

Helvella lacunosa DC

Otidea bufonia DC/AWB

(2nd county record)

Otidea onotica AWB


Phyllactinia guttata (A+T) Corylus avellana GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon JDS


Agaricus silvaticus AWB

Agaricus xanthodermus AWB

Amanita citrina JDS

Amanita fulva JDS

Amanita muscaria JDS

Amanita rubescens JDS

Boletus badius JDS

Boletus chrysenteron JDS

Boletus edulis JDS

Clitocybe fragrans AWB

Clitocybe nebularis JDS

Clitocybe odora on cones of Pseudotsuga menziesii AWB

Clitocybe phyllophila AWB

Collybia butyracea JDS

Collybia fusipes DC

Coprinus comatus JDS

Cortinarius (Telamonia) hemitrichus under Betula AWB

Cortinarius (Telamonia) subbalaustinus JDS

Entoloma rhodopolium JDS

Galerina clavata lawn AWB

Hebeloma crustuliniforme JDS

Hygrocybe conica JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Inocybe cincinnata AWB

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lactarius glyciosmus JDS

Lactarius pubescens JDS

Lactarius quietus JDS

Lactarius subdulcis JDS

Lactarius tabidus JDS

Lactarius turpis JDS

Leccinum scabrum JDS

Lepiota castanea JDS

** Lepiota felina DC

Lepista flaccida JDS

Lepista nuda DC

Lyophyllum decastes JDS

Macrolepiota konradii DC

Macrolepiota olivieri under Pseudotsuga menziesii JDS

Mycena arcangeliana JDS

Mycena galopus JDS

Mycena galopus var. candida JDS

Mycena inclinata JDS

Mycena pelianthina under Betula AWB

Mycena pura JDS

Paxillus involutus JDS

Russula betularum AWB

Russula ionochlora JDS

Russula nigricans JDS

Russula ochroleuca JDS

Russula silvestris JDS

Russula violeipes under Betula, Quercus DC

Psathyrella multipedata JDS

Suillus luteus under Pinus sylvestris JDS

Tricholoma scalpturatum JDS

Volvariella gloiocephala JDS

Xerula radicata JDS


Auriscalpium vulgare on Pinus sylvestris cone DC

Clavaria acuta AWB

Clavaria tenuipes AWB/det. P. Roberts

Clavulina cinerea JDS

Clavulinopsis fusiformis roadside lawn AWB

Clavulinopsis helvola roadside lawn AWB

Hypochnicium punctulatum stump (?Betula) GMB

Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Ramaria abietina under conifer AWB

(R. ochraceovirens)

Sistotrema brinkmannii fallen branch Betula GMB

Stereum hirsutum JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon pyriforme JDS

Kuehneola uredinis (III) Rubus fruticosus agg GMB

Microbotryum lychnidis-dioica Silene dioica, anther GMB

(Ustilago violacea)

Pucciniastrum circaeae (II) Circaea lutetiana GMB

Lapworth Cricket Club 05.11.06

The return visit to this sports field on a sunny morning this time was disappointing as the hoped for wax-caps were absent and few other species were found.

Craterium minutum Urtica base of shoots, heap of

grass mowings GMB/DG

Coprobia granulata on cow dung JDS


Microsphaera alphitoides (A+T) Quercus leaf GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon stump JDS


Boletus chrysenteron under Quercus JDS

Cortinarius (Sericeocybe) tabularis under Quercus RJS/DJA

Cystoderma amianthinum turf JDS

Clitocybe nebularis hedgerow JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare stump JDS

Laccaria laccata hedgerow JDS

Macrolepiota olivieri under Crataegus JDS

Mycena flavoalba turf JDS

Psilocybe semilanceata turf JDS


Xanthoriicola physciae Xanthoria parietina GMB

on fallen Fraxinus stem

Lower Shuckburgh 12.11.06

This meeting was cancelled as prospects for grassland species seemed poor. It is hoped to try again next year.

Newbold Revel Foray Records

The group were invited to investigate the fungal flora of the grounds of this prison service training college as a contribution to their biodiversity action plan. The terrain consists of parkland with a stretch of scrubby woodland. Four members made two visits but on each occasion the weather had been dry and the fungi recorded were unlikely to be representative of more suitable conditions. However, some interesting fungi were found under the specimen trees including the first county record of Sowerbyella radiculata together with Geastrum striatum. A large group of Paxillus growing under Alder disappointingly turned out to be just P. involutus.

Newbold Revel (HM Prison Service) 21.09.06


Rhytisma acerinum on leaf of Acer pseudoplatanus JDS


Erysiphe aquilegiae var. ranunculi (A+T) on leaf of Ranunculus acris GMB

Erysiphe depressa (A+T) on leaf of Arctium lappa GMB

Erysiphe heraclei (A+T) on leaf of Heracleum sphondylium GMB


Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma very rotten fallen branch GMB

Lasiosphaeria spermoides small decorticated branch GMB

Nectria cinnabarina on Acer pseudoplatanus JDS

Xylaria longipes fallen branch possibly Acer AWB


Armillaria mellea ss. RJS

Coprinus domesticus on fallen branch AWB

Hypholoma fasciculare on Acer pseudoplatanus JDS

Paxillus involutus ss. ground under Alnus AWB

Psathyrella candolleana on fallen branch AWB


Byssomerulius corium on fallen branch AWB

Daedaleopsis confragosa JDS

Ganoderma australe base of trunk of Carpinus AWB

Henningsomyces candidus on rotten fallen trunk without bark GMB

Inonotus hispidus on Fraxinus excelsior AWB

Merulius tremellosus on Betula AWB

Polyporus squamosus on Fagus sylvatica AWB

Stereum hirsutum on fallen branch JDS

Trametes versicolor on small fallen branch JDS


Pucciniastrum circaeae (II) on Circaea lutetiana GMB


** Septoria lychnidis on Silene dioica GMB

Newbold Revel (HM Prison Service) 02.11.06


** Sowerbyella radiculata var. radiculata under Taxus AWB


Daldinia concentrica on Fraxinus JDS

Xylaria hypoxylon on Corylus JDS


Agaricus arvensis AWB

Agaricus augustus under Taxus AWB

Agaricus langei AWB

Agaricus osecanus (A. nivescens) under Fagus AWB

Agaricus xanthodermus AWB

Amanita excelsa var. spissa under Carpinus JDS

Amanita phalloides under Fagus JDS

Amanita rubescens AWB

Armillaria mellea agg. JDS

Boletus chrysenteron under Cedrus JDS

Clitocybe geotropa under Fagus AWB

Clitocybe nebularis JDS

Coprinus comatus under Fagus JDS

Hypholoma fasciculare JDS

Lepista flaccida JDS

Macrolepiota rhacodes under Acer, Fagus, Crataegus JDS

Mycena arcangeliana broad-leaved woodland AWB

Paxillus involutus JDS

Pluteus cervinus JDS

Pholiota squarrosa base of Pseudotsuga menziesii AWB

Tricholoma scalpturatum Carpinus, woodland AWB

Volvariella speciosa soil close to fallen trunk, woodland AWB


Chondrostereum purpureum felled log GMB

Daedaleopsis confragosa on Salix JDS

Ganoderma australe on Carpinus AWB

Inonotus radiatus stacked logs, Alnus JDS

Polyporus durus JDS

Stereum hirsutum on large Corylus stump JDS

Stereum rameale on Corylus twig JDS

Trametes versicolor on large Corylus stump JDS


Geastrum striatum under Taxus AWB

Lycoperdon perlatum JDS

Lycoperdon pyriforme on Tilia AWB


Puccinia behenis (II) Silene dioica GMB

Brueton Park & Conservation Area Records

Monthly Foray 20.08.06

Four persons turned up for this foray, which was just as well, because before we could reach our destination, we had to move a large, but very rotten tree, which had fallen down across our path! The weather was fair and all agreed that it had been an interesting and enjoyable foray.

* Fuligo septica log AWB

* Lycogala terrestre log AWB

Erysiphe heraclei Heracleum sphondylium AWB

Microsphaera alphitoides (A) Quercus AWB

Sphaerotheca balsaminae (A+T) Impatiens capensis, wet ground GMB


Daldinia concentrica Fraxinus AWB


Collybia dryophila mossy log AWB

Coprinus disseminatus

* Crepidotus lundellii branch, fallen small DC/AWB

Marasmius rotula herbaceous/woody debris AWB

* Mycena acicula moss GMB/AWB

Pleurotus ostreatus log AWB

(only decurrent, no smell of aniseed)


Ganoderma australe very rotten stump AWB

* Inonotus hispidus Fraxinus AWB

Laetiporus sulphureus


* Auricularia auricula-judae Sambucus AWB


Gymnosporangium confusum (0,I) Crataegus GMB/AWB

Gymnosporangium confusum (0,I) Mespilus germanica, planted GMB/AWB

Phragmidium bulbosum (II,III) Rubus fruticosus agg GMB

* Puccinia polygoni-amphibii (II,III) Polygonum amphibium (terrestrial), streamside GMB

* Triphragmium ulmariae (II,III) Filipendula ulmaria, wet ground GMB

Other new records

* Helvella crispa woodland JW 15.10.06

* Amanita muscaria under Betula JW 06.11.06

* Cortinarius (Myxacium) livido-ochraceus under Fagus JW 17.10.06

(C. elatior)

* Galerina marginata on Sambucus JW 06.10.06

* Hygrocybe coccinea grassland JW 12.10.06

* Hygrocybe quieta grassland JW 28.10.06

** Hygrophorus persoonii under Quercus JW 17.10.06

* Lactarius piperatus under Salix JW 06.10.06

* Tricholoma sulphureum under Salix JW 06.10.06

* Xerula radicata under Fraxinus JW 26.09.06

* Clavaria rosea under Quercus JW 15.10.06

* Clavulina coralloides under Quercus JW 06.10.06

* Ganoderma applanatum on Salix JW 27.07.06

* Ramaria abietina on Picea abies JW 12.10.06

* Geastrum striatum under Picea abies JW 12.10.06

* Mutinus caninus DC 17.09.06

Non-Foray Records 2006

Binley Woods JDS 05.10.06

Boletus appendiculatus Quercus, parkland

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve (SSSI) JDS

* Mitrophora semilibera pond edge under Salix, Crataegus 03.05.06

* Amanita excelsa var. spissa Quercus woodland 12.10.06

* Boletus badius Quercus woodland 06.09.06

* Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) largus under Quercus, Crataegus 28.09.06

* Suillus grevillei under Larix, Quercus 12.10.06

* Tricholoma imbricatum under Quercus and Pinus 23.09.06

* Tubaria hiemalis on twigs 04.01.06

* Merulius tremellosus stump 12.10.06

Brandon Wood & Hall JDS

* Phycomyces nitens on dog faeces 02.03.06

* Helvella lacunosa pathside, gravelly soil 30.10.06

* Otidea bufonia gravelly soil under Quercus 30.10.06

* Inocybe geophylla under Betula 21.10.06

Macrolepiota olivieri under Pinus (Hall) 04.11.06

Psilocybe cyanescens on woody debris (Hall) 04.11.06

* Tricholoma sulphureum under Quercus 30.10.06

* Inonotus radiatus on fallen branch Betula pendula 01.12.06

* Phellinus pomaceus on living branch Prunus spinosa 02.03.06

Compton Verney JDS 26.10.06

Chamaemyces (Drosella) fracidus soil under Cedrus, Taxus

Coombe Pool & Country Park JDS

* Kuehneromyces mutabilis on stump 19.09.06

* Russula cessans sandy soil, under Pinus 10.10.06

* Russula cyanoxantha under Quercus 14.08.06

* Psathyrella multipedata pathside 10.10.06

* Stropharia aurantiaca woody debris 06.11.06

* Postia caesia on stump 10.10.06

Lillington Avenue DC 01.10.06

Boletus luridus grass verge

Olton Mere JW

Aleuria aurantia under Acer pseudoplatanus 05.11.06

Daldinia concentrica 22.08.06

Xylaria hypoxylon 03.11.06

Agaricus silvaticus 25.09.06

Agaricus xanthodermus under Quercus 03.10.06

Amanita citrina under Quercus 15.09.06

Amanita fulva under Betula 03.10.06

Amanita muscaria under Betula 25.09.06

Amanita pantherina under Aesculus 15.09.06

Amanita rubescens under Quercus 03.10.06

Armillaria mellea 15.09.06

Boletus badius 13.10.06

Boletus chrysenteron under Quercus 30.08.06

Boletus impolitus under Quercus 15.08.06

Boletus luridiformis under Quercus 24.07.06

Boletus radicans under Quercus 01/08/06

Clitocybe geotropa under Aesculus 28.10.06

Clitocybe odora under Quercus 25.10.06

Collybia butyracea under Quercus 13.10.06

Collybia confluens under Acer pseudoplatanus 19.09.06

Collybia dryophila under Quercus 22.08.06

Collybia erythropus under Acer pseudoplatanus 15.09.06

Collybia peronata under Quercus 13.10.06

Coprinus atramentarius 13.10.06

Gymnopilus junonius under Quercus 13.10.06

Hygrocybe conica grassland 25.10.06

Hypholoma fasciculare 15.09.06

Laccaria amethystina under Ilex 25.10.06

Laccaria laccata under Aesculus 13.10.06

Lactarius pyrogalus under Corylus 13.10.06

Lactarius quietus under Quercus 13.10.06

Lactarius turpis under Betula 23.10.06

Lepiota cristata under Aesculus 25.09.06

Mycena arcangeliana on Quercus 13.10.06

Mycena galericulata on Quercus 13.10.06

Mycena pura under Quercus 13.10.06

Pluteus aurantiorugosus 22.08.06

Pluteus cervinus 25.08.06

Pluteus salicinus 30.08.06

Russula nigricans under Betula 03.10.06

Russula ochroleuca under Betula 03.10.06

Tricholoma fulvum under Quercus 15.09.06

Tricholoma sulphureum under Quercus 13.10.06

Clavulinopsis corniculata grassland 13.10.06

Clavulinopsis fusiformis grassland 13.10.06

Ganoderma resinaceum 23.07.06

Piptoporus betulinus on Betula 30.08.06

Handkea excipuliformis under Quercus 25.10.06

Lycoperdon perlatum under Quercus 03.10.06

Lycoperdon pyriforme on Quercus 13.10.06

Scleroderma citrinum under Quercus 13.10.06

Scleroderma verrucosum under Betula 25.09.06

Calocera pallidospathula 13.10.06

Ryton Wood Nature Reserve (SSSI) JDS

* Agaricus silvaticus Quercus woodland 14.10.06

* Boletus rubellus Quercus woodland 14.10.06

* Clitocybe fragrans Quercus woodland 18.11.06

* Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) triumphans Quercus woodland 14.10.06

* Hebeloma mesophaeum Quercus woodland 14.10.06

Tocil Wood JDS 11.11.06

* Armillaria gallica stump

* Clitocybe geotropa hedgerow

* Collybia maculata under Larix

* Lepista saeva grass verge

* Mycena pura broad-leaved woodland

* Stereum gausapatum Quercus log

* Stereum rameale Betula twig

Wappenbury Wood JDS 09.11.06

* Agaricus silvicola Quercus woodland

* Agaricus urinascens var. excellens Quercus woodland

* Amanita excelsa var. spissa under Quercus

* Lactarius chrysorrheus under Quercus

* Lactarius subdulcis under Quercus

* Macrolepiota procera Quercus woodland

No. 41 May 2007

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