National Professional Golf Tour Rules & Regulations Handbook

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National Professional Golf Tour

Rules & Regulations Handbook


*National Professional Golf Tour events are conducted under the Rules of Golf as set forth by the United States Golf Association and these policies and regulations. The National Professional Golf Tour is not associated with nor sanctioned by the USGA, the PGA of America, or the PGA TOUR.


The Members of the National Professional Tour will be required to uphold a high standard of professionalism. Proper tournament attire will only contribute to this image. Long pants/slacks are recommended but neat and clean shorts are allowed. No backward hats, no un-tucked shirts, no denim pants or shorts and no tee shirts. Players shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming. Show respect for the game.



The player is responsible for their caddy’s appearance. Shorts are permitted and caddy bibs are required. Caddy bibs will be supplied by the Tour. Shoes are mandatory, but no spikes.



The golf course will be available for practice the day before the tournament at a reduced price. Check with your tournament director for details.



As players make the turn after 9 holes, they must provide their scorecards to be recorded for scoreboard use. After completion of the round, the players are to bring their scorecards to the official scoring tent, sign them, and turn them in to the scoring volunteers. Once the player has turned in his scorecard and left any boundary of the tent, the scorecard is considered official. The scoring tent is limited to players and their caddies making the turn or completing a round. Other players are not allowed to gather in the tent area while play is in progress. 



Starting times will be posted at the following locations:

  • Pro Shop/Club House

  • NPGT check-in tent

  • Host Hotel (if offered)

  • Website



The Tournament Director will establish the “Official Time”. The clocks on the starting tees are considered to be the “Official Time”. An inaccurate time on any other clock is not an excuse for being late for your tee time. The responsibility of being ready to play at the appointed time lies solely with the individual player.



Rule 6-3 Provides: “The player shall start at the time laid down by the committee.” The National Professional Tour incorporates the Note under 6-3 that allows the player to be up to 5 minutes late with a 2-stroke penalty added to the 1st hole. After 5 minutes, the player will be disqualified.



Slow Play - Rule 6-7 states, in part: “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Tournament Committee.” The following pace of play guidelines and slow play penalties and fines, except during match play competitions, have been adopted.


A. Definition of “Out of Position”

The first group to start will be considered out of position if, at any time during the round, the group exceeds the time allotted per hole, as detailed on the applicable course’s Local Rules Addendum. The second and third groups, and additional groups as determined by the Rules Committee when play is in pairs, to start will be considered out of position if, at any time during the round, they (a) exceed the allotted time to play or (b) reach any place where there is an open par-3 or par-4 hole or (c) when the preceding group is on the putting green of a par-5 hole when the group in question is on the teeing ground. Any subsequent group will be considered out of position if at any time during the round, they reach any place where there is an open par-3 or par-4 hole, or the preceding group is on the putting green of a par-5 hole when the group in question is on the teeing ground. 


B. Monitoring Groups

It is the responsibility of each player to be aware of his group’s position on the golf course. Rules Officials ARE NOT required to warn groups prior to being timed. A group will be subject to being timed until back in position with the group ahead or back on TIME PAR.


C. Timing

The timing of a player’s stroke will begin when it is his turn to play and he can play without interference or distraction. Any time spent determining yardages will count as time taken for the next stroke. On the putting green, timing will begin after a player has been allowed a reasonable amount of time to mark, lift, clean and replace his ball, repair his ball mark and other ball marks on his line of putt and remove loose impediments on his line of putt. A player will have 40 seconds to play a stroke when being timed.

NOTE: An extra 10 seconds will be allowed for:

  • The first player to play a stroke on a par-3 hole

  • The first player to play a second stroke on a par-4 or par-5 hole (when attempting to reach the putting green)

  • The first player to play a third stroke on a par-5 hole

  • The first player to play on or around the putting green


D. Fines and Penalties - Penalty Phase

Any player in a group out of position will be subject to being timed. Any player who exceeds the allotted time to play a stroke will be fined $50 on his second bad time of the year and is then considered to be in the Penalty Phase of the Pace of Play Policy.

Players in the Penalty Phase of the Pace of Play Policy exceeding the allotted time to play stroke will be fined and penalized.


E. Summary of Fines and Penalties during a Round

First Offense - One timing exceeding the allotted time to play a stroke – the player will receive a one stroke penalty and $50 fine.


Second Offense: One more timing (total of two) exceeding the allotted time to play a stroke – the player will receive a two stroke penalty and $100 fine.


Subsequent Offense: - One more timing (total of three) exceeding the allotted time to play a stroke -- the player will be disqualified and receive a $200 fine.

*All fines should be made payable to the “Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children”. 


NOTE: In the administration of these pace of play guidelines, a member of the Rules Committee shall not tolerate abuse, oral or otherwise, by a player. Such abuse constitutes conduct unbecoming a professional.


If it is clearly visible to a Tournament Official that a player or players are repeatedly exceeding the allotted time to play a stroke, that player or players pace of play may be monitored even though the player or player’s group is not out of position. A player being monitored under these conditions will be fined $50 if he exceeds 50 seconds to play a stroke three times during the play of a hole, or four times over two consecutive holes. Bad times received under this part of the policy are not applied elsewhere.


F. Appeals

Any appeal of a penalty and fine must be referred to the Tournament Director immediately upon completion of the player in question’s round. The Tour Director’s decision shall be final.



When play is suspended for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they shall not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play (subject to course availability). If they are in the process of playing a hole, they shall discontinue play immediately and shall not thereafter resume play until the Tournament Committee has ordered a resumption of play. Penalty for breach of this rule is DISQUALIFICATION.


All practice areas shall be closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open for use.

Signals for Suspending and Resuming Play

  • Suspend Play: Several short intermittent blasts from a horn or siren

  • Resume Play: Two (2) intermittent blasts from a horn or siren

  • Suspension Due to Immediate Danger (Lightning, Tornado, etc.): One (1) continuous blast from a horn or siren



When sufficient daylight remains, and the length of a delay warrants, players will be given a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes after a delay or suspension to warm-up and resume their position on the golf course. In some situations, preparation time may be reduced or negated by the Tournament Committee.



A cell phone may be used to call in rulings to the Tournament Director, Pro Shop or in case of emergency. The numbers will be listed on the Local Rules Sheet. Any other use of a cell phone during the stipulated round will result in disciplinary action and possible DISQUALIFICATION. (Use is defined as the phone being on at any time during the competition)



The tournament committee and players will make their best effort to complete each round and tournament as scheduled. After exhausting all feasible options, the Tournament Committee may suspend or cancel a round (Rule 33-2d) in the event unplayable conditions occur. Play will resume when conditions improve, even if the round cannot be completed that day.

  1. Play may resume the following day, to include completion of the next scheduled round if daylight permits.

  2. When daylight does not permit, the suspended round may be completed the next available day. Thus, one round might be completed over a two to four day period. A minimum of 18 holes must be completed for a two-day event to be considered official.



The only ties, which will be broken by a playoff, are those to decide first place. All other ties will remain as ties and the purse for those positions will be divided equally. A sudden death playoff will immediately follow play on a hole or holes chosen by the Tournament Committee.



The National Professional Golf Tour will pay the top 30% and ties after each completed event. If a player chooses to have his check sent to an address in lieu of waiting to receive it at the course, there will be a sign up sheet available in the Scoring Tent following play on Sunday. The check shall be mailed from the Tour office to the players listed address. No check will be distributed without a W-9 on file. Foreign players must complete a W-8 BEN and according to IRS regulations, taxes will be withheld at 30%.





A player is considered registered for an event upon receipt of the entry fee, which must be accompanied by the appropriate tournament event entry form. A confirmation of receipt, if requested, will be mailed to the player’s appropriate address. Intent to play an event does not register you for a tournament. Registration payments can be made by using the website or sending a check to your local tour office. Entries must be in the TOUR OFFICE by the DEADLINE DATE! Any entry received after the due date will be taken on an availability basis only.


To withdraw from a tournament, a player MUST contact the Tour Office on or before the registration deadline date. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a cancellation is received after the deadline, it may result in the forfeit of 100% of the entry fee if a replacement player is not found. If a replacement player can fill the spot a credit will be extended to the next event. A player may appeal any forfeit to the Tournament Director and the appeal will be taken into consideration. Any decision given by the Tournament Director will be final.



For a two-day event the parings for the first round will be posted 48 hours in advance on the website, the host golf course and the host hotel. For a three-day event or a four-day event with a 36-hole cut, the first and second rounds will be posted 48 hours in advance on the website, the host golf course and the host hotel (if offered).



Any player posting a score of 89 or higher in the first round of competition will be withdrawn from that event without refund.



Any player and/or his caddy that shall be deemed guilty of conduct unbecoming a Golf Professional while participating on the National Professional Golf Tour or activities related thereto shall be subject to fine or suspension from tournament play. The National Professional Golf Tour Tournament Committee is authorized to impose penalties from a minimum fine of $100 to a maximum fine of $500 for the first offense, and suspension from tournament play for the second offense.


Violations Include the Following:

1. Alcohol abuse at any Tour function or alcohol consumption during play

2. Club throwing/club breaking, profanity, littering or damage to course or property

3. Gambling in clubhouse

4. Any type of denim pants or shorts (see Player Attire)

5. Violation of Golf Cart Regulations or Golf Cart Etiquette (i.e. Parking on slopes of greens/tees and not returning the carts at the end of the round

6. Other conduct deemed by the Tournament Committee to be unbecoming a Golf Professional

7. Public Attacks on the National Professional Golf Tour via the press, radio interviews, TV interviews or general public

8. Attendance at “participant only” functions by uninvited players and/or caddies. Players observing conduct unbecoming a Golf Professional by a fellow competitor, not necessarily within his grouping, should report the action to a tournament official. If the official can verify the action through other witnesses, penalties may be imposed without physically seeing the action. A player may appeal disciplinary action taken by the Tournament Committee in accordance with the provisions above. Such appeal shall be in writing and may include defences of mitigating circumstances, including written statements of witnesses. At least two members of the Tour Staff and two members of the Player Board will review appeals*. Such an appeal must be in writing and must be received by the Tournament Committee within two (2) days after notice of such disciplinary action is given to the player.

9. Fines are due and payable prior to the next tournament unless a written appeal has been made. Should the appeal be denied, the fine will be deemed payable prior to start of the next round played. The player will not be eligible for any National Professional Golf Tour competition thereafter until such fine is paid.


NOTE: If any discipline problem or action is deemed to be extremely offensive or has caused irreparable harm to the National Professional Golf Tour, its staff and/or players, the individual(s) involved could be banned from the National Professional Golf Tour indefinitely.

*Tour Staff and two members of previous years’ Player Board will decide appeals prior to formation of 2010 Players Board.



A favourable public reputation of the National Professional Golf Tour, its affiliated sponsors and co-sponsored events is a valuable asset and creates tangible and intangible benefits for the National Professional Golf Tour and all Tour members. Therefore, it is an obligation of the membership to refrain from comments that attack or disparage the National Professional Golf Tour, tournament sponsors, tournament venues, volunteers or fellow competitors. Legitimate disagreements with the aforementioned must be handled with Tour officials privately. Any such public attack will be viewed as conduct unbecoming a professional, which is a fineable offense.



Each member of the National Professional Golf Tour will be given a personalized tour card, which will act as the player’s ID badge. The intention of this card is to provide identification for the players, discounts to certain hotels, restaurants, golf stores, etc. If the card is lost, a personalized card can be replaced at a cost of $20.



  • The 2010 Board for each tour will consist of three (3) player representatives selected by the players and four (4) player representatives selected by the Tournament Committee or Tour Director. The voting for this year’s player board will take place prior to the start of the season. The Committee reserves the right to replace Board members throughout the season.

  • Players wanting to be considered as an appointee to the Board should notify the Tour Director prior to the start of the season.

  • The Board will convene at least six times during the current season.

  • The Board is intended to be an avenue to express player views and concerns professionally to the National Professional Golf Tour Staff, as well as establishing a bond between all parties to contribute to the ongoing success of the National Professional Golf Tour. All concerns and issues discussed with the Board will be considered when making decisions.



At the completion of each season the National Professional Golf Tour will choose the recipient of the following awards for each individual tour.


Player of the Year - This award will go to the tour member who is the nations leading money winner for that season.

Rookie of the Year - This will be awarded to the tour member who is playing his first full season of professional golf and achieves the greatest success for that season.

Most Improved - This award will go to the player who has played two or more years on the Tour. Work ethic, demeanour on and off the golf course, improved money earnings and stroke average will all be considered.



A National Professional Golf Tour Member will achieve Full Membership Exempt Status for the following Season if he is a tour member and fulfils one of the requirements listed below:

  • Past Champions from the previous year (applies only to events with a field of 12 or more players)

  • Winner of the Tour Championship

  • Played on the winning National Cup team

  • Played in every event on their local tour for 2 seasons in a row

  • Wins the money title on their local tour



The use of Golf Carts or pull carts is not permitted in the Open Division. All players and caddies must walk unless they have a medical exemption. Golf Carts or pull carts are allowed in the 40+ division. 



The players are allowed the use of a caddie. The player is responsible for caddy compensation. 


It is the policy of the National Professional Golf Tour that spectator golf carts will not be allowed. We would appreciate your cooperation in informing your guests of this policy prior to their arrival.


By signing or electronically submitting a member application, entering and playing in a National Professional Golf Tour ("NPGT") event, the participant understands and agrees that there are certain dangers involved with the participation in a golf event, including but not limited to being struck by lightning, getting hit by a golf club/ball, suffering from heat exhaustion, heart attack or injury from uneven terrain among others, for which the member/player assumes and solely accepts all risks, and waives all claims of injury to body or property against the NPGT and its staff.  

Further, the participant agrees that while on the premises of a NPGT event, as well as all other presenting sponsors, co-sponsors and representatives affiliated with the tournament, the participant, and any guest, relative or anyone else affiliated with the participant, shall be present at their own risk and that the NPGT, and/or Tour staff shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever to the person or property of the participant or related person arising out of, or in connection with the participation in the event or presence at the event. Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the NPGT and any Tour staff from all claims by or liability to participant or affiliated person. 


A Groove Policy – Suggest that all clubs must conform to the USGA’s newly-established standards for clubs having a traditional loft of 45 degrees (basically beginning with a pitching wedge) or higher.


An I-Pod Policy – Suggest that I-Pods or any device capable of playing recorded sounds only be permitted for use prior to the stipulated round beginning.


A Rangefinder Policy – Suggest that all rangefinders be banned from use during a stipulated round.


A clear definition of what constitutes a “full field” for either Division


A clear definition of National Championship Qualifying…


A disclaimer that the Rules and Regulations may be modified as necessary and that the Rules published on the site supersede any and all previous published, written and local Rules…


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