Name: date: period: Kingdom Plantae Notes Packet 22. 1 Characteristics of Plants

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Kingdom Plantae Notes Packet
22.1 Characteristics of Plants

  • List the 4 main things that plants need to survive.

  • Plants are thought to evolve from:

Origins of plants began in the water. What 3 things did evolution favor in plants?




Plant Life Cycle

What is meant by the alternation of generations?

Describe the following:

  • Sporophyte

  • Gametophyte

22.2 Seedless Plants
1. Green Algae

  • What does this name indicate?

  • What other phylum can green algae be identified in?

  • Where is green algae found?

  • List some examples of green algae?

2. Mosses and other Bryophytes:

  • What are bryophytes? What makes them different than green algae?

  • List 3 groups that are classified as bryophytes.

  • What are bryophytes small?

  • What is the dominant generation (gametophyte or sporophyte) in bryophytes?

  • How do bryophytes reproduce since they do not have seeds?

  • What are archegonia and antheridia?

Vascular plantscontain a vascular system

  • What is the importance of a transport system?

  • What are the two types of vascular tissue and what do they each transport?

Seedless vascular plants:

  • What three groups of plants fall under this group?

  • What generation (gametophyte or sporophyte) is dominant in these plants?

  • How is reproduction similar in seedless vascular and the bryophytes?

22.3 Seed plants

  • What is a seed?

What adaptations allow seed plants to reproduce without open water?

22.4 – Flowering Plants – Angiosperms

  • What is the advantage of flowering plants?

  • What is a fruit?

Angiosperms can be divided into 2 groups: monocots and dicots
What is a cotyledon?

Flowering plants can also be subdivided into Woody and Herbaceous plants.

  • Differentiate between the 2.

24.4 Plants and Humans
List some benefits of plants.

How can plants be harmful to humans?

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