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Smurov Alexey

Present position

research scientists

Present affiliation

Lab of Brackish Water Hydrobiology, Zoological institute, Russian Academy of Science

Present institutional address

Zoological institute, Russian Academy of Science

University emb., 1; 199034 St-Petersburg, RUSSIA 

Phone: +7 (812) 3284609, ext. 299; Fax: (812) 3282941;


Areas of scientific interests:

(1) Salinity adaptations of Protista; (2) bivalves and polychaete worms, their ecology; (3) structure and functioning of benthic brackish and freshwater ecosystems (Baltic Sea, ponto-caspian Seas and estuaries, Aral Sea).

I. Educational Background



Major and main research topics

Name and place of degree-granting Institution



Major: Protistology

Thesis: “Salinity adaptations of ciliates of genus Paramecium (Ciliophora, Peniculia)”

Zoological Institute of Academy of Sciences of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia



M. Sc

Major: Biology, Zoology of invertabrates

Thesis: “Small-scale distribution of invertabrates on White Sea intertidal zone”

St. Petersburg state university, St. Petersburg, Russia


II. Professional Experience



Name and place of Institution



Laboratory of hydrobiology, Hydro meteorological Center of Northwestern department of Hydro meteorological ministry

1991 - 2007

Minor research scientist

Zoological Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR, St. Petersburg, Russia


Research scientist

Zoological Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR, St. Petersburg, Russia

III. Publications:

Total number of publications: 69

Selected publications:
Aladin N.V., I.S. Plotnikov, M.I. Orlova, A.A. Filippov, A.O. Smurov, D.D. Pirulin, O.M. Rusakova, L.V. Zhakova. 1996. Changes in the form and biota of the Aral Sea over time. NATO ASI Series, 2. Environment - Vol.12. The Aral Sea Basin. Springer-Verlag, P. 33-55.

Orlova M.I., N.V. Aladin, A.A. Filippov, I.S. Plotnikov, A.O. Smurov, O.M. Rusakova, L.V. Zhakova, D.D. Piriulin Living associations of the Northern part of the Aral Sea in 1993-1995. Ecological Research and Monitoring of the Aral Sea Deltas. A basis for restoration. UNESCO Aral Sea Project. 1992-1996 Final Scientific Report, UNESCO 1998, Paris, P. 95-139.

Smurov A.O., Fokin S.I. 1998. Resistance of Paramecium caudatum infected with endonuclear bacteria Holospora against salinity impact. Zoological sessions annual reports 1997. Proceed. of Zool. inst. V. 276. P. 175-178.

Filippov A.A., Orlova M.I., Rusakova O.M., Zhakova L.V., Plotnikov I.S., Smurov A.O., Aladin N.V. Plankton i bentos zaliva Bol'shoj Sarycheganak (Aral'skoe more). Gidrobiol. zhurn. 1998, No. 4: 15-32.

Smurov A.O., Fokin S.I. 1999. Resistance of various Paramecium species (Ciliophora, Peniculina) to salinity of environment. Protistology. V. 1, No. 1, P. 53-63.

Smurov A.O., Plotnikov I.S., Fokin S.I. 1999. Using the data of Paramecium mortality for estimation of their tolerant ranges. Proceed. of Zool. Inst. P. 103-107.

Smurov A.O. On the methods for estimation on salinity tolerance of ciliates. Protistology, 2000, 1 (3), 123-131.

Aladin N.V., A.A. Filippov, I.S. Plotnikov, A.N. Egorov, D.D. Piriulin, A.O. Smurov. 2000. Modern ecological state of the Small Aral Sea In: Ecological Research and Monitoring of the Aral Sea Deltas. A basis for restoratio. Book 2. UNESCO Aral Sea Project. 1997-1999 Final Scientific Reports. P. 73-81.

Fokin S.I., Smurov A.O. 2001. Salinity tolerance of Paramecium (Ciliophora, Peniculia): phylogenetical aspect. Proceeding of the Zool. Inst. V. 289. P. 83-88.

Smurov A.O., Fokin S.I. 2001. Use of salinity tolerance data for investigation of systematic of Paramecium (Ciliophora, Peniculia). Protistology 2 (2), P. 130-138.

SmurovA.O., Plekhanov A.Yu., Ivanova L.O., Goodkov A. V.Change in hsp70 level in freshwater ciliates and amoebae during adaptation to environmental salinity change Proceed. Zool. Inst. Russ. Acad. Sci. 2005. V. 308. P. 63-70.

Aladin N.V., Crétaux J.-F., Plotnikov I.S., Kouraev A.V., Smurov A.O., Cazenave A., Egorov A.N., Papa F. Modern hydro-biological state of the Small Aral Sea. Environmetrics, 2005. Vol. 16., P. 375-392.

Smurov A. O., Podlipaeva Yu. I., Goodkov A. V. Heat shock protein of the HSP70 family in the euryhaline ciliate Paramecium nephridiatum and its role in adaptation to salinity changes. Cell and tissue biology. 2007, V. 1, № 3, P. 244-247.

Podlipaeva Yu. I., Smurov A. O., Goodkov A. V. Expression of Heat-Shock Protein 70 kDa in Tetrahymena pyriformis during Cell Adaptation to Salinity Changes in the Medium. Cell and tissue biology. 2008, V. 2, № 4, P. 373 - 375.

Komendantov A. Yu., Smurov A.O. Salinity tolerance polygon of Hydrobia ulvae (Pennant, 1777). Russian journal of ecology. 2009. V. 40, № 7, pp. 543-546.

Goodkov A.V., Smurov A.O., Podlipaeva Yu.I. Free-living protists as a model for studying heat shock proteins in the cell. In: Handbook of molecular chaperones: roles, structures and mechanisms. 2010. Chapter 8. P. 293-312.

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