New York Bar: Admitted l98l Fields of Specialization: Intellectual Property Law, eu law, International Law

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Virginia Brown Keyder

New York Bar: Admitted l98l

Fields of Specialization: Intellectual Property Law, EU Law, International Law


l978 McGill University, Faculty of Law

Montreal, Canada, LL.B.
l973 75 McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Graduate work in Middle Eastern history, Arabic language.

l973 University of California, Berkeley, B.A., History.

Teaching Experience

2004 to present Bogazici University, Istanbul

Sabanci University, Istanbul

Lecturer in European Community Law (Masters programs)

2002 to present SUNY Binghamton, New York

Lecturer in International, EU and IP law,
1998 to 2002 Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Faculty of Law

Lecturer in Intellectual Property, European Community law

and International Law.

Summers of 1998 University of Washington, Seattle

and 2001 Jackson School of International Studies

Visiting Professor in European Community Law
1986 to 1997 Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

Institute of European Community Studies.

Lecturer in intellectual property and

environmental law of the European Community.

Other Professional Experience

9/2002 to 6/2004 Foreign Law Specialist, Mark Levy & Associates (19 Chenango St.

Binghamton, NY). International (Patent Cooperation Treaty, European

Patent Convention) patent and trademark filing and prosecution. US trademark law.
1997 - 1998 Consultancies on topics of European Community intellectual property law, including design protection of auto spare parts in the EC and patent, utility model and unfair competition law in electrical equipment.
l982 83 Consultancy with intellectual property firm of Lackenback, Siegel and Marzullo (One Chase Road, Scarsdale, New York). Reviewed current state of Taiwanese patent and trademark law and made specific suggestions to U.S. Trade Delegation for use in bilateral talks.

l981 82 WEA International, Inc. (subsidiary of Warner Communications) 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York. Attorney, Business Affairs. Drafting of artists’ contracts, music rights for video distribution; monitoring of international copyrights (music and film) through twenty international affiliates.
l980 81 United Artists Television, 729 Seventh Avenue, New York. Assistant to Vice President, Video Division. Negotiating, drafting, follow up of licensing agreements for use of United Artists product and non film properties in independent productions. All aspects of music clearance for video distribution.
l979 80 Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim & Ballon, 40 West 57th Street, New York Law clerk (in preparation for New York Bar). Legal research, drafting, minor court appearances.
l978 79 Cass & Lissaman, 111 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada Family law (drafting of pleadings, separation agreements, legal research, court court appearances); Real estate (title searches, legal research).

Other experience

4/2000 to 2002: Turkey correspondent, Jurist website (

1997 - present: News correspondent, Turkey, European Intellectual Property Review

Summer, 1995: Fellow, Salzburg Seminar on Transnational Law: Intellectual Property

Winter, 1997 : Fellow, Salzburg Seminar on Globalization



Intellectual Property Rights and Customs Union, Istanbul: Intermedia, 1996.

Intellectual Property Rights and the Textile Industry, Istanbul: Intermedia, 1998.

Selected Articles:

“The End of the Road for Personal Data Protection in the EU” Jurist Website ( November 10, 2008.

“Someone in Brussels should Listen to Ireland” EUObserver website ( November 26, 2008.

“Intellectual Property: Commodification and Its Discontents” in Reading Karl Polanyi for the Twenty-first Century Burga, A. and Kaan Agartan (eds.) Palgrave 2007.

“From Information to Property and Back Again” Information and Communication Technology Law, Vol 14, No. 3, October 2005. (reprinted in Mensa Journal, 2006)

2001 - July Review of works by Simon Chesterman and Christine Gray on humanitarian intervention and the use of force at “Books-on-law”.

Feb. “Judging the Judges - Judicial reform in Turkey”

Jan. “Fair Use and Freedom of Expression v. Intellectual Property Owners” Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law (Dec. 2000)


Articles on Turkish law in Jurist website ( April, June, September.

Review of Perspectives on Intellectual Property, Vol. 4: Intellectual Property and Ethics, Lionel Bentley and Spyros Maniatis European Intellectual Property Review, April 2000.

“Sovereign Immunity Lives” on Bassett V. Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, US Federal Court of Appeals for Second Circuit, in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, October, 2000.

“Encryption” on Daniel J. Bernstein v. US. Departments of Justice, Commerce, State, Energy and Defence, and US Agencies of Arms Control and Disarmament, National Security, Energy and Intelligence etal, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, 2000.

“Countries that Torture: Pinochet and International Law” Open Spaces, Vol. 2, No. 4, 1999-2000. (In Turkish Foreign Policy, September 2000)


Case review of US Appeals Court decision State Street Bank & Trust v. Signature Financial Group. No. 96-1327 on patenting algorithms in Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law, (UK) January 1999.

Case review of US Court of Appeals decision Florida Prepaid Postsecondary Education Expense Board v. College Savings Bank No. 98-531 on state immunity from patent suits in Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law, (UK) October, 1999.
Review of National Traditions and European Community Law by Elies Steyger in European Intellectual Property Review, May 1999.

“Turkey’s Trademark Classification System”, News Section, European Intellectual Property Review, December, 1997 p. D-308
Case note on Quality King Distributors Inc. v. L’Anza Research International Inc., Dec. 96-470, March 1998 US Supreme Court, in Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law, Vol. 3, Issue 3 May/June 1998.
Case note on State Street Bank & Trust Co. v. Signature Financial Group (Decision of US. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit of July 23, 1998) in Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law, (UK) Vol. 3 Issue 4 July/August 1998.
“Academics and the Harmonisation of Laws” Academics Forum - International Bar Association Newsletter. Vol. 6 No. 1, June 1998, p. 13.
Review of Intellectual Property in Global Markets, by Alan S. Gutterman and Bentley J. Anderson, European Intellectual Property Review, November 1998.
Review of Using Design Protection in the Fashion and Textile Industry by Ulla Vad Lane-Rowley, European Intellectual Property Review, December 1998.
Special Lectures
Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) Textiles Department , January 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004 on textiles and intellectual property law.
International Textiles Association, Santa Fe, New Mexico Conference in November, 1999 on (1) Comparative Design Law; and (2) Doing Business in Europe - the Legal Structure. Both published in Proceedings of ITAA, 2000.
Professional Affiliations: New York Bar Association, International Bar Association, International Association for Intellectual Property Law Teachers, National Lawyers Guild, Boston Patent Law Association.

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