New lindy hdmi switch Helps to Lock-in Cables

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New LINDY HDMI Switch Helps to Lock-in Cables
Athens, AL (23rd February 2009) – The new 4 port HDMI Switch from LINDY Electronics is not only compliant with the latest 1.3b standards, but also incorporates LINDY’s unique cable lock design that prevents loose connections. Complete with remote control, the LINDY 4 Port HDMI Switch allows users to change easily between four high definition sources connected to an HD display.
At the back of the switch just above each port is a small screw hole specially designed to take the built-in thumbscrew on LINDY’s Connector Lock. Unlike DVI and VGA connectors which feature thumbscrews for attaching cables, standard HDMI leads lack any means of creating a secure connection. The LINDY Connector Lock is a high quality thermoplastic polymer which, when warm, easily slips over the HDMI cable connector and forms a tight fit as it cools down.
“It’s not uncommon now for users to have several high definition sources, such as SKY HD, Blue-ray player and Xbox, so it makes sense to be able to easily switch from one source to another.

However, gradually over time cables can become loose and it’s annoying to have to take your installation apart just to re-seat the cables, so having the connector lock mechanism as an integral part of this switch makes it even more handy,” says Andrew Ingram, Product Manager of LINDY Electronics.

A compact metal design, the LINDY 4 Port HDMI Switch supports HDTV resolutions of up to 1080p, multi channel digital audio and its built-in signal enhancement function allows for an improve signal quality over longer transmission distances, enabling cable runs up to an incredible 20m. HDCP compliant for trouble-free operation, the unit can be operated by a push button or via the remote control making it ideal for multiple HDMI distribution use in demonstration, education, advertising, AV presentation and home cinema installations.
Notes to editors:

The LINDY 4 Port HDMI 1.3b Switch, part no 38031 is available now from The product comes complete with LINDY’s two year guarantee.

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