Name: Universal Music Group

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BusinessWeek TV’s Destination CEO

Name: Universal Music Group

CEO of Company: Doug Morris
Themes: Technology, Innovation
Suggested chapters: 15, 10
Short paragraph about the video.
Universal Music Group (UMG) is the number one music content company in the world, offering customers a broad range of music download options. It handles some of the world’s most famous artists; including Sting, The Who, U-2, Def Jam, and Mariah Carey.
Doug Morris was fired from Warner Music Group as a result of an internal corporate power struggle. After losing his job at Warner, Morris was named Universal CEO and turned it into the world’s leading music company.
Morris understands both the challenges and the potential that technology holds for the music industry. Protecting copyrighted music and videos is one of the biggest problems facing entertainment companies such as Universal. While at Universal, Morris began charging customers for streaming videos after his grandson showed him how easy it was to download free videos from the Internet. Yet Morris also has managed to use technology to his advantage. Last year Universal made approximately $500 million selling downloadable ring tones to cell phone users. UMG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi.
3-4 multiple choice questions with answers regarding video topics

  1. Who does Morris credit with the popularity of music on the Internet?

    1. Bill Gates

    2. Steve Jobs

    3. U-2

    4. His grandson

  2. Morris was fired from Warner Music Group after:

    1. Warner was acquired by Universal

    2. Warner went bankrupt

    3. Warner experienced internal power struggles

    4. Warner was investigated by the SEC

  3. Before working at Warner and Universal, Morris had a career as a:

    1. banker

    2. lawyer

    3. musician

    4. teacher

2-3 essay or discussion questions with suggested answers regarding video topics

  1. In addition to piracy and free downloading, what other technological challenges does Morris and Universal face?

As technology continues to evolve, the music industry will experience more change. Many people prefer to pay to download a single song rather than buying a CD. Eventually CDs may disappear altogether. People’s music tastes change quickly, and discovering the new artists with fan staying power is challenging.

  1. Do you or your friends illegally download content from the Internet? What are some reasons for downloading illegal content?

    Students’ responses will vary. Many students have and continue to download content from music swapping sites. Reasons for doing so are varied. Many students feel that music downloading is a form of advertising for artists. Time and money are cited as major reasons for illegal music downloading and sharing among students.

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