Name Geza Vermes The Changing Faces of Jesus

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Name______________________________ Geza Vermes The Changing Faces of Jesus (pages 237-280))

  1. How does Vermes summarize the portrait of Jesus we get from the Synoptic gospels?

  1. How does Vermes describe the situation and attitude in Galilee in Jesus’s time?

3. How was Jewish religious practice different in the Galilee in Jesus’s time than in Jerusalem?

4. How does Vermes describe the figure and practices of the “man of God” between 200 BC and 200 AD?

5. Describe what we know about the life and activities of Honi the Circle Drawer:

6. In what major ways did the Hasidim of this time period parallel Jesus in the Synoptics?
7. At the beginning of The Shadowy Face of the Real Jesus, how does Vermes describe Jesus based on early scripture?

8. Which features of the scriptural Jesus make sense in light of Galilee and the Hasidim? (267-70)

9. How does Vermes say Jesus was different from the Hasidim?

  1. How are Jesus’s ideas both similar to and different from those in the Dead Sea Scrolls?

11. Why does Vermes think Jesus was executed?

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