New Horizons Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Resource Centre

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New Horizons
Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Resource Centre

Registered Charity Number 1066601

Job Description

TITLE Mental Health Support Project Co-ordinator

HOURS 18.5 per week

SALARY £19,621 (pro rata)
LOCATION Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr
FIXED TERM Contract until end of March 2014

Background to the Project is a website that has been managed by New Horizons Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Resource Centre 2006. The website has been designed to house information relevant to people with mental health issues, their families and friends, carers and professionals within mental health services. The project also encompasses a quarterly written newsletter, which features news and events in the field which is distributed widely.

Purpose of Post

  • To co-ordinate, develop and manage the mental health support project working in partnership with service users & volunteers who have experienced mental health or emotional wellbeing issues and other voluntary and statutory agencies under the direction of New Horizons.


  • Experience of working with website Content Management systems or in preparing content for the web highly advantageous.

  • A keen interest and understanding of web based technologies and social media tools

  • Knowledge of SEO


  • Recruit and support mental health service users to volunteer on the project.

  • Train project volunteers and staff to assist with the maintenance of the website.

  • Source relevant articles, photographs, information etc for inclusion on the website.

  • Involve volunteers in the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

  • Update information on the website in partnership with project staff and volunteers.

  • Manage and administrate the forums and chat-rooms

  • Co-ordinate support of project volunteers with Website Assistant.

  • Co-ordinate training the project volunteers with external agencies

  • Implement New Horizons policies & procedures

  • Prepare quarterly newsletter for printing and co-ordinate distribution

  • Provide project volunteers with information and encouragement to access opportunities on offer elsewhere (i.e. training, leisure, volunteering, adult education etc).

Development Work

  • To further develop the mental health support project with project staff and volunteers.

  • To prepare quarterly monitoring reports with the Director to enable New Horizons to help maintain funding for the project and meet with Funders with the Director when required.


  • Establishing and maintaining contact with service users, volunteers, statutory and voluntary partner organisations and establish good working relationships.

  • To undertake public speaking events to raise awareness of the website project.


  • To manage a small budget covering volunteer expenses and petty cash.

Managing Staff

  • Line manage the Project Assistant.

  • Supervise and support the Project Assistant to ensure that his/her work is being undertaken appropriately, in line with the aims and objectives of the project.

  • Organise the induction of any new project staff.

  • Identify the training needs and agree appropriate courses / programmes for project staff.

Other Tasks

  • To attend and prepare for supervision.

  • To ensure that all of New Horizons policies and procedures are adhered to.

  • To undertake any relevant training as agreed with the Director.

  • Deputise for other staff if necessary.

  • Be prepared to work evenings and weekends occasionally for which time off in-lieu will be granted.

  • Undertake other tasks which are not detailed in this description but which meet any change in New Horizons requirements as the organisation develops.

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