New Resources for Socials Studies 6 -12 The 10 greatest Canadian political leaders

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New Resources for Socials Studies 6 -12
The 10 greatest Canadian political leaders

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The 10 most inspiring Canadians

Call # 01461

The 10 most outstanding Canadian symbols

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The 10 most revolutionary songs

Call #01457
The 10 most significant crossroads in aboriginal history

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Canada counts: a Charles Pachter counting book (a picture book)

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Canada in the world: revolutionary influences; Canada in the world: world stage Revolutionary influences:

An overview of how different revolutions in history affected Canada and Canadians. The world stage: An overview and introduction to how Canada is seen internationally and through which channels Canada participates in world affairs.

Call # 01454

Canada's democracy: role of government; Canada's democracy: rule of law

The role of government: An outline of the structure of Canadian government at the federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels. The rule of law: An overview of the Canadian judicial system, and important Canadian laws.

Call # 01443

Canadian identity: one nation; Canadian identity: Canada's heroes

One nation: A historical overview of how the Canadian identity has been forged, including the Act of Union, 1840, and the Constitution Act, 1982. Canada's heroes: Profiles of individuals who have shaped Canada's identity including Sir John A. Macdonald, Karen Kain, and David Suzuki.

Call # 01450

Changes and challenges: into the 20th century; Changes and challenges: millennium and beyond

Into the 20th century: A look at the social, political, and economic factors that influenced change at the beginning of the 20th century. Millenium and beyond: An overview of the social, political, economic, and environmental factors that are promoting change at the beginning of the 21st century.

Call # 01455

Confederation: a united Canada; Confederation: fierce opposition

A united Canada: An overview of the reasons and events leading up to Canadian confederation. Fierce opposition: A historical overview of the groups and individuals opposed to confederation.

Call # 01442

First Nations: this land was theirs; First Nations: reserve life

This land was theirs: A look at First Nations before European settlement with a concentration on seven major cultural groups. Reserve life: A historical overview of the seven treaties (1871-1877) between the government and First Nations of the Northwest and the change in reservation life.

Call #01444

The fur trade: booming business; The fur trade: cause of conflict

Booming business: A look at the historic importance of the fur trade in the settlement and development of Canada. Cause of conflict: An overview of the role the fur trade played in the Seven Years' War and the negative impact on the First Nations peoples.

Call # 01456

Gold rush!: desperate stampede; Gold rush!: a boomtown in a bog

Desperate stampede: A description of the discovery of gold in the Klondike in 1896, and the social, cultural, and economic conditions surrounding it. A boomtown in a bog: A look at the growth of Dawson City and its fame during the gold rush era.

Call #01449

The Métis: the forgotten people; The Métis: Riel - traitor or hero?

The forgotten people: A look at the history of the Métis and a discussion on whether they have been overlooked, exploited, and marginalized. Riel - traitor or hero?: An overview of the causes and results of the Red River Rebellion and the North-West Rebellion, and the controversy over the hanging of Louis Riel from different historical perspectives.

Call # 01446

Western expansion: the last, best west; Western expansion: aboriginal homelands

The last, best west: A historical overview of the expansion of the Canadian West. Aboriginal homelands: A historical overview of the impact of Western development on First Nations and Métis peoples.

Call # 01447

World War II: allied forces; World War II: axis powers

Allied forces: A historical overview of the largest conflict in history, with a special focus on the impact of the war in Canada. Axis powers: A historical overview of the reasons why Germany, Italy, and Japan participated in WWII.

Call # 01452

Note: The “10 greatest” and the “Flip Perspective” Series (two perspectives on the same issue) are sets of 4.

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