My Project On Medievil Castles

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My Project On Medievil Castles

My project is on the medievil castles .The medevil catle was were the lord and his family lived it was protected by big walls around the side also there was the drwbridge it was raised if a enemy was raised at night.

Medieval Castle 

The castle was were he lords family lived there was also duties to be done.

The Lady Of The Castle

The lady off the castle was the lady who got the dinner ready and got fresh water from the well the lady of the castle cooked outside off the castle it was safer because it caught fire. The lady off the castle was the kings wife .The lady off the castle parents arranged her marriage like a business contract.

Motte and bailey castles

As soon as a vassal got land from his king he built a castle on it.The first castles castles were called motte and bailey castles .They were easy to build the lord got his peasants to build a small hill. This was a motte. On top of the motte they built a small fort. The lord and his soldiers lived in the bailey but if a enemy attacked they would go up to the motte.

Motte And Bailey Castle.

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tone Castles

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Places around and in the castle 

1.The keep was the main part of the castle the walls were solid stone the windows were slits that made it difficult for arrows to get in.

2.The battlements were on top that was were the battles took place.

3.Curtain Walls were the outer walls of the castle

4.Turrets were strong towers along the wall

5.The gatehouse guared the entrance it contained the pulleys that drew the drwbridge up and down

6.The portcullis was an iron grill that could be lowerd in front off the castle gate.

7.The drawbridge was raised at night if a enemy aproached.

8.The ramparts ran along the top of all the walls.They were wide enough for soldiers to walk along.

9.The moat was a water-filled ditch around the castle walls.Often it was part of a nearby river.

10.Inside the ramparts were two courtyards.The inner courtyard was the near keep.The outer courtyard was the bailey,or in ireland,the bawn.

Much of the castle life went on in the courtyards.They contained.

11.The stables where the knights ‘horses were kept.

12.The sheds for cattle and pigs,which provided food for the people in the castle.

13.Piegon house.Piegons were used for food and to carry messages.

14.The kitchens where food was prepared.It was safer to have the kitchen to have the kitchen here than in the castle where it could catch fire.

15.The forge for the blacksmith.He made shoes for the horses and wepons for the soldiers.

16.The well,which was vital for fresh water.

17.The garden where the vegtables and fruit were grown.

Castles Built For Defence.

The main reason for a castle if an enemy attacked.The windows were just narrow slits.The enemy could shoot in but arrows could not get in.The ramparts gave the defenders protection while they could attack the enemy below them.Inside the keep the stairs were narrow and always circled to the right.When a enemy aproached local people ri=ushed in the walls for protection.The attacking army would try to smash open the gates with battering ram.They used giant catapults to hurtle fire balls over the castle.Amachine like a giant crossbow called a balista was also used.

Games And Pastimes.

The games they played in and around the castles were hunting a dear,hawking also they liked clowns and magic tricks.

What They Ate

They ate there dinner in the great hall they had big wooden plates on big slices off bread called trenchers they also had meat they cut that with knives .When they finished eating they would throw the bones to the dog.They drank wine or ale.

f the lords had vistors he would lay out a special banquet for them.They would eat a lot . In 1465 a english bishop invited 2,500 people to be guests.

Medieval Castlle

The gates around the town were to keep strangers out the bailif looked after that .

The lords soldiers.

Foot soldiers

They carried swords and daggers ,sheilds and padded jackets for protection.


They used and carried bow and arrows some had longbows and crossbows which were more powerful.


hey wore armour and rode horses into battle each 1 of them carried a lance,sword,mace and a sheild.Knights were the most important soldiers in the medieval army.

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